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Greatest Metal Video Ever... Xmas Edition

Ah, Christmas. That most wonderful time of the year when the Metal Storm Staff is locked up in their sacred Staff Towers, totally focused on picking this year's nominees for the MS Awards - a Herculean undertaking which usually involves a lot of bitching and moaning and drawing guns at each other. Isn't Christmas just magical?

Anyway, have some schnapps on the house, and enjoy this holiday edition of the Greatest Metal Video Ever... Series!

Medeia - Antichristmas

Everybody and their mom knows that Christmas is just as metal as Jari Mäenpää is the most reliable person in the entire scene... which is why Medeia released the most anti-cliche, anti-fluffy, and batshit insane anti-Christmas video in the history of time and space... which is why there'll be no presents for Christmas for them. Ha!

Kudos are in order for Mr. 2115 for suggesting this, uh, anti-gem.

Reuben - Christmas Is Awesome

It's Christmas time and time for a carol! After all, a metalhead who doesn't like karaoke is like Metallica not releasing a good album... simply not imaginable.

Sing along, y'all!

Corey Taylor - X-M@$

Talking about sing along songs...

Sir Corey Taylor is without a single doubt the most charismatic frontman of one of the most influential metal bands of the last decade. And as most of you know, the Slipknot/Stone Sour head honcho is also a very eloquent and sophisticated man, as this video so clearly illustrates. The essence of Mr. Taylor's Christmas message: getting sloshed... cuz isn't that what X-M@$ is all about??

Instant X-M@$ cl@$$ic!

(Un)Happy Holidays!
-- The MS Staff

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Greatest Metal Video Ever... Satanic Black Metal Guest Edition

By popular, close to overwhelming demand we are hosting a Tr00 Satanic Black Metal edition of the infamous Greatest Metal Video Ever... Series. Here to take you on a journey to the world of raped goat corpses, shameless blasphemy and expressive panda make-up is your mistress of evil, Elodie Artour. Off we go!

The Black Satans - Satanic Darkness

Shot in the deepest darkest woods of Finland on a sunny summerday, The Black Satan's video has everything a black metal video needs: inverted crosses, an undisputed toughguy attitude, female slaves, evil facial expressions, partial nudity and a flag of Norway. Grimness; they're doing it right!

Reckless Tide - Kleemähendeäbte

The life of a black metal warrior sure is tough... or so this video implies. We all know those days when you wake up with tons of make-up and Hawaii shorts on, when it feels like the whole world - including that son of a bitch Superman - seems to be in your way. Add a wiseguy in a suit who has had his face painted, performing a line that could be described best as a mixture of Alphaville and HIM, whispering to a plush white tiger and an iceman trying to make a living... and what do you get? The perfect black metal video of course!

Dark Kirchensteuer - Leb' Doch Selber!

Acoustic black metal anyone? That sounds as absurd as eco spiritual black metal does, but respecting these musicians in the name of Satan is obligatory here. I bet every single black metal warrior dreams of the day he hangs himself on a forest tree with some acoustic black metal in the background, headbanging himself to death. Such an inspiring and romantic way to commit suicide... The only thing making this video somewhat ridiculous is the hippy drummer - then again, he sure as Hell fits perfectly with the band's style. And remember, the acoustic guitar - the Lord of Darkness seems to love it!

May Satan forgive me for making fun of his servants!

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Greatest Metal Video Ever... So You Think Metal Can't Dance Edition

We're back, baby! Ready to cheer up/ruin your Sunday with another exiting edition of Greatest Metal Video Ever... Since it's been a while we picked not one but three awesome videos this time that have one peculiar thing in common: choreographed dance moves - oh yes we did! Because, y'know, dancing is metull!

Protest The Hero - Limb From Limb

Here it is. The moment nobody has been waiting for... a re-enactment of the Village People... or something equally heterosexual.

The world already knew the guys from Protest The Hero had a few dance routines going on - you ABSOLUTELY need to see this video too - but this is really something else. Appearing in everyone's nightmares from now on, enjoy the debacle that is "Limb From Limb"!

"Limb From Limb" comes off the band's latest album, Fortress, released in January 2008 through Vagrant Records.

Medeia - Descension 2115]

Medeia know how to move like Michael Jackson... and Run DMC, I guess. Anyway, there's something about this video that just screams metal... and it's not just the abandoned parking lot.

"Descension" comes off the band's most recent effort, Cult, released in September 2008 via Fullsteam Records.

Goldfrapp - Alive

And as a little bonus, here's a video of some black metal warriors dancing with hot chicks in aerobic outfits. Yeah, when's the next time you're gonna see a thing like that again? If you happen to be severely allergic to anything non-metal-related on a metal website, by all means, get fucked in the ear/turn off your speakers/don't click this link and move on with the rest of your day.

Thryce with your suggestions for next time's edition.]

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Greatest Metal Video Ever... So Far. Guest Edition!

So your regular provider of epic metal video goodness, Thryce, is a busy little bee and authorized yours truly to give it a shot with the next installment. Here goes nothing.

Earlier this month I caught the Between the Baroness and Mastodon gig, and arrived early enough to enjoy the opening act, Valient Thorr. Their energetic stage show and "P-A-R-T-Y - you ain't go no alibi, YOU PARTY!" chant, coupled with some barley sodas got me fueled up to enjoy the rest of the gig. They were rocked hard enough that I took the time to chat with them at the merch stand, buy a disk after their set, and later went to their website where I discovered this inspiration for this column.

The creative mind and ambition of director Mike Aho combines special effects that make Avatar look lame with gratuitous violence and the best car chase scene since the Blues Brothers to great effect. His artistic vision with an amazing, Oscar-worthy performance by Valient Himself results in a truly fantastic metal video for "Tomorrow Police" off of their 2008 release, Immortalizer that is worthy of much praise indeed.


The band is still touring the US before hitting Hellfest and the rest of Europe this summer. Get there early and be prepared to party.


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Greatest Metal Video Ever... So Far

It is Sunday morning, there's a huge amount of dead serious news to be reported, so there's certainly no room for fooling around. Just like in the previous editions, this feature only takes care of severely important matters, being the high value metal videos - aka the ones that are not recorded in an abandoned factory/the frontman's backyard/high school parking lots. So sit up straight. Remove that chewing gum. No smiling allowed.

Greatest metal video of all time... for this week... is Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog.

Here's the breathtakingly simple formula for making the greatest metal video ever recorded: you need beer, medieval weaponry, vomit, blood, more beer, armored dudes destroying each other, RPG nerds, you really don't have enough beer yet, the clip should be full of awesome (despite the RPG nerds), there should be some metal in it too, beer cans, make that lots and lots of beer cans, a Chihuahua, and some dudes jamming in a kitchen... or something.

Red Fang's self-titled debut was released in March 2009 through Sargent House.

PS: my apologies to the guy hero who suggested this totally awesome video for not acknowledging his contribution - my mailbox was destroyed by a tsunami/my dog ate your letter/I (accidentally) deleted your PM to make more room for Viagra spam. Sorry brah

Thryce with your suggestions for next week's edition.]

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Greatest Metal Video Ever... So Far

It's Sunday morning and there is traditionally no news to report at this time. So let's get back to that certain Metal Storm feature in which we look for the greatest metal video in the history of awesome. Just like in last week's issue we prefer to do it the hilarious/eccentric/ludicrous way.

This week's heavyweight champion defending his belt is Children - Power Spirit.

For some inexplicable reason, recording your video in the middle of the woods in some ridiculous outfit has always been considered "cool" in the worldwide metal community (am I right Trollech?). But this video... oh my god, this video. This video... oh my god.

Who would've thought that running and hopping around with a guitar, sunglasses and what seems to be purple one-piece pajamas in the deepest, darkest woods of upstate New York could be so metal? Certainly not me. I don't know what drugs these guys are on (have you seen that drum kit? Or the weird dance move before the guitar solo?), but the long johns-wearing tree-hugger in me will have what they're having.

Or I'm missing the point of some crucial metaphor here, or this may well be the best video in like, ever. Still, this thing keeps freaking me out every time I watch it. These are the kind of fruitcakes I'm sure not even the Blair Witch would come near to.

Children's debut album Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World was released in May 2009 through Kemado Records.

Thryce with your suggestions for next time's edition (coming anytime soon). Videos preferably as recent as possible!]

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Greatest Metal Video Ever... So Far

I'm pretty sure most of you mastered the basics of reading, so this title speaks for itself really. Here's a video so ridiculously awesome - or awesomely ridiculous, that's up to you - we decided to create a whole new feature just for similar special occasions.

The point of this new feature is to find the greatest metal video in the history of awesome. The more hilarious/eccentric/ludicrous the video the better...

Current heavyweight champion defending his belt is White Wizzard - Over The Top.

As the song title subtly gave away, this is nothing but pure over the top traditional metal madness. White Wizzard are bringing true heavy metal to the wild wild west... but how! You really need to see this to believe it. This video/piece of art/cause of recurring nightmares is as epic as they come. A pinnacle of cheese. Wrong on so many different levels. But you know what, in a strange way, I totally dig this particular travesty.

Interesting piece of trivia: the clip is directed by Dave Vorhes. The same guy who shot the other over the top White Wizzard gem "High Speed GTO" , which won the "Best Music Video" trophy at the 2008 Action on Film Festival. Ahh.

White Wizzard's debut Over the Top was released on February 8th in Europe and will be available in N. America on March 9th.

White Wizzard - Over The Top

In celebration of this new feature and to set the mood right - and because I have absolutely no friggin' idea what else to do with the following video - here's a little bonus for ya. By watching it, you'll understand why Vision is easily my new favorite all-girl metal band. These chicks know how to rock!

Vision - Bury You Alive

a private message to Thryce with your suggestions for next time's edition (coming soon). Videos preferably as recent as possible!]


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