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04.12Venom - New Album Cover Art Unveiled
26.11Venom - Announce New Album For January
22.12Brutal Assault 2014 - Katatonia, Venom And More Announced
08.07Venom - New Album Next Year
10.12Venom - To Play 70000 Tons Of Metal
17.10Venom - New Song Online
06.08Venom - New Album Out Soon
08.03Venom - Mixing New Album
24.09Nervecell - Preaching Venom India Tour 2010
16.10Venom - The South American Dates Of Hell Tour
20.04Venom - New Album Samples Available
18.03Sigh - Venom Tribute Album Recorded
16.02Venom - New Album Details
31.08Venom - New Album Pushed Back
19.03Venom - Scandinavian Tour Confirmed

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Venom - New Album Cover Art Unveiled

After sharing the first details about their upcoming new album, Venom just revealed the cover that will grace From The Very Depths. You only have to wait until January 26th in Europe and January 27th in the US, through Spinefarm Records, to get your hands on the record. Check out the cover below in the meantime. Do you like it?


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 04.12.2014 by BloodTears | Comments (18)

Venom - Announce New Album For January

Venom are back! The influential British trio has just confirmed the release of their new studio album, which will be titled From The Very Depths, for January 27th via Spinefarm Records. You don't have to wait much longer to hear the band's new offering. Furthermore, the legendary band will play an exclusive live world premiere of their forthcoming album as one of their two shows on board 70000 Tons Of Metal 2015.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 26.11.2014 by BloodTears | Comments (16)

Brutal Assault 2014 - Katatonia, Venom And More Announced

While it will be hard to compete with Hellfest 2014's line-up, there are plenty more festivals happening next summer in Europe and Brutal Assault is one of them. Right before Christmas, the organizers of the Czech festival have announced six new bands that will perform in August in Jaroměř: UK legendary band Venom, German thrash metal veterans Sodom, Swedish group Katatonia, French black metallers Aosoth, Irish folk metallers Cruachan and funeral doom metal band Worship.


Event: Brutal Assault 2014
Posted: 22.12.2013 by BloodTears | Comments (1)

Venom - New Album Next Year

Legendary British metallers Venom will unleash a new beast next year or in other words, a new album. The group has posted an update on their official website revealing that they are currently in the studio adding the final touches to the follow-up to Fallen Angels (2011). The album is planned to be released through Spinefarm Records in early 2014.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 08.07.2013 by BloodTears | Comments (3)

Venom - To Play 70000 Tons Of Metal

The organization of the festival announced yesterday the confirmation of the pioneers of black/thrash metal Venom: "Injected With Deadly Toxin: Please Welcome Venom On Board! To travel from the North Sea into the Atlantic Ocean, they must sail around the British Isles. Before doing so they decided to visit a town in North East England that they are familiar with from last year: Newcastle, and what a welcome they got! On arrival they all got injected by a deadly toxin: Venom!"


Band profile: Venom
Event: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2012
Posted: 10.12.2011 by kual21 | Comments (4)

Venom - New Song Online

"Punk's Not Dead", a brand-new song from UK's blackened thrash metallers Venom can now be streamed in the YouTube-video below.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 17.10.2011 by Panzerchrist | Comments (20)

Venom - New Album Out Soon

First details for the upcoming new Venom album are pouring in.

The record will be called Fallen Angels and is tentatively due for release in late August/early September through Universal Music. Both CD & Vinyl versions will be available. The album is said to contain 13 tracks. The titles can be found below.

The album was recorded with producer Tom Belton at his London Studio.

The band are also in the process of making a promo video for one of the new songs, as well as finalizing their live DVD footage.

Venom drummer Dante had the following to say about this: "Yeah everything is on schedule & coming along great, we are really busy getting ready for the launch, it's amazing how positive everyone is about the new record, so we are really eager for the Legions to finally hear it. We've had to put our live shows on hold for the time being to schedule the interviews and photo shoots etc, but the management are working on some live shows for later in the year, so we will be back on the road soon, and playing the new songs which are already part of the new live set".


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 06.08.2011 by BudDa | Comments (7)

Venom - Mixing New Album

The new, as-yet-untitled studio album of Venom is currently being mixed.

The pioneering blackened thrash metal band are once again working with producer Tom Belton at his London Studio. The band's management and label are currently in discussions regarding the official release date of the album. More details will soon be announced.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 08.03.2011 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Nervecell - Preaching Venom India Tour 2010

Nervecell, the UAE death metal veterans have announced the India tour dates in the first appearance of a middle-eastern band in India, Headlining three shows at the following dates;

Sep 25 - BANGALORE @ Kyra Theatre
Sep 26 - HYDERABAD @ Excess (Novotel)
Oct 3 - MUMBAI @ Blue Frog

Nervecell is also scheduled to play shows towards the end of the year. In their final support run of the Preaching Venom album cycle, stay tuned for more dates.

Band profile: Nervecell
Posted: 24.09.2010 by Zombie | Comments (1)

Venom - The South American Dates Of Hell Tour

Venom will be embarking on a tour of South America this coming December 2009. The bands management commented: "we started looking into the possibility of organising a Venom tour in South America a couple of years back, Venom have a massive following in Latin America, and now that the bands Agent has organised a fantastic tour with the Promoters, the band immediately agreed to take time out from recording the new album to start their rehearsals for the tour.é

The dates are as follows:

Dec. 05 - Mexico, Mexico City - Circo Volador
Dec. 06 - Colombia, Bogotá - Teatro Metropol
Dec. 09 - Chile, Santiago - Teatro Caupolican
Dec. 10 - Argentina, Buenos Aires - Teatro Flores
Dec. 12 - Brazil, São Paulo - Victoria Hall


Band profile: Venom
Event: Venom: The South American Dates Of Hell Tour
Posted: 16.10.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (6)

Venom - New Album Samples Available

British metallers Venom have posted streaming audio samples of eight songs from their forthcoming album, entitled "Hell". You can check out the following tracks at this location:

- Hell
- Straight To Hell
- Stab U In The Back
- The Power & The Glory
- USA for Satan
- Evil Perfection
- Hand Of God
- Dirge

The album is believed to be released in May of 2008.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 20.04.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (6)

Sigh - Venom Tribute Album Recorded

In an update from the band, singer Mirai Kawashima reports: "Sigh entered the studio last week, recording six Venom covers for an upcoming release from the band on The End Records appropriately titled "Sigh's Tribute To Venom." This recording marks Mikannibal's studio debut with Sigh (vocals/sax).

Paying tribute to Venom goes all the way back to Sigh's earliest days, with covers being regularly played at shows. A rare live tribute album was released on cassette from "Voices From The Dark Side Productions" in 1995.

Track listing:

01. Black Metal
02. Schizo
03. Die Hard
04. Countless Bathory
05. Teacher's Pet
06. Witching Hour

Recording Lineup:


Band profile: Sigh
Posted: 18.03.2008 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Venom - New Album Details

UK Metallers Venom have announced their album "Hell" is set for release in May 2008 through Universal.

Packed with 13 brand new malevolent tracks from the masters of Black Metal, Venom are now preparing to unleash this thunderous sequel to their 2006 "Metal Black" album. With song titles such as "Armageddon", "Straight To Hell", "Hand Of God", "USA For Satan", "The Power & The Glory", "Evil Perfection", "Kill The Music", and the title track "Hell".
The new album truly shows the power and intensity that is Venom, the trio of Cronos, Antton and Rage deliver the metal album of 2008.

Click here for more information.


Band profile: Venom
Posted: 16.02.2008 by Thryce | Comments (11)

Venom - New Album Pushed Back

The following message was posted on Venom's official website:

"Venom have decided to re-record some of the tracks on the new album and change the release date until early 2008, Antton explains: during the Scandinavian Tour we played through some of the new tracks in the sound-checks, there's something about the energy you deliver when playing on a stage that differs greatly from recording in a studio. All fired up we tore the tracks to shreds.
We tried to organize a mobile studio to get to the next shows, but it was way too late notice, so on our return to the UK Cronos hired some small venues for us to record some new backing tracks to work on. At the end of the day it's all about recording a great album, and this new album is sounding absolutely awesome. The band are also preparing some samples to stream from the website, as well as some choice recordings from the tour."

Band profile: Venom
Posted: 31.08.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Venom - Scandinavian Tour Confirmed

Veteran metallers Venom have confirmed an upcoming Scandinavian tour. The tour, simply called "Scandinavian 7 Dates Tour", will take place in May. Venom headlined Sweden's Rock and Finland's Tuska festivals last year, and so the promotors have offered them date tour. Venom is using the tour as a break from recording their next album.

"Even though we headlined the festivals last year, because of the time of year it was still broad daylight, so to play some indoor venues in the pitch black will be a much more venomous environment, we can't wait" says Venom vocalist Cronos.

Here is a list of the dates for the tour:

May 23 - Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark


Band profile: Venom
Event: Venom: Scandinavian 7 Dates Tour
Posted: 19.03.2007 by Necrowinter | Comments (0)

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