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20.07Threshold - Singer Pulls Out Of Upcoming Live Shows
19.07Ephel Duath - Begin Work On New Album
 Aeon - New Album Details
 Kalmah - New Album In Process
 Brainstorm - Parts Ways With Bassist, Seeks Replacement
 Biomechanical - Parts Ways With Drummer
18.07Agent Steel - New Song Online
17.07The Old Dead Tree - New Album Details
 Rotting Christ - New Video Clip Online And Hellenic Tour
 1349 - UK Tour Announced
 Rammstein - Beware Of Hoax!
 Within Temptation - US Tour In September
16.07Textures - New Bass Player Found
 Ulver - New Album On The Way
 Girlschool - Kelly Johnson Dies Aged 49

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Threshold - Singer Pulls Out Of Upcoming Live Shows

Nuclear Blast have issued the following update concerning UK Prog Metallers Threshold:

"Threshold's singer Mac has astonished his fellow band members by deciding NOT to perform at this weekend's Metal Camp and Earthshaker festivals in Slovenia and Germany.

"Mac was due to arrive in England on Saturday for band rehearsals, but on Saturday morning he sent us a short email saying he has to get on with his life and he's not coming", keyboarder Richard West states.
"It was totally unexpected and we're all shocked by the news. Mac won't answer our phone calls so we can't get any more information from him. With two festivals to perform next weekend our only option was to cancel the shows or find a replacement singer."


Band profile: Threshold
Posted: 20.07.2007 by Aylee_Bodom | Comments (3)

Ephel Duath - Begin Work On New Album

Official Earache Records press release:

"Italian experimental jazz metallers Ephel Duath have begun work on a new album due to be released in 2008. The album, entitled "Through My Dog's Eyes" is set to be a concept album in which a dog depicts his vision of various aspects of life, from casual things like nightmares or walks to deeper issues such as accepting death and the rules of nature that are unavoidable. The band are currently gathered together, writing and arranging the songs, and guitarist Davide had this to say about the album:

'The preproduction is very promising, and we'll abuse it to grasp and magnify the potential of each track: we are sure that the album will not only please the fans but that it will also bring us new ones'.


Band profile: Ephel Duath
Posted: 19.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Aeon - New Album Details

Finally! The new Aeon album "Rise To Dominate" is finished and to be unleashed upon mankind shortly! Be prepared for a technical Death Metal apocalypse! "Rise To Dominate" is Aeon's first album for Metal Blade Records and their third in total.

According to the band, the new songs are even "more brutal and raw than ever before". With all this going for the band, it's no wonder that no other than Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, a.o.), could be persuaded to mix the record. All hell's about to break loose around Aeon!

What can possibly be a bigger honor for a brutal death metal band than having the godfathers of the genre, Cannibal Corpse, declare to be fans of this band and take them out on a European tour? That's exactly what happened with Aeon. As a matter of fact, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster doesn't waste a chance to sing Aeon's praises: "Aeon's musicianship is among the best in death metal, but their songwriting is what truly sets them apart. It's rare to find a death metal band that is simultaneously crushingly brutal and infectiously catchy. Aeon is one of those rare bands!"


Band profile: Aeon
Posted: 19.07.2007 by Baz Anderson | Comments (2)

Kalmah - New Album In Process

Following message was posted on Kalmah's website:

Kalmah is currently writing material for the 5th studio album which will be released in Winter/Spring 2008. "Right now we have about 7 songs ready". Swamplords will enter studios in October to record the next swamp metal masterpiece. "I guess the new material will represent heavier and even more riff-oriented Kalmah but the melodies and basic Kalmah sound has not been forgotten." The writing process has been firm and there has been no "run-and-piss" hurry. There was a compulsory month break in the beginning of summer since Antti broke his wrist. The wrist has shaped up well and it seems there will be no permanent injury.

Band profile: Kalmah
Posted: 19.07.2007 by bluemobiusx | Comments (30)

Brainstorm - Parts Ways With Bassist, Seeks Replacement

The following message was posted on Brainstorm's official website:

After more than 15 years Brainstorm and long time bass player Andreas Mailänder has decided to go separate ways. "... Since my working situation is not going to ease up in the long run I won't be able to combine it with the upcoming touring for the new BS release. I'm left with no choice but to leave Brainstorm...". (read more below).
The Brainstorm guys are now in search for a new fourstringer to fill the vacant spot. If you think you are the right guy for the job send your application to or to Metal Blade Records, attn. Brainstorm, P.O. Box 1332, D-73054 Eislingen, Germany."


Band profile: Brainstorm
Posted: 19.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Biomechanical - Parts Ways With Drummer

The following message was posted by frontman John K on Biomechanical's official MySpace page:

"Unfortunately Matt C has left Biomechanical for personal reasons. He is one of the best drummers we had the fortune to work with and we wish him all the best!
We are just about to finish our third album but it seems the release will be delayed as a result of the live situation plus the record label wants to make sure that the release will happen on a time where it will get it's maximum support. Will announce the new release date soon.''

Biomechanical are on the lookout for a drummer.
For any inquiries please email


Band profile: Biomechanical
Posted: 19.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

Agent Steel - New Song Online

A new track entitled 'Hail to the Chief' from the upcoming Agent Stell album "Alienigma", has been posted to the Mascot Records MySpace page at this location.
"Alienigma" will be released the August, 31 via Mascot Records.
The artwork was disigned by Dimitri Patelis.

"Alienigma" tracklisting:

01. Fashioned From Dust
02. Wash The Planet Clean
03. Hail To The Chief
04. Wormwod
05. Liberty Lying Bleeding
06. Hybridized
07. Tiamats Fall
08. WPD
09. Lamb To The Slaughter
10. Extinct


Band profile: Agent Steel
Posted: 18.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

The Old Dead Tree - New Album Details

Parisian goth metallers The Old Dead Tree have returned from Stage One Studio in Germany, where producer Andy Classen recently finished recording, mixing and mastering the band's latest opus, "The Water Fields" which will be released on September 17 via Season of Mist.

"The band went further again, reaching a new stage in terms of songwriting and maturity. This album is much heavier and darker, but also more diverse and full of sheer emotion! Even the production of Andy Classen outdoes the job on our previous material", vocalist/guitarist Manuel states.

"The Water Fields" tracklisting:

01. Start The Fire
02. Don't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)


Band profile: The Old Dead Tree
Posted: 17.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Rotting Christ - New Video Clip Online And Hellenic Tour

The second video for "Theogonia" album is now online. The band presents 'Enuma Elish'.
You can view it online at YouTube here or download it at this location.

Also the band have proudly announced a Hellenic Tour.
The dates are as follows:

19 Oct 2007 GRE Irakleion TBA
20 Oct 2007 GRE Hania TBA
26 Oct 2007 GRE Kalamata TBA
27 Oct 2007 GRE Patra TBA
28 Oct 2007 GRE Ioannena Space
03 Nov 2007 GRE Lamia TBA
04 Nov 2007 GRE Larisa Mylos 1927
08 Dec 2007 GRE Athens Gagarin
14 Dec 2007 GRE Alexandroupolis Domus Club
15 Dec 2007 GRE Thessaloniki Ydrogeios
16 Dec 2007 GRE Kavala Jazz Rock Bar


Band profile: Rotting Christ
Posted: 17.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

1349 - UK Tour Announced

The band will undertake a UK tour in October. The venues/cities are as follows:

Cathouse, Glasgow
October 16th 2007

Junktion 7, Nottingham
October 17th 2007

Underworld, London
October 18th 2007

Corporation, Sheffield
October 19th 2007

Damnation Festival, Leeds
October 20th 2007

Band profile: 1349
Posted: 17.07.2007 by COBHC_666 | Comments (3)

Rammstein - Beware Of Hoax!

The following statement has been cited on blabbermouth:

German industrial metallers Rammstein have parted company with singer Till Lindemann.

According to an official statement from the band, Lindemann's decision to leave the Grammy nominated outfit was because of "inharmoniousness within the band" and was "well deliberated."

"He will head now for other challenges which can be a solo career or maybe a new project," continues the statement.

The band have announced that former KMFDM man En Esch will take his place on vocal duties. Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe and drummer Christoph Schneider added:

"Nobody ever can replace Till Lindemann but since we have still so much fun doing Rammstein we looked for a new singer which is charismatic in his own way without copying Till.


Band profile: Rammstein
Posted: 17.07.2007 by AnGina-- | Comments (29)

Within Temptation - US Tour In September

Within Temptation have announced their headlining US tour in September. The 13 stop tour will take the band from the Northeast to the Southwest in support of their July 24th release, "The Heart of Everything".

The dates are as follows:

Sep. 05 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
Sep. 07 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY
Sep. 08 - Recher Theatre - Towson, MD
Sep. 09 - Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 11 - Mod Club Theatre - Toronto, ONT
Sep. 12 - House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
Sep. 14 - St. Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI
Sep. 15 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL
Sep. 16 - Station 4 - Saint Paul, MN
Sep. 18 - Cervantes - Denver, CO
Sep. 21 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA


Band profile: Within Temptation
Posted: 17.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (6)

Textures - New Bass Player Found

The following message was posted on Textures's official website:

"We're very proud to welcome our new bass player: Remko Tielemans. You might know him from his former band Isle of Man and his recent band 37 Stabwoundz.
He's a skilled musician, an open-minded guy and he's blessed with a crazy stage performance. His Textures stage-baptism will be coming saturday, in Nijmegen (Valkhof Affaire), so be sure to check him out."


Band profile: Textures
Posted: 16.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Ulver - New Album On The Way

The following message was posted on Ulver's official website:

"Many of you have been waiting for sound, and we are sorry for the silence. We needed to be alone, without the hustle and bustle of the living. We are uncomfortable with the world, the industry and our place. We have been working, sluggishly, well aware we could end up with nothing. Nonetheless we believe we have succeeded in giving our fears some kind of form. "Shadows Of The Sun", our 7th full-length album, is finished and will be released October 1st. We feel it is our most personal record to date. Low-key, dark, and tragic. As we are."

Ulver, Oslo, July 13 2007.

Band profile: Ulver
Posted: 16.07.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (6)

Girlschool - Kelly Johnson Dies Aged 49

A Kelly Johnson tribute page has been opened at this location, where the following message has been left:

"It is with extreme sadness to tell you that Kelly Johnson, original member of Girlschool and our best friend has passed away on Sunday the 15th of July after fighting a 6 year battle with cancer of the spine"


Band profile: Girlschool
Posted: 16.07.2007 by Baz Anderson | Comments (10)

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