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Varg - Reveal New Album Tracklist And Artwork

Germany's folk metallers Varg have announced that the band's new album will be titled Guten Tag. The release follows the band's previous album Wolfskult from last year and will be out on October 5th via NoiseArt Records.


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Khors - New Song Streaming Online, New Album Details

Ukrainian extreme metal horde Khors upcoming album Wisdom Of Centuries has been scheduled for release on September 11th via Candlelight Records in the US. An European release date is yet to be set. The album is the band's fifth and follow-up to Return To Abandoned released in 2010.


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Metal Storm's Favorite Album Art?

Have you ever taken a good look at some albums in your collection and thought to yourself "My God, if only this piece of shit album was half as good as the album artwork that covers it, it would be a solid 10/10." Pretty much anyone who owns Manowar's Anthology has surely thought that at some point or another.

The point being, it's time to give some props to the unsung heroes who create the album artwork of your favorite, and not-so-favorite albums. We want to know what Metal Storm, as a collective, considers the very best album artwork of all time.

Here's how it works:
Step 1: Go through your album collection, pick out your top 3 favorite album covers of all time, regardless of the quality of the music on the albums.
Step 2: Send a PM to Doc Godin here on Metal Storm with your 3 picks.
Step 3: Tune in on July 31st, and we will reveal the top 50 picks. You can then choose your top 3 favorites out of those 50, and we'll continue to whittle it down in that manner.

The deadline for Round 1 is July 30th.

The point? No point. Just for fun.

- The Metal Storm Team

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Hanternoz - To Release Exclusive Tracks Late 2012, Writing New Material

Change of plans for French folk metallers Hanternoz. The recording of a new full length has been postponed and instead the band is recording two exclusive tracks to be released for free on their Facebook page by the end of this year. These are going to be French and Breton versions of one song, but they will be different musically as well as lyrically.


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Dew-Scented - New Album Streaming Online

Icarus, the brand-new upcoming album by German death/thrash metallers Dew-Scented can now be streamed in its entirety at Invisible Oranges for a week.


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Dagoba - Guitarist Quits The Band

French industrial groove metallers Dagoba have announced that their guitarist Izakar has left the band due to differences with one band member leaving the band with no guitarist for now.


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Deafheaven - To Release Demo On Limited Vinyl, Writing New Album

A whole bunch of news from the Deafheaven house. The band announced via Tumblr that they are re-releasing their 2010 demo, entitled Demo on a limited 12" LP. The band also stated that they are working on a follow-up to their 2011 release, Roads To Judah.


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Between The Buried And Me - New Song Streaming Online

"Telos", a brand-new song from US progressive metallers Between The Buried And Me can now be streamed on Metal Blade Records' website and in the YouTube-video located below.


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Motocultor Festival 2012 - Line-up Changes

Due to the cancellation of The Exploited, Deicide, The Generators and Resistance (BEL), some new bands have been announced for the festival. Replacing these bands will be grindcore legends Napalm Death, Brazilian death machine Krisiun, Dutch rock group Peter Pan Speedrock and French doom group Ataraxie.


Event: Motocultor Festival 2012
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Metal Storm - Heavy T.O. / MTL Contest Winners

For the last month we have been giving you the opportunity to win a pass for the Heavy T.O. and Heavy MTL festivals in Canada. For your chance to win, we asked you to tell us which of the two headlining bands Slipknot or System Of A Down released their debut full-length album first. System Of A Down's self-titled debut was released one year before Slipknot's, making System Of A Down the correct answer. So let's find out who has won:


Event: Heavy MTL Festival
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Omnium Gatherum - Recording New Album

Finnish melodic death metallers Omnium Gatherum have officially entered the studio and began recording their sixth studio album and follow-up to last year's New World Shadows.


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Devolved - Unveil New Album Artwork

After revealing that their new album would be called Reprisal, US-based metallers Devolved have now released the cover artwork for the new album, which is available below. The album will see a worldwide release on November 20th through Unique Leader Records.


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Conquest - Recruit New Vocalist

Ukrainian speed power metallers Conquest have recruited a new vocalist for the band, Konstantin "Laars" Naumenko. He is also the singer of Sunrise. The band also released a retake of the song "Frozen Sky" with the new vocalist. You can listen to it in the video below.


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Malignancy - New Album Details

US brutal death metal band Malignancy has revealed details about their new upcoming album, which will be entitled Eugenics. The album's artwork created by Slasher Designs and tracklist can be seen below. Eugenics is scheduled for release on October 9th via Willowtip Records (US) and Hammerheart (Europe).


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Full Force - To Release New Album In October

Following their debut album One, Swedish melodic metal five piece Full Force are currently recording their second album, which will be entitled Next Level and will be released worldwide via SPV/Steamhammer in October. Rainer Kalwitz was once again recruited to create and organize the artwork and he has previously made covers for Praying Mantis, Metal Church and many more. Next Level will be mixed and mastered at Roastinghouse Studios by Anders "Theo" Theander.


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