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Symphorce - Call It Quits

Official press release

"Thank you & lights out! 7 albums, 12 years and thousands of enthusiastic fans don't make that decision easy, but after long thoughts and lots of talks we decided together to call it a day and dissolve Symphorce. The heads are dead, the timetables of our main bands packed with dates, so we feel a lack of inspiration and no possibility to record more albums, play more shows with the passion and commitment needed therefore."


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Symphorce - Finished Recording New Album

The guys from German power metallers Symphorce have issued the following short update:

"The album recordings have been finished, the whole thing is mixed and mastered; and what can we say? It sounds FUCKING AWESOME! There's no doubt that the small break we had turned out to be good for us, and we'll be back with the best Symphorce record for sure. It's what we believe at least ;-)

We will come up with some more news very soon (exact release date, album title, artwork, and so on). We're absolutely excited, and so will you be when the albums out, we're pretty damn sure about that! So far so good."


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Symphorce - Sign With AFM Records

The official AFM Records press release reads as follows: "One of the most innovative and best Power Metal bands has signed a new contract with AFM Records:
Symphorce. The band around singer Andy B. Franck and guitarist Cede Dupont is working on their new album right now, a late August release is expected."

The band commented in the same brief manner: "Yes, it is true. Symphorce signed with AFM Records and a new album is expected for a late August release. Stay tuned for more info!"


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Symphorce - In Writing Mode

German metallers Symphorce have posted the following update on their MySpace page:

"Hello phorceheads

Long time no news right? Well, this is about to change as we have some exciting news for you.

After we took our time to re"phorce" our batteries and think about our future we are ready more than ever to make our next album the possibly best Symphorce album ever. For a couple of months now, the songwriting core of Symphorce, Cede - Marcus - Andy , has come up with some great songs, melodies, hitwonders, chartbreakers, stripsongs, ...whatever you might wanna call it.

We just wanted to let you know, that we're still around (more actively in the background for some songwriting now), but we'll be back with a "Booom!" in mid-2009, with a new label partner, new material and some new surprises. Things you don't expect and still expect from Symphorce!

So get ready, fasten your seatbelt, get wicked and join us back here for some more news in the next couple of weeks!

Cheers and may the phorce be with you"


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Symphorce - Guitarist Posts Instrumental Song Online

Symphorce guitarist Cédric "Cede" Dupont (ex-Freedom Call) has issued the following update:

"Added some new instrumental music to my page, hope you all enjoy it! I just had this idea a long time ago, and since I got tons of positive messages about "MeloDrama", I thought I'd give it a shot one more time! So check out "Atmosfear" and let me know what you think!"

Check out the new track on this Link


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Symphorce - New Drummers

Symphorce posted the following message on their official website:

"Right after a fantastic and amazing tour, suddenly, Sascha decided to part ways after more than 4 years. He decided to leave the band bacause of some personal reasons. But as we have to take things as they come, we´re proud to announce two drummers for the already booked and confirmed shows!

We will be helped out by Andy Flache (who is well known as one of our chiefroadies from hell) and Steffen Theurer ex-Chinchilla/Woodpeckers). We hope to get everything fixed in time and hope Sascha will find his way.

We´re lookin´forward for even more amazing shows and are ready to rock da house!"

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Raismesfest - Symphorce & Machine Men Confirmed

After Dragonforce cancelled their performance, the Raismesfest is proud to announce that Symphorce and Machine Men will take their place on Saturday 10th of September.

Unfortunately, the Japanese band Loudness might cancel their tour in France and so their appearance at Raismesfest. If this was to happen, a new band of the same caliber would replace them.

Raismesfest will take place in Raismes, North of France, near Belgium, on September 10th and 11th, for a very cheap price! (30 for 2 days and camping!).

For more information:

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