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18.09The Crown - New Album On The Way, Details Unveiled
28.02The Crown - Recording New Album, Announce New Guitarist
10.09The Crown - Johan Lindstrand Rejoins The Band
05.02The Crown - New Video Online
15.10The Crown - New Album Streaming In Its Entirety
12.08The Crown - Two New Songs Online
01.07The Crown - Sign With Century Media Records
01.12The Crown - Are Back
08.03The Crown - Split Up!
16.12The Crown

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The Crown - New Album On The Way, Details Unveiled

It's been a while since we heard from Swedish death/thrash metallers The Crown. But good things come to those who wait, they say. While last year they announced they were recording their new album, now they have revealed all about it. Century Media will release of The Crown's eighth studio album Death Is Not Dead on January 12th, 2015. As for sad news, drummer Janne Saarenpää decided to focus on other things and left the group.


Source: centurymedia.com
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The Crown - Recording New Album, Announce New Guitarist

Swedish death thrashers The Crown are currenty in the middle of recordings of the new, their already 9th full length release. More details about this album will be revealed in the near future. In other related news, the band is also proud to announce the new memeber of the band - Robin Sörqvist (Impious). Robin will take over the position of lead guitarist.


Source: facebook.com
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The Crown - Johan Lindstrand Rejoins The Band

Swedish metallers The Crown have issued the following update:

"We have an announcement to make, Johan Lindstrand has re-joined The Crown, this means that the original line-up is now ready to kill once again!

The Crown line-up, September 2011:

Johan Lindstrand - Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass
Marko Tervonen - Rhythm Guitars
Janne Saarenpää - Drums
Marcus Sunesson - Lead Guitars

We would like to thank our metal-brother Jonas Stålhammar for the amazing team-work for the last couple of years! Respect! Next week we'll start rehearsing new material (6 - 7 news songs written at this point). We hope to enter the studio early 2012. We are thinking of doing a few Swedish dates within a couple of months (most likely a first reunion show in our hometown Trollhättan, this time in a proper club) and then focus on doing some kick-ass festivals in 2012."


Source: facebook.com
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The Crown - New Video Online

"Falling 'Neath The Heaven's Sea", the new video from Swedish metallers The Crown, can be viewed at this location. The clip was shot by the group's friend and photographer Patrik Skoglöw, who followed the bandmembers around to create an animated photo-video for the song.

"Falling 'Neath The Heaven's Sea" was only available as a bonus track on the band's latest album, Doomsday King, which was released last September via Century Media Records.


Source: youtube.com
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The Crown - New Album Streaming In Its Entirety

After disbanding in 2004, Swedish death metal band The Crown has returned, signing to Century Media this year for their new album, Doomsday King. The new album was released in Europe on September 27th and cames out in North America this week, on October 12th.

Metalunderground.com is hosting the exclusive full album stream for Doomsday King. Go check it out at this location.

Doomsday King cover art] tracklist:

01. Doomsday King
02. Angel Of Death 1839
03. Age Of Iron
04. The Tempter And The Bible Black
05. Soul Slasher
06. Blood O.D.
07. Through Eyes Of Oblivion
08. Desolation Domain
09. From The Ashes I Shall Return
10. He Who Rises In Might - From Darkness To Light


Source: metalunderground.com
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The Crown - Two New Songs Online

Original news, posted on 25.07.2010

"Blood O.D.", a brand new song from reunited Swedish metallers The Crown, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

"Blood O.D." comes off the band's forthcoming album, Doomsday King cover art], which is scheduled for release on September 27 via Century Media Records.


"Doomsday King", another new track from reunited Swedish death/thrash metal act The Crown, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace.


Source: myspace.com
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The Crown - Sign With Century Media Records

Swedish Death Metallers The Crown have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

Guitarist Marko Tervonen comments: "We are happy as hell to turn a new page in The Crown's history book...and to pick up the journey with Century Media Records supporting us feels great. We can't wait to unleash Doomsday King upon you all!"

Jens Prueter (Head of A+R, Century Media Europe) adds: "Some of the very early Century Media signings have been Unleashed, Grave, Tiamat, Asphyx, Morgoth - the glory days of the first Death Metal wave. We are still in love with Death Metal and are more than proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal legends The Crown. They haven't lost any aggression since the early 90's and are still a guarantee for some Death Metal Holocaust! In case of doubt, go to one of the summer festivals and hear some new songs live before the album's fall release. We will be there as well. Cheers!"


Source: blogs.myspace.com
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The Crown - Are Back

Posted on the band's new official website:

The Return Of...

Jonas Stålhammar - Vox
Marko Tervonen - Rhythm Guitar
Marcus Sunesson - Lead Guitar
Magnus Olsfelt - Electric Bass
Janne Saarenpää - Drums

Exit Dobermann - Enter THE CROWN
New album recorded, more news to follow.
Meanwhile, check out some new samples...

Audio sample 1

Audio sample 2


Source: thecrownofficial.com
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The Crown - Split Up!

Drummer Janne Saarenpää has posted the following sad news:

"We give up.

Today, the 7th of March 2004, we, the dudes of The Crown, have decided to call it quits. I'm sure every member in the band can still come up with 10 reasons for continuing and 10 reasons for giving up, but after some heavy consideration we have decided to finally find out what life is like without playing in The Crown.

It's been a blast writing/performing together all these years, taking this band to levels that we never even knew of. Also getting to know other people in other bands on the road has been amazing. Seeing new places and getting to see and hear new, great bands has totally blown us away - we sure had our share of fun!


Band profile: The Crown
Posted: 08.03.2004 by Sephiroth | Comments (0)

The Crown

THE CROWN have issued the following band update via their official website (www.thecrownonline.com):

"We´re back home again! The European tour went well. We had a blast. Considering that the posters for this tour (mysteriously?) never turned up, the shows were good anyway. I was glad to see how many people follow the tour dates on the website, thanx!!!.

One bad thing that happened on this tour was that we needed to cancel the Paris show. Well, WE didn´t cancel it, it was the local promoters decision, so it was totally beyond our control. Definitely a shame, we were looking forward to Paris and spend our day off there. But then again, TWO days off in Amsterdam was all good.


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