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15.12Paragon - New Album On The Way
18.10Paragon - New Album Preview Online
04.08Paragon - Sign With Napalm Records
27.09Paragon - New Album Details
07.03Paragon - Writing Songs For New Album
20.10Paragon - Preparing DVD/Update
27.12Paragon - Post Tracklist Of New Album
31.10Paragon - Primal Fear's Guitarist On The New Album

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Paragon - New Album On The Way

There are plenty of German bands producing good quality power metal and Paragon is another example of that. They have now returned to release a new album. Three years after their latest, the group is releasing Hell Beyond Hell and is currently working on layouts for CD, LP and merch. Sören Teckenburg's drums were recorded by Schrödey at his "Absurd Studio" and most other stuff was recorded and also mixed by Piet Sielck at his Powerhouse in Hamburg.


Source: facebook.com
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Paragon - New Album Preview Online

Power and heavy metal fans alike will like to know that you can now check out a preview of the new Paragon album, Force Of Destruction, below. Force Of Destruction is the band's tenth album and will see its release tomorrow, October 19th, via Napalm Records. The album was produced by Piet Sielck at Powerhouse studios in Hamburg and the artwork was done by Dirk Illing.


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Paragon - Sign With Napalm Records

German power metal veterans Paragon have inked a deal with Napalm Records. The band's 10th full-length album Force Of Destruction is scheduled for an end of October release. The new full-length was produced by Piet Sielck (Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iron Savior) at Powerhouse, Hamburg and will feature guest vocals on the bonus version of the song "Blood & Iron" by Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck. The last album the band released was 2008's Screenslaves.


Source: napalmrecords.com
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Paragon - New Album Details

German power metallers Paragon will release their new album, "Screenslaves", on November 14th via Massacre Records. The album was produced by Uwe Lullis (ex-Grave Digger, Rebellion) at Black Solaris Studio in Frankfurt.

"Screenslaves" tracklisting:

01. Hellgore
02. Disconnected
03. Entombed
04. Screenslaves
05. Bloodfeast
06. The Blade In The Dark
07. Death Next Door
08. The Killing Hand
09. Waxworks
10. Larger Than Life Video]
11. L' Eredita
12. Screenslaves Video


Source: paragon-metal.com
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Posted: 27.09.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (2)

Paragon - Writing Songs For New Album

Vocalist Andreas Babuschkin of German Speed/Power metallers Paragon has posted the following update:

"Once again we are in songwriting mood. Here are some titles of the new metal hymns: "The Blade In The Dark", "Screenslaves", "Bloodfeast", "Disconnected" and "King Of My Castle". There is no Album title so far. We will decide this after we've finished all compositions. Recording should start in April 2008. Release should be in summer/autumn 2008 followed by live activities."

Source: blog.myspace.com
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Paragon - Preparing DVD/Update

The following message was posted by Jan Bünning(bassist) on the band official website:

"As fans keep asking us just some words to our plans for the near future. At present we rehearse for our next headliner shows our newest member - drummer Christian Gripp - still has to learn songs so we have a longer setlist.

When we have played our next show we will start to write new songs for our next record we plan to record in late winter / early spring 2006 with a possible release date just before summer or late summer. We also have to take a look at the shows we recorded for our first DVD release. All in all we recorded four shows - WACKEN 2004, METAL BASH 2005, our MARKTHALLE SHOW in Hamburg and also our performance at the KEEP IT TRUE in the beginning of this year. Furthermore we have lot of bootleg shows record with just one camera we could include as bonus. It´s a lot of work to sort out the good from the bad but we hope we know something more soon. We don´t have any precise release date yet but we hope we are ready in the beginning of 2006 with it.


Source: paragon-legions.com
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Paragon - Post Tracklist Of New Album

Finally we have finished the recordings of REVENGE. We almost felt like Def Leppard by now...

The songs are the following for the European version:

THE GODS MADE HEAVY METAL (bonus track - Manowar coverversion)

There will be an edit of the 10min. epic MASTERS OF THE SEAS as bonus on the Japanese pressing as well.



Band profile: Paragon
Posted: 27.12.2004 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Paragon - Primal Fear's Guitarist On The New Album

PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Tom Naumann has recorded a guitar solo for the track "Impaler" on the upcoming PARAGON album, "Revenge", due in February/March 2005 through Remedy Records.

"Revenge" marks the follow-up to the band's successful album "The Dark Legacy", released by Remedy last year. The new record is being partly recorded at Karo studios with the help of an engineer, and the rest of the recording process and mixing will be done at Piet Sielck's (IRON SAVIOR) new Powerhouse Studios. The artwork for the record will once again be done by Dirk Illing of XMD.

"Revenge" tentative track listing:

01. Revenge
02. Traitor
03. Master of the Seas


Source: blabbermouth.net
Band profile: Paragon
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