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Powerglove - New Video Online

"Batman", the new video from US metallers Powerglove, can be viewed at this location.

"Batman" comes off the band's latest album, entitled Saturday Morning Apocalypse, which was released on September 28th, 2010 via through E1 Music.


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Revocation - Another New Song Online

"Dissolution Ritual", a brand-new track from US technical death metal trio Revocation can now be streamed over at MetalSucks.

Two other new tracks, entitled "Cradle Robber" and "No Funeral", can be streamed on the band's MySpace


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My Dying Bride - To Release Three-Part EP Later This Year

My Dying Bride are back in the studio to record a 3 part EP due for release later in the year.

No titles revealed just yet but the news is that it is to be a concept EP of effectively one track of over 25 minutes long split into three acts. Recording is to take place at Futureworks Studio's in late August with long-term sound engineer Mags once again taking the pain.

The new lp is being delayed as the band is simply not ready to record this yet as "things are progressing in a very interesting manner". This release is said to be a precursor of things to come...


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Dir En Grey - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Dum Spiro Spero, the eighth studio album from the Japanese rockers Dir En Grey, is now available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace.

Dum Spiro Spero (trans: "while I breathe, I hope") will be released on August 2nd via The End Records.

Dir En Grey will release Dum Spiro Spero as a standard CD, a double LP (both featuring the same 14 tracks) and a deluxe CD which will feature the two bonus tracks.


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Five Finger Death Punch - New Song Online

"Under It And Over It", a brand-new track from US groove metallers Five Finger Death Punch has been made available for streaming over at Revolver Magazine.

Commented FFDP vocalist Ivan Moody: "This one is about the rumors and gossip that go on everywhere - especially online. It's comical to see how much crazy, ill-informed shit people will post as news and when they're trolling around message boards. In today's day and age, speculation and bad info can just fly around the internet and catch fire - even when it's completely false and unfounded. Funny shit."

"Under It And Over It" comes off the band's upcoming new album, entitled American Capitalist, which will be released on October 11th through Prospect Park Records.


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Redemption - New Album Due Later This Year

Redemption - the US progressive metal band featuring in its ranks guitarist/songwriter Nick van Dyk and legendary Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder - will release its fifth studio album, This Mortal Coil, on September 26th in Europe and October 11th in North America via InsideOut Music.

The follow-up to 2009's Snowfall On Judgment Day was recorded and mixed with producer Neil Kernon (Queensrÿche, Nevermore, Deicide). The CD's cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist and longtime band collaborator Travis Smith (Opeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Nevermore).

Commented Nick van Dyk: "I'm extremely pleased to announce that work on This Mortal Coil has been completed. It was a pleasure to work with Neil Kernon during the production, although I dare say we had more challenges and curve-balls in this process than either of us is accustomed to. Nonetheless, we overcame everything in our path, from Internet failures to lightning strikes, and since one of the themes of this CD is essentially overcoming adversity, the production process served as a bit of a metaphor for the whole concept!

The new CD continues our creative effort to combine heaviness with melody — fusing those disparate elements has always been part of Redemption's sound, along with an element that I have called emotional urgency, which we've maintained here. All in all, it sounds like Redemption - although importantly I think it's by far our best-sounding record, owing to the work of Neil Kernon and the mastering of Alan Douches."

Regarding the artwork, Van Dyk said: "We have worked once again with the incredibly talented Travis Smith on our art; we work very well together and he has a proven knack for bringing my concepts to life visually."

In other news, Redemption will headline this year's edition of the ProgPower Europe festival and embark on a European mini-tour.

The twelfth installment of the ProgPower Europe festival will take place in Baarlo, Holland, October 1-2.

Redemption will play the last show on this visit at the inaugural edition of the Denmark Rock Festival on October 8 in Copenhagen, Denmark at the venue The Rock.


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Metallica - Exclusive Fan Club 30th Anniversary Shows

Metallica has scheduled a handful of 30th anniversary shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA in December only and exclusively for Metallica fan club members.

The band released the following statement: "Thirty years of Metallica... can you believe it? We think it's cause for a major celebration! You've been asking for a while now "just what the hell are you going to do to mark 30 years as a band?" closely followed by "why don't we have more exclusive shows for Fan Club members?"

We've heard you loud and clear and are beyond psyched to announce that the week of December 5, 2011 will be a full on Metallica week in the Bay Area, more specifically we will be playing four shows for Met Club members only at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco on December 5, 7, 9, and 10 to celebrate our 30th anniversary. These unique shows will include special guests and events, rare songs, varied set lists, odds and ends, and all the nutty stuff you expect from Metallica... fun for the entire family! Come to the Bay Area and spend the week with us to not only close out 2011 out with a bang, but to celebrate over three decades worth of craziness.

Participate in the entire week of festivities with special four pack tickets (one ticket for each of the four shows) and automatic entry into the contests for various other special events, available for the clever price of $19.81 (get it??). If you can't join us for the full week, we'll have individual show tickets too and as you can see we're going back to early '80's ticket pricing (but not the hair!)... single show tickets will be just $6.00 each. Both four packs and individual show tickets will be available for Fan Club members only through a reservation system and we do have to add facility fees, blah, blah. Clubbers can log in for all the details... we're taking reservations through August 8."

Metallica - 30th Anniversary Shows:

12/05/2011 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
12/07/2011 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
12/09/2011 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
12/10/2011 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore


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Vibeke Stene - Ex-Tristania Singer Collaborates With Plutho

Former Tristania vocalist Vibeke Stene recently collaborated with the Norwegian electronic/pop outfit Plutho for the song "Queen of Broken Hearts". You can now check out the full song in which she participates below.

"Queen of Broken Hearts" comes off the band's recently released new album, entitled Bob, You Dont Wanna Go There!.


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Goatwhore - Busy Recording New Album

New Orleans black/death metallers Goatwhore have entered Mana Recording Studios in in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Erik Rutan to record the follow-up to 2009's Carving Out The Eyes Of God.

Once the band wraps up the recording of the new record, they will immediately hit the road for headlining shows starting in Tampa. From there, they will join the Exhumed tour starting on October 26 in Gallup, New Mexico. Support on the trek will come from Cephalic Carnage and Havok. Dates were reported earlier over here.

Commented Goatwhore bassist James Harvey: "It has been a while since we toured with our friends in Exhumed and Cephalic Carnage. We are looking forward to having some chaos injected nights of wicked metal with them all."

He added: "Things are going great in the studio with Rutan. He's a master and definitely brings out the best in us!"


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Solution .45 - New Video Online

"Lethean Tears", the new video from Swedish melodic death metallers Solution .45 can now be watched below.

The video was directed by Markus Rytilahti from Ekman & Winroth film production.

Vocalist Christian Älvestam says the following about the clip: "This video is basically a visual wrap-up of everything we've done so far, as a band, since the start. Several shots featured come from footage filmed a long time prior to the video (material that will re-appear in their entirety, in the "the making of For Aeons Past"- clips that will follow, in time) and some of it was filmed exclusively, with the video in mind! Style-wise, we wanted to try to capture that naked old-school feeling that a lot of rock-videos and "behind the scenes"- documenteries used to capture so well back in the day.

Many videos of today I think lack that genuine feeling, being more just about green-screens, computer-animations and whatnot and not so much about trying to get the heart and soul of the band across! Personally, I've always been a sucker for the more raw and honest stuff, where you get the feeling of almost being a part of the band - where you get to experience all the different sides, regardless of its nature. For example, I've always loved videos like Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters", their two documentaries "1½ years in the life of Metallica" and the three Vulgar videos that Pantera put out. The stuff where you get to see and know the band, as they are, doing what they do! In short, this video is just us being who we are and whether you like it or not, you just have to deal with it! Enjoy!"

"Lethean Tears" comes off the band's debut album, entilted For Aeons Past, which was released in April last year through AFM Records.


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Absu - New Album Details

Candlelight Records has confirmed October 4th as the North American release date for Absu's new album, titled Abzu.

The album is part two of a planned trilogy of recordings from the Dallas-based mythological occult metal band. Mixed by J.T. Longoria (King Diamond, Solitude Aeturnus), the album features the original works of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Behemoth, Deströyer 666, Vader).

Recorded at Nomad Recording Studios in Carrollton, Texas, Abzu finds drummer/vocalist Proscriptor and bassist/vocalist Ezezu sharing equal vocal duties and debuts the skills of new guitarist Vis Crom. Proscriptor comments: "Abzu is the first studio release to feature a co-vocalist alongside myself since our third album, The Third Storm of Cythraul. Ezezu's vocal presentation is beyond superlative and I am overly pleased with his execution and delivery. The songwriting undertakings were equally distributed between both Ezezu and Vis Crom and I must admit it brings an admirable multiplicity to the album as a whole. The last song on the album, "A Song For Ea," was composed in six movements, as it brought the entire band together as an equivalent songwriting team. Vis Crom has definitely proven to be Absu's most proficient guitarist in the history of the band."

Writing began on Abzu last autumn as Proscriptor notes: "This album has not only been the most challenging in Absu's discography, but the quickest paced - composition and arrangement wise. The current line-up is scattered all across the United States, so the album was physically written utilizing internet file sharing. We even rehearsed, at times, while communicating via cell phones. Lyrically, the album descends deeper into Enki's lower world as well Thelemic and Enochian Magic(k) Systems. My lyrical architecture is extremely convoluted, so I decided to create a generalized synopsis explaining the themes behind each song. I feel these are my best poems since 2001's Tara."

Abzu has benefited from the unity of the band despite limited face-to-face rehearsal time. In fact only two proper rehearsals were had; one preparing for the band's dates with Immortal earlier this year. The six-date showcase tour was the first live American dates for the band since their headline tour in June of 2009. Proscriptor confirms: "We rehearsed one week prior to the tour supporting Immortal and exactly one week after in preparation for the studio experience. I can honestly say this is the first time Absu has rehearsed for only one week, as an entire unit, before entering the studio."


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Exhumed - N. American Tour With Goatwhore, Cephalic Carnage, Havok

US gore grinders Exhumed will embark on a North American tour later this year.

Support on the trek will come from other punishing bands such as Goatwhore, Cephalic Carnage and Havok. Catch all confirmed tour dates after the jump.


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Mastodon - Limited Edition Cover Art Unveiled

As previously reported, Atlanta progressive metallers Mastodon will release their new upcoming album, The Hunter, this October through Reprise Records. The band now revealed the cover artwork for the limited edition package, as can be seen below.

The artwork was once again created by AJ Fosik, a wood carver who is also responsible for the backdrop the band uses live. As said, this marks the first time Mastodon has not used acclaimed artist Paul Romano, who was responsible for all of the group's previous artwork.


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Fleshgod Apocalypse - Another New Song Online

"The Egoism", a brand-new track by Italian brutal/symphonic death metal act Fleshgod Apocalypse can now be streamed over at Nuclear Blast USA (in the player at your upper right).

The official music video for "The Violation", another new track from Fleshgod Apocalypse, can still be watched over at this location.

"The Egoism" and "The Violation" come off the band's upcoming album, entitled Agony, which is set to be released on August 9th in North America and on 19th in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records. More album details were previously reported over here.


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Immolation - US Tour With Jungle Rot, Gigan

US death metallers Jungle Rot just announced an October US tour, supporting death metal pioneers Immolation. The other support slot next will be taken by US grindcore/death metallers Gigan.

Read more to get a list of dates. Tickets for the shows can be purchased at EnterTheVault.


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Event: Immolation: North American Tour 2011
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