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The Berzerker - More Material Online

Aussie's Melbourne brutal grinders The Berzerker have posted a new song, pre-production for our feedback, as well as footage of Todd Hansen's manic drum rehearsal. The UK tour dates flyer is also included:

"Hello all, We have added a brand new song Spare Parts (unmastered) to our page. Let us know what you think. "Spare Parts" has been taken from our upcoming album "The Reawakening" Available 1st Sept - Pre Order now.

We hope you enjoy it, you'll be able to check it out live on the UK tour."

Todd Hansen's drum rehearsal is online here.


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The Berzerker - New Album Details, Tour Dates

Aussie grinders The Berzerker have announced UK tour dates. Also, they yesterday (June 11) posted some details about their new release - their fifth studio album "The Reawakening" which will not be available in stores. The tour dates are listed on the band's profile, and here's a reminder of them;

UK Tour Dates:

25/06 The Attic - Sawyers Venue - Kettering, Northamptonshire
26/06 Junktion 7 - Nottingham
27/06 TJ's - Newport, Wales
28/06 The White Rabbit - Plymouth
29/06 Ghostfest - Leeds, England
30/06 Ivory Blacks - Glasgow, Scotland
01/07 Queens Hall - Nuneaton
02/07 The Underworld - London
05/07 Groundzero Festival (DJ performance) - Bussloo, Holland
19/07 Folkets Park - Trelleborg, Sweden
09/08 Judgement Day (DJ performance) - Newcastle, England
29/08 Barfly - Liverpool, England
30/08 The Garage - Glasgow, Scotland
31/08 Central Station - Wrexham, Wales
02/09 Corporation - Sheffield, England
03/09 Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, England
04/09 Wulfrun - Wolverhampton, England
05/09 Zodiac - Oxford, England
06/09 Islington Academy - London, England
07/09 Barfly - Brighton, England

Track List for "The Reawakening":

01. Wisdom And Corruption
02. Unforgotten Force
03. Caught In The crossfire
04. The Deception
05. Disassembly Line
06. Evolution Of Aggression
07. Your Final Seconds
08. Harvesting A Loved One
09. Internal Examination
10. Spare Parts

All info on how to get a signed copy can be found here.


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The Berzerker - Announce Re-Mix Competition

The Berzerker have issued the following update:

"Exactly 10 years ago (1998), I (Luke Kenny) was given the opportunity to Re-mix 2 songs for the legendary Death Metal Band "Morbid Angel". For a lot of metal fans this was their first taste to my unique sound and it really helped me get started.

After such a positive response to my (Morbid Angel) re-mixes I was offered a 4 album deal with Earache Records which I spent the next 10 years completing, amongst 100's of live performances all over the world.

With the creation of our own record label "Berzerker Industries" (for the sole purpose of releasing our new material), this means we are now in the position to offer a similar opportunity to you. (because we own the copyright)

I will be supplying free of charge, the separated vocal, guitar and bass tracks to our brand new song "Caught In The Crossfire" taken from "The Reawakening", (Due Sept/Oct 2008)


The competition is currently now open and all entries MUST be summited in mp3 format to "" by June 1st 2008 AEST. The top 10 entries will be posted on where the public will be able to vote on there favorite re-mixes.

There will be 2 winners (1. The band's personal favorite and 2. The re-mix with the most votes) the winners be announced June 15th 2008 AEST.

The winners will have their re-mix added to our upcoming album "The Reawakening" and released worldwide. "The Reawakening" will also feature official re-mixes from such artists as:

Delta 9 (USA)
Scott Brown (UK)
DJ Bazooka (Germany)
Namshubofenki (AUS)
Frazzbass (Italy)

We at Berzerker HQ are looking forward to see what you can come up with, good luck. I sincerely hope this will give someone a similar chance at being discovered as I got all those years ago."

The files can be found at this location.


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The Berzerker - Launch Own Record Label

Vocalist and frontman Luke Kenny​ from Australian's The Berzerker have posted the following update on the band's official MySpace page:

"First​ly we'd like to say a big thank​s to all the guys in New Zeala​nd on showi​ng us a great​ time.​ Secon​dly I'm very excit​ed to tell you that we will be launc​hing our brand​ new recor​d label​ "Berzerker Industries"​ withi​n the next few month​s.​ The first​ relea​se will be our new studi​o album​.​ (I can't fucking wait!)​. The only way you'​ll be able to get hold of this album​ is by direc​t mail order​ via Myspa​ce and our Websi​te.​ This will NOT be in stores. Also we will be holdi​ng a re-​mix compe​titio​n with the winne​r getti​ng their​ re-​mixed​ Berzerker versi​on on our new cd. There​ will also be re-​mixes​ from some of the bigge​st names​ in the gabba​/​speed​core scene​.​ ROOAA​GGGGH​H!​!​ I will be posti​ng more info about​ all of this very soon,​ so stay tuned​.​

Pleas​e Enjoy​ this sneek​ peak track​ set to some New Zeala​nd Madne​ss, Link].​ Once again​ thank​s for your suppo​rt over all these​ years​.​

PS: For UK fans we have been confi​rmed on the Ghostfest Festi​val in Leeds​ on JUNE 29th.​ We will be addin​g more UK dates​ added​ short​ly.​ Get ready​ every​one, ​The Berze​rker are geari​ng up for a very busy few years​ ahead​!​!"


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The Berzerker - New Video Online, Live Dates

Australian masters of grind The Berzerker have begun work on their fifth studio album, due in an undetermined amount of time later this year through Earache Records. An official 2.26mins video clip featuring footage of some of the early recording sessions can be viewed here

Animosity New Zealand Tour Dates:

24/04 Level One - Christchurch, NZ + Vixen Execution, Anthropophagus, Innard Splatter
25/04 Valve+) - Wellington, NZ + Backyard Burial, Bloodletting, Slave Cadaver
26/04 Powerstation - Auckland, NZ + Dawn Of Azazel, Sinate, State Of Integrity, World War Four, Malevolence, Cripple Mr Onion, Human, Wrath, Tainted, Just One Fix, Vatikan
27/04 Yellow Submarine - Hamilton, NZ + Bloodletting, Blacktooth, + guests


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Event: Animosity New Zealand Tour
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The Berzerker - Forced To Cancel Gig After Club Burns Down

The Berzerker have been forced to cancel their Birmingham show after the club burnt down. The Berzerker himself has this to say:

"As im sure some of your are aware Edward's No.8 club has burnt to the ground. We were set to play there on the 14th of December. We are sorting out a new veune as we speak and details will follow as they are confirmed"

A major fire has destroyed the busy nightclub in Birmingham's city centre. Five hundred people had to be led to safety as the blaze took hold in the early hours at Edward's No.8 club. Ten people were treated for minor injuries but firefighters, who praised nightclub staff for their actions, say all inside the club escaped.

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The Berzerker - New Album Title Announced

Australian Death/Grind Metal band The Berzerker have decided upon a title for their fourth full length release. The album will be called 'Animosity'. It will be released in March 2007 through Earache Records.

"...The Berzerker continue and develop the theme of hate fuelled lyrics and extreme sonic assault seen in 'World Of Lies' that makes The Berzerker one of the worlds most extreme bands".

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The Berzerker - Set To Tour The UK

Australian Grind/Death/Industrial Metal band The Berzerker have announced a tour of the UK at the end of this year. The Berzerker will be the headlining act for the tour. To play with them will be four other extreme metal bands. They will be Miksha, Nekkrosis, Abgott and Bazooka.

The Berzerker will be juggling upcoming touring with the recording of their upcoming album. They will be recording it around the time of the tour and it will be released in March next year. All the shows on the UK tour will start at 8.00pm. Costs are to be announced.

Here is a list of all the dates:

Dec 03 - The Engineroom, Brighton, England
Dec 04 - The Nexus, Southampton, England
Dec 05 - The Cavern Club, Exeter, England
Dec 06 - Firstfloor Club, Derby, England
Dec 07 - Hobbits, Weston, England
Dec 08 - Sanctuary Music Venue, Pontypridd, Wales
Dec 09 - The Soundhouse, Bolton, England
Dec 10 - The Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Dec 11 - The Soundhouse, Glasgow, Scotland
Dec 12 - Musicbox, Manchester, England
Dec 13 - Brickyard, Carlisle, England
Dec 14 - Edwards No 8, Birmingham, England
Dec 15 - The Attic, Rushden, England
Dec 16 - The Dome, London, England

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Event: The Berzerker: UK/Eire Tour
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The Berzerker - Currently Working On New Album

Australian Death/Grind/Industrial band The Berzerker are currently working on a new album. The album will be their fourth and will be released as usual by Earache Records. So far ten tracks have been written, and have been made into 'demo form'. Soon the band will be entering the studio to record the songs properly.

The Berzerker have said that they're trying their best to outdo all their previous works with this album. Frontman/vocallist Luke Kenny comments: "The new material is fucking insane. I sometimes wonder when we start writing if we really can out-do our other releases. I mean, we have already made some of the fastest, most brutal music on the planet, and when people hear the name The Berzerker, they fucking know it!".

Kenny also says that the vocal style used by him on the new album will be more like the old-school vocal style that he's used on the first The Berzerker releases.

The album is expected to be released at the end of 2006 or early 2007.

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