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Vision Divine - New Single Streaming Online

After releasing 9 Degrees West Of The Moon in 2009, Italian power metallers Vision Divine are about to release a new album, which will be entitled Destination Set To Nowhere, due out on September 14th via earMusic. The band has released the first single to be featured on the album, "Mermaids From Their Moons", which is now available below for streaming.


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Vision Divine - Sign With Frontiers Records, New Album Details

Frontiers Records press release

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the signing for a multi album deal of the mighty Vision Divine, Italy's Melodic Metal Finest. The new cooperation will bring the first fruits with the release of the band's brand new studio album "9 Degrees West Of The Moon" on January 23rd 2009.

Born as a side project of the esteemed guitarist and songwriter of Labyrinth, Olaf Thorsen, to keep his working relationship with Fabio Lione (former Labyrinth vocalist who had moved on to Rhapsody Of Fire) Vision Divine evolved during the years in a real band who released 5 acclaimed studio albums, one DVD and toured several times in Japan, South and North America and played in several European countries.

The new album is particularly important in the history of the band as it marks the return of Fabio Lione on lead vocals, after Thorsen's decision to say goodbye to Michele Luppi in June 2008. "Fabio's return is like going back to square one for us", comments the band's creative mastermind Olaf "However Vision Divine is a band that did always move forward and I think that with his voice and interpretation he has enriched the songs and gave them a very peculiar and personal edge. I am truly enthusiast of his return in the band and look forward to bring this record out there with his amazing vocal abilities". Vision Divine line-up is completed by Alessio Lucatti on keyboards, Cristiano Bertocchi (ex-Labyrinth) on bass, Federico Puleri on guitar and Alessandro Bissa on drums.

Produced by none other than the former Stratovarius mainman Timo Tolkki, Vision Divine created what is easily their most mature and intense record to date. Entitled "9 Degrees West Of The Moon", this is Vision Divine 's heaviest, but yet most melodic and catchy album ever, showing why they are now the number 1 band in the Italian Metal scene. "Melodies are the most important element of our music. However our songwriting is very diverse" explains Olaf, who adds "all the songs have very different atmospheres and can go from melodic songs like "Violet Loneliness" to very aggressive and heavy ones. I think there is something for everyone on this record".

Vision Divine are also working hard on putting up a new World Tour which will bring the band to play again in Asia, South America and possibly Europe outside their homeland Italy. "9 Degrees West Of The Moon" is a fantastic journey that fans will consider as the true Vision Divine career defining statement!"


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Vision Divine - Former Vocalist Returns

Italian metallers Vision Divine have issued the following update:

"We are very happy and proud to finally announce that Fabio Lione Rhapsody Of Fire] joins Vision Divine Family again. He's best natural choice for us, and first person we thought about it, even 'cause Fabio is a wonderful singer and a very special friend. Fabio with Olaf created Vision Divine 10 years ago, he wrote wonderful melodies for first 3 band's albums (from the 1st "Vision Divine" up to the high acclaimed "Stream Of Consciousness"). Just to be clear, Fabio is fully involved with the band, not as session man but as real part of the band, including recording sessions, live shows and tours.

We really like to apologize with you to taking such a longtime to let you know our choice, but we wanted to follow all this stuff properly without any gaps and taking time to plan band's future. So, Fabio Lione, will be on stage with Vision Divine starting from June 20 and he's already working to our new album, which recordings are scheduled starting from Aug 11th. We know that each time this band has a change of line up there many roumors about it and mostly people could think if its' right decision or something like that... But as always we will let facts talk, and our band life gets proof that we allways try to take best decision to grow up as artists and as persons. And at last.. we really like to spend some words for you guys who supported us in this time, we're very striking about your emotions and your great friendship around the world. We really like to dedicate our new album to you who continue to trust in Vision Divine."


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Vision Divine - Part Ways With Vocalist

The following update was posted on Vision Divine's official website:

"Michele Luppi is no longer singing with Vision Divine. Beside any speculation which could be done regarding the truth behind all this, we simply believe it was the right time to both make the right choice. We wish Michele all the best with his future and we thank him for the great time we had together"

The band adds:
"Any scheduled activity will be accomplished, and there won't be any delay in our plans. The new singer will be announced on May 1st. Please stay tuned for more news in the forthcoming days."

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Vision Divine - Guitarist Sitting Out S. American Tour

Italian Power Metallers Vision Divine have issued the following update:

"Due to a big problem related with his tendinitis, Federico Puleri isunable to follow the band on the South American Tour. The problem
was known since the Asian shows, but the band decided to try anything possible to solve it. Unfortunately the problem didn't get solved and became even bigger, so the doctor ordered him a full month of rest, and it has been decided not to risk his health. No substitute will be taken, and Olaf will play the South American shows alone. After this tour Federico will be back, fully recovered, healthy and ready
to be on stage again for the next shows... our best wishes to Federico!"

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Event: Vision Divine: South American Tour
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Vision Divine - New Song Posted Online

Vision Divine have posted a new song online called "Alpha & Omega" from their forthcoming album, The 25th Hour at .

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Vision Divine - S. American Tour Cancelled

Italian melodic power metallers Vision Divine, the brainchild of ex-Labyrinth mastermind Olaf Thörsen, have posted the following message on their official web site :

"We are sorry and shocked for what just happened. Without any , and even worse, after many promises from third parties who were managing the tour, we discovered just now, once arrived in the USA, that the Latin tour won't take place because of too many problems with flight tickets and many other things that are even impossible to be explained. We are simply shocked and surprised by seeing how things have been managed. We feel ripped off as surely should feel those who already bought tickets to our shows. We are also gonna sue somebody for what happened, but this won't change the mess.

"In many years of career we never got into something like this, and there are not so many words we can tell right now. We will play ProgPower fest, which to be a completely professional situation where everything turned out to be exactly as planned, and then we will go back to Italy, as there is no way at all to make the rest of the shows take place, not even after some telephone callw we had in which we tried to do our best as band in order to make things go on. We really pushed to make shows not being cancelled, and we were also disposed to renounce too many things originally promised. We even offered to pay hotels by ourselves just to respect all those people waiting for us and to give a chance to those who were not responsible about this to go on, but no way. promoter totally disappeared, and once we arrived in the USA, we also found that there are no flight tickets ready to bring us to the rest of the countries.

"Sorry once again, that's all we can tell right now. Whining or complaining won't make things change, unfortunately."


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Vision Divine - New Site & Album Release

Progressive Metal band, Vision Divine, have launched their new website ( in relation to their soon to be release album, "The Perfect Machine". An mp3 sample of the complete song, God Is Dead, can be found online along with many new features.

As previously reported, Timo Tolkki from Stratovarius produced the album with the band. Release dates are October 26th (Japan) and November 7th, 2005. The final track list for "The Perfect Machine" is:

1. The Perfect Machine
2. 1st day of a never-ending day
3. The ancestor's blood
4. Land of Fear
5. God is Dead
6. Rising Sun
7. Here in 6048
8. The River
9. Now that You've gone
10. The Needle Lies (Queensryche cover, Bonus Track for Japan only)

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Vision Divine - To Release DVD and New Album

Scarlet will release world-wide the official Vision Divine DVD! It will include a live performance of the last highly acclaimed album 'Stream Of Consciousness' and some studio unreleased stuff, plus some secret stories... A special gift for all the fans! The release is planned for April 2005. The band is also writing new material for the next album and VERY big surprises are announced! We'll keep you informed!
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Vision Divine - new vocalist

Once a side project for ex-LABYRINTH guitarist Olaf Thorsen and RHAPSODY singer Fabio Leone, VISION DIVINE has returned with its third album, Stream Of Consciousness, and a new vocalist. In a conversation with BW&BK, Thorsen explained why Leone was forced to bow out.

"For the first two albums Fabio always gave 100% to Vision Divine, but because I left Labyrinth and decided to focus on Vision Divine I wanted to create an image of a real band. I don't think this would have been a problem for Fabio, but Rhapsody recently signed with new management and he didn't take care that there would be room for a career with Vision Divine at the same time. He told me everything was fine, but when I saw the contract there was nothing mentioning Vision Divine, and I figured it might cause some major problems in the future. It's a sad thing, but the best thing to do was to have Fabio leave, in the interest of both bands and our friendship."

Leone has been replaced by Michele Luppi, who has worked previously as an Italian pop rock session player. According to Thorsen, Vision Divine is Luppi's first metal experience

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Vision Divine - record deal with Metal Blade

Italian melodic power metallers VISION DIVINE, the brainchild of ex-LABYRINTH mastermind Olaf Thörsen, have signed a deal with Metal Blade Records for the international release (excluding Italy and Asia) of their third album, "Stream Of Consciousness".

The follow-up to 2001's "Send Me An Angel" features new singer Michele Luppi, "an amazing talented voice that fits perfectly into VISION DIVINE music," according to an official press release.

"Stream Of Consciousness" is described as "a new start, a new breath and something very unique," a "concept-story" based on one song (60 minutes long) divided in 14 chapters that are all linked together.

"Stream Of Consciousness" track listing:

01. Stream Of Unconsciousness
02. Secret Of Life
03. Colours Of My World
04. In The Light (instrumental)
05. The Fallen Feather
06. La Vita Fugge
07. Versions Of The Same
08. Through The Eyes Of God
09. Shades
10. We Are, We Are Not
11. Fool's Garden (instrumental)
12. The Fall of Reason (instrumental)
13. Out Of The Maze
14. Identities

"Stream Of Consciousness" is scheduled for release on May 3 through Metal Blade Records.
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