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20.01Kult Ov Azazel - New Album Delayed, New Song Online
 1349 - New Album Title Revealed
 Adagio - New Video Online
 Symphorce - In Writing Mode
 Leaves' Eyes - Double DVD Details
19.01Hatesphere - European Tour Dates
18.01Hammerfall - New Video Online
17.01Blackguard - Sign With Nuclear Blast
 Hellfest 2009 - New Bands Confirmed
 Degradead - Complete Work On New Album, Two Songs Online
 Sepultura - Full Album Streaming Online
 In Mourning - Working On New Album
16.01The 69 Eyes - Working On New Material
 Cult Of Luna - European Tour Dates
 Epica - Announce New Guitarist

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Kult Ov Azazel - New Album Delayed, New Song Online

US metallers Kult Ov Azazel have issued the following update:

"The release date for "Destroying The Sacred" has been delayed until June. We were informed from Arctic Music that the North American distributor has refused to distribute the album due to the cover art. This is the not the first time we have encountered problems likes this with our releases be it the graphic or lyrical content. We have already remedied the situation with a slip insert that will go over the cover art and the only real setback is that the original release date has been pushed back.

The good news however is we have streamed a new track on the Kult Ov Azazel MySpace page. The song is "Storm The Gates" and is track 4 on the forthcoming album. We have also confirmed participation on a Venom tribute split with Teratism. This split vinyl release will be titled "In League With Satan" and released through Negativity Records with a limited run of 666 copies. We are also working on putting together a CD/DVD release to be released later in the year through Arctic Music."


Band profile: Kult Ov Azazel
Posted: 20.01.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

1349 - New Album Title Revealed

Norwegian metallers 1349 have issued the following update:

"1349 are currently putting their last touch to the bands new album entitled "Revelations Of The Black Flame", follow-up to 2005's "Hellfire". As both "Hellfire" and "Beyond The Apocalypse", the album is recorded at Studio Studio Nyhagen, and co-mixed by none other than Tom Gabriel Fischer. No release date is scheduled as of yet, but the album is due sometime during the 1st half of 2009."


Band profile: 1349
Posted: 20.01.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (14)

Adagio - New Video Online

"Fear Circus", the new video from French metallers Adagio, has been made available online. The video was directed by Olivier Cossu.

"Fear Circus" comes off the new Adagio album, entitled "Archangels In Black", which will be released on on February 2 via Listenable Records.

"Archangels In Black" was mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden with Björn Engelmann (Rammstein, Meshuggah) and the cover artwork was created by Guilherme Sevens.


Band profile: Adagio
Posted: 20.01.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

Symphorce - In Writing Mode

German metallers Symphorce have posted the following update on their MySpace page:

"Hello phorceheads

Long time no news right? Well, this is about to change as we have some exciting news for you.

After we took our time to re"phorce" our batteries and think about our future we are ready more than ever to make our next album the possibly best Symphorce album ever. For a couple of months now, the songwriting core of Symphorce, Cede - Marcus - Andy , has come up with some great songs, melodies, hitwonders, chartbreakers, stripsongs, ...whatever you might wanna call it.

We just wanted to let you know, that we're still around (more actively in the background for some songwriting now), but we'll be back with a "Booom!" in mid-2009, with a new label partner, new material and some new surprises. Things you don't expect and still expect from Symphorce!


Band profile: Symphorce
Posted: 20.01.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (5)

Leaves' Eyes - Double DVD Details

German metallers Leaves' Eyes will release their double DVD, "We Came With The Northern Winds - En Saga I Belgia" cover], on February 27 via Napalm Records.

Guitarist Thorsten Bauer adds: "This dvd package definetly makes my day. It contains the fulminant En Saga I Belgia - Show. Every fan of monumental and spectacular stage shows will be enchanted! Additionally, one dvd contains an extensively produced documentary about our band which shows everything what we have done and what happened to us with the band during the last five years. The viewers can watch all this within two hours of entertainment and excitement. When I watched the final version for the first time, with all the tour episodes from North- and South America, Europe, Mexico and Australia, I had goose skin for several times. With this movie, the viewer can get a very close experience with our band, he will be taken with us on our world tour! There will be video trailers for the dvd in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned!"


Band profile: Leaves' Eyes
Posted: 20.01.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (6)

Hatesphere - European Tour Dates

Danish metallers Hatesphere have announced their European tour, called ''Alive And Dressed To The Nines Tour'', which will kick off in Berlin, Germany on April 2nd.

The band adds: ''It's time to get back on the road and we're dying here! We've been cooped up for what seems like an eternity, preparing everything for the release of our upcoming album, and so we're all counting the days now. We hope to see as many of our friends out there as possible, and hopefully make a whole lot of new ones.

Our booking agency, Go Down Believing, have been hard at work and we're bringing you a solid package with enough surprises to get your head spinning. This is only a taste of what is to come and anyone planning on attending is guaranteed a hell of a good time!


Band profile: Hatesphere
Event: Hatesphere: Alive And Dressed To The Nines Tour
Posted: 19.01.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

Hammerfall - New Video Online

"Any Means Necessary", the new video from Swedish metallers Hammerfall has been made available online.

Hammerfall filmed the "Any Means Necessary" video in Belgrade, Serbia with director Ivan Colic of i-Code, who previously worked with the band on the "Natural High" clip.

"Any Means Necessary" comes off the new Hammerfall album, entitled "No Sacrifice, No Victory", which will be released on February 20 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album was recorded in part at Andy La Rocque's (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden.


Band profile: HammerFall
Posted: 18.01.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (19)

Blackguard - Sign With Nuclear Blast

Canadian folk/black metal band Blackguard, which until recently was known as Profugus Mortis, has won Nuclear Blast's Myspace contest which earned them a worldwide record deal with the label.

Says Blackguard vocalist Paul Zinay:
"We're all ecstatic to find out that we were chosen by Nuclear Blast as their contest winners . To be able to work with such a prestigious label is an honour and a privilege. As we head into 2009 we're all confident that this is going to be a huge year for us and with Nuclear Blast behind us there's no reason why it shouldn't "

Jaap Wagemaker of Nuclear Blast commented:
"When we decided to organize a MySpace Contest where up and coming (unsigned) bands could win a record deal with Nuclear Blast, we never expected that we would receive almost 3000 entries to check out over the 5 months of this competition! We want to thank all the bands that have participated on this contest trying to fullfill their dreams for a record deal! After listening to all the almost 3000 bands and making a final selection, we have found a winner!! Nuclear Blast is really proud to announce the signing of a very young and talented new band from Canada - BLACKGUARD!!! I am sure you have seen the name online already as they are booked on the Paganfest in the US!! The band has already finished recording their debut album "Profugus Mortis"! The album will be out March 20th and I can promise you this will appeal to all fans of bands like WINTERSUN, ENSIFERUM and KORPIKLAANI but with more brutal vocals! The musicianship is outstanding! Needless to say that we are very proud to have found this diamond in the rough!! BLACKGUARD will be one of the most important bands for Nuclear Blast in 2009 and beyond!"


Band profile: Blackguard
Event: Paganfest N. America Tour
Posted: 17.01.2009 by Promonex | Comments (9)

Hellfest 2009 - New Bands Confirmed

Hello everyone!

As promised, here is the list to be added to the one of December 2008! Nobody will be surprised to see names to satisfy all those who are fans of Hellfest and it will be Christmas all over again!

Who can already boast having seen the fathers of American Doom, PENTAGRAM the American Black Sabbath founded by Bobby Liebling who, unfortunately, didn't have as much fame but, nevertheless remains THE reference for all fans of these slow and wicked musics! The first and only date in Europe will be at Hellfest! the real godfather of US Doom!

Not to forget without whom such artists as Neurosis, Napalm Death, Sepultura and many others, would never have found their different sounds! The inventor of Crust, AMEBIX is back in europe for one date only, connaisseurs will be happy and all others will listen attentively as extreme music wouldn't be the same without them!


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2009
Posted: 17.01.2009 by Jeff | Comments (0)

Degradead - Complete Work On New Album, Two Songs Online

Sweden Gothenburg metal band Degradead have completed work on their new album "Out Of Body Experience" cover art]. The album was recorded at Studio Abyss/Black Lounge in Ludvika. The release date is set for february 20, 2009.

"Out Of Body Experience" contains the following fourteen songs:

01. All Is Gone
02. Wake The Storm
03. Achieve The sky
04. Everlasting Hatred
05. Dephts Of Darkness
06. V.X.R.
07. Future Is Now
08. Transmigration
09. The Burning Orchid
10. Almost Dead
11. Dream
12. Illusion
13. Suffering
14: Unfortunate

Two songs have been uploaded to the official MySpace. The songs are called "Depths Of Darkness" and "Wake The Storm".


Band profile: Degradead
Posted: 17.01.2009 by S.K.Ø.M | Comments (1)

Sepultura - Full Album Streaming Online

Sepultura will start the A-LEX World Tour next month and they built a sitefor fans to follow the guys on the road, The band will be posting exclusive videos, photos, twitter and blogging from the road. And the setlist will be available for voting for every single gig of the tour. And while the tour doesn't start you can listen to the entire album here.

A-Lex will be released via SPV Records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil: January 23
UK, Scandinavia, rest of Europe: January 26
USA, Canada: January 27


Band profile: Sepultura
Posted: 17.01.2009 by S.K.Ø.M | Comments (17)

In Mourning - Working On New Album

In Mourning have booked the studio for the recording of their next album:

"The 22nd of August we will begin the recording of the follow-up to our debutalbum, "Shrouded Divine". Once again we will enter The Black Lounge Studios with Jonas Kjellgren. So until the recording sessions beging we will focus hard on finishing up the material for our new album. More info will follow during the writing process so keep checking back for updates."

Band profile: In Mourning
Posted: 17.01.2009 by Jaowel | Comments (7)

The 69 Eyes - Working On New Material

The 69 Eyes have posted the following update:

"The 69 Eyes has started recording their next, ninth studio album with the Grammy awarded producer Matt Hyde. He is most known from his works with Slayer, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu. The recording process will take place both in Helsinki and Los Angeles. The still unnamed album will come out in September 2009, a possible video & single cut earlier early summer."


Band profile: The 69 Eyes
Posted: 16.01.2009 by SlaytallicA | Comments (0)

Cult Of Luna - European Tour Dates

Cult Of Luna have announced the following European tour dates:

Mar. 10 - Recyclart - Brussels, Belgium
Mar. 11 - Kulturfabrik - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Mar. 12 - Noumatrouff - Mulhouse, France
Mar. 13 - Cartonnerie Cabaret - Reims, France
Mar. 14 - Epicerie Moderne - Lyon / Feyzin, France
Mar. 15 - Havana - Statut - Toulouse, France
Mar. 16 - El Loco Club - Valencia, Spain
Mar. 17 - Kafe Antzokia - Bilbao, Spain
Mar. 18 - LA 2 - Barcelona, Spain
Mar. 19 - La Sala Live!! - Madrid, Spain
Mar. 20 - Abatoires - Cognac, France
Mar. 21 - Grand Mix - Tourcoing, France
Mar. 22 - Elysee Montmarte - Paris, France.

In other news, Cult Of Luna have set "Fire Was Born" cover art] as the title of their upcoming live DVD, which will be released March 23rd. The DVD will be released as a bonus disc on the re-pressing of "Eternal Kingdom" as well as a stand alone DVD.


Band profile: Cult Of Luna
Posted: 16.01.2009 by S.K.Ø.M | Comments (5)

Epica - Announce New Guitarist

Dutch metallers Epica have issued the following update:

"We are proud and very happy to announce that we have found a new guitarist to replace Ad as a fulltime member of Epica. We would like to introduce Isaac Delahaye as the newest Epica-member."

The band adds: "Isaac is no stranger to the band since he already replaced Ad once at a gig in France back in 2003. He also worked with Coen , Yves and Arien on "Project SiC" in 2006, but the most of you will know him from his work with God Dethroned in which he also worked with Arien. Isaac is an enormously talented and skilled musician and we think he is the ideal person to fill up Ad's spot and to make Epica's line-up strong and complete again."


Band profile: Epica
Posted: 16.01.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (9)

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