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21.11To/Die/For - Releasing New Album In 2015, Stream New Single
04.10To/Die/For - Shows In Mexico Cancelled
21.12To/Die/For - New Video Online
02.10To/Die/For - New Line-Up, New Material
08.11To/Die/For - Two New Songs Online
20.07To/Die/For - Band Update
16.04To/Die/For - Call It Quits
20.10To/Die/For - Part Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced
30.06To/Die/For - Enter The Studio In July
22.10To/Die/For - Taking A Break
26.02To/Die/For - USA, Canada Tour Planned
10.09To/Die/For - European Tour Dates Announced
24.05To/Die/For - New Album Details
02.03To/Die/For - Part Ways With Guitarist
01.03To/Die/For - Clips From The Upcoming Album Online

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To/Die/For - Releasing New Album In 2015, Stream New Single

After a long silence, To/Die/For just revealed that they are recording demos and writing new songs. So, good news for the fans of the Finns! In fact, the band has already released for streaming their new single "Screaming Birds", which is available now for your listening pleasure below. The band is filming a video for the song today in Helsinki. Regarding the new album, Massacre Records will release their seventh studio album in Europe on May 22nd, 2015.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 21.11.2014 by BloodTears | Comments (1)

To/Die/For - Shows In Mexico Cancelled

To/Die/For will not be performing in Mexico after all. The band had booked two shows for October but now confirms they were cancelled.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 04.10.2012 by Vampyroteuthidae | Comments (1)

To/Die/For - New Video Online

Finnish suomi metallers To/Die/For have launched a new video for the song "Hail Of Bullets". The track comes off their freshly released sixth album Samsara and you can now watch it below.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 21.12.2011 by A | Comments (3)

To/Die/For - New Line-Up, New Material

To/Die/For mainman and vocalist Jape Perätalo has checked in with the following update:

"Time between Wounds Wide Open and 2010 is been too long time without doing "almost nothing" with To/Die/For.

We tried to create it with Tonmi Lillman and we used one year but things did not go forward as it should go. Tonmi is very great drummer and recorder and musician. But he is having so much other things to do also (Vanguard, Ajattara). To/Die/For is a thing I wanna do with all of heart and that's why I decided to be free, and do it without Tonmi again. It is sad but I have my life too and I cannot just wait and wait all the time. Of course there is other reasons too but nothing personal problems. I love him as a friend always. So... I saw two possibilities: Trying to it with Tonmi it would take too long and album would not come before 2020 or do it sooner with guys whos are living more near me, rehearsing would be easier etc. etc. many reasons.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 02.10.2010 by SlaytallicA | Comments (3)

To/Die/For - Two New Songs Online

Finnish metallers To/Die/For have uploaded a demo version of two new songs, "Angelica" and "Sad" , on their MySpace page.

"Angelica" and "Sad" are two of four cuts, alongside "Unknown III" and "My Hysteria", which are set to appear on the band's forthcoming album.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 08.11.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

To/Die/For - Band Update

After Jape Perätalo's last - somewhat confusing - message, he decided a few months later he will continue To/Die/For after all. What's more, the band is busy working on a new album. Here's the update:

"At the moment, me (Jape Perätalo) and Tonmi "Malakias IV" Lillman are writing new songs. We have a lot of material and in August we will hit the studio in Helsinki for the first recordings.

We have no guitarist(s) yet. At the studio we will use... someone. It is not that easy to find a human being who would be able to work with me and Tonmi, and especially he should not be 'a metal' guy at all.

We are not gonna fill new songs with guitars! (Which does not mean that there is not guitars at all!) This time we will create something new, but it will sound as To/Die/For, for sure. Main idea is that it must be fresh!


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 20.07.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (6)

To/Die/For - Call It Quits

Vocalist Jape Perätalo of Finnish metallers To/Die/For has issued the following lengthy announcement about the band calling it a day:

"My nerves, stress level and Life came to the point that I really need to get some rest, and say goodbye for these Stressful and still nice days with To/Die/For. Since 2005 we have been through so many shitty things. We have been unlucky to meet so many shitty promoters etc. FUCK YOU ALL (this is for all of those so called promoters who ruined some of our tours, and are also one of TDF's killers.) Also I have to thank some promoters, like AYU from Mexico. And of course we met other great and friendly promoters too around the world! But... a few asshole really can kill you!?


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 16.04.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (12)

To/Die/For - Part Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced

Finnish metallers To/Die/For have issued the following update:

Autumn came to Finland,and it took one sheep from To/Die/For clan within. Santtu who's been To/Die/For drummer from 2004 quit drumming in the band. There is no any kind of fight between us. He is still our lovely Friend!

He had no motivation enough for rehealsaling... as we saw it. Now when we are writing songs for a new album, we need to live in this for 200%. Santtu is having a lot of another things to do, and it is good for him, but time is what we need and especially motivation and rehealsaling. And there must be To/Die/For flame burning in our souls... otherwise this is not worth to do...

Anyway, our feelings at the moment is better than ever! We have a new drummer, and we are friends with Santtu. Maybe Santtu is gonna be our drum tech. On some shows so... he may be travelling with us anyway.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 20.10.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

To/Die/For - Enter The Studio In July

To/Die/For have posted the following update:

"One of the newest TDF song is named "Johnny The Vampire", it is parody about a gothic boy. Is it going to be on TDF's next album? Who knows? Let's see.
TDF will hit the studio between the 8th and 11th in July. Recording demos. In July you can hear some samples here at TDF MySpace. Next album will include a cover song of course. It could be a song from the lords of the new church, or from Duran Duran."


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 30.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (4)

To/Die/For - Taking A Break

On October 19 To/Die/For have posted the following blog on their MySpace page:

"Today we will travel to Russia Moscow by train. We are on same train with Charon so... it´s gonna be blast and we do not know are we still alive after that trip. Anyway, this is our last confirmed show and we really do not know what will happen for us then?
We still do not have a new label, we haven´t recorded new demos yet etc...
So our future is wide open... maybe we will release sixth album someday maybe we don´t who knows? Now there is gonna be other projects going on... Joonas is recording next malpractice album and there will be other "side-projects"coming too... If we will get a new label which would be ready to do real work for us then we will continue. Otherwise we do not. So let´s put our future this way anything can happen."


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 22.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (6)

To/Die/For - USA, Canada Tour Planned

TO/DIE/FOR on tour in US and CANADA between june26th.-july26th. 2007.

Venues and dates will be announced soon!

Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 26.02.2007 by dismaleuphony | Comments (6)

To/Die/For - European Tour Dates Announced

To/Die/For have announced the following European tour dates in support of their forthcoming album, Wounds Wide Open. Dates are as follows:

06 - Kouvola, Finland at House Of Rock

04 - Helsinki, Finland at Kaapelitehdas
11 - Moscow, Russia at Relax
12 - St. Petersburgh, Russia at Arktika
15 - Hamburg, Germany at Markthalle
16 - Berlin, Germany at K17
25 - Budabest, Hungary at Gothica Festival
30 - Paris, France at Espace Curial

29 - Tampere, Finland at Klubi

An audio sample of 'Like Never Before' is available here. Wounds Wide Open will be released on October 4th through Spinefarm. Release dates for other territories will be announced as soon as they have been confirmed.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 10.09.2006 by Døc | Comments (1)

To/Die/For - New Album Details

According to To/Die/For's official website, the band have finished the recordings of their new album, tentatively entitled "Wounds Wide Open". Recorded by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studios and Jari-Jukka Nippala at Sonic Image, the album will now be sent to Abyss Studios where Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) will mix it.

"Wounds Wide Open" is set to be released in October. Tentative song titles scheduled to appear on the album include 'Wicked Circle', 'Guilt Ridden State', 'Quiet Room' and 'Liquid Lies'.

Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 24.05.2006 by Thryce | Comments (2)

To/Die/For - Part Ways With Guitarist

A message by To/Die/For was posted in their official Forum explaining the situation about the guitarist Mika Ahthiainen:

"Hello all,

with sad hearts To/Die/For has had to let their guitarist Mika "Alli" Ahtiainen go.

After playing and touring together for years, it just became obvious that we needed to go our separate ways. This was a decision Alli and To/Die/For made together and we hope you will respect our decision.

There is no big drama involved, nor is there anyone to blame. Sometimes things just go the way they need to go and the inevitable must be faced.
What had to be done, is now done and we must continue on our own paths and see where the road will take its travellers.


Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 02.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

To/Die/For - Clips From The Upcoming Album Online

Samples of the album "IV" are available for download on the band's website; these are from the songs "This World is Made for Me", "Lies (for Fools)" and "Little Deaths" . Follow this link for them:

Band profile: To/Die/For
Posted: 01.03.2005 by janhuss | Comments (0)

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