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Angra Completes New Album

Brazil's ANGRA have completed work on their follow-up to 2001's "Rebirth", tentatively due this fall through SPV Records (NTS Records in France). The band have posted the following message regarding the as-yet-untitled effort: "First of all, the songs are awesome! Really, really good! The production is perfect too, the sound of instruments is even heavier and clearer than in our previous albums. The band sounds more powerful and tighter as well.

"This is a very complex record, truly sophisticated. It's not just another metal album, it’s much more than that. The richness of the songs can be felt in the concept, the versatility, the spontaneity, the technique, the feeling and the emotions that flow throughout the whole record. It's easy to figure out our emotions in the tracks. It's a special thing, totally unconventional.

"The story is about the saga of a crusader knight that ends up disputing the expansionist ideals of the Catholic Church in the eleventh century. He is known as The Shadow Hunter. His way of thinking changes step by step until he gets to the point of beginning a new reforming order. There's a lot of things happening in his life and each song is a chapter of the story. It's amazing to follow the lyrics as you listen to the songs. Each situation is totally different from the other.

"Overall, this album is a bit longer than the others ANGRA has made so far. We tried to do something new and didn't think twice about the possibility of experimenting. After all, we always focus in the artistic side and in what has been ANGRA's most striking mark since day one: ORIGINALITY!

"Today is July 14th and we are leaving for Japan. We'll meet Kiko there (he's going from Brazil) and the three of us are gonna promote the album. We're doing a couple of acoustic gigs, plus interviews, photo sessions and so on. However, we look forward to coming back to Brazil and showing to the fans what we achieved in the new album, ANGRA's very best in our opinion."

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Blacke Lawless Speaks about parents behaviour

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Mercury, W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless spoke about having his music slammed by the Parents' Music Resource Center (PMRC) during the mid-'80s due to the songs' "objectionable" lyrics.

"As the story goes, Tipper was walking down the hall in her house and her 12-year-old son had 'Fuck Like a Beast' playing on his stereo, and she lost her mind," Lawless said. "I don't know if that's true, but that's the story I've been told.

"You wanna talk about sensationalism?" Blackie asked. "This was an organization that was seeking a platform that would help serve its own political interests. They didn't give a damn about censorship. I've spent the better part of my career trying to get people to understand that. This really is not what you think it is. They come to you like the wolf in sheep's clothing and then use you to create a frenzy - not unlike what McCarthy did with the communists and Bob Dole did with rap. This is nothing new.

"You don't have to be Nostradamus to see what's going on with young people these days," Lawless continued. "Parents just don't get involved with their kids as much as they used to. Are you going to tell me that these parents at Columbine didn't know that anything was going on with their kids? Hey, my mother knew what I was doing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But parents now, they don't want to take any responsibility for their children. They bring something into this world, and then when something goes wrong, they want to blame everybody else for it."


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Slayer: DVD coming

SLAYER fan site Slayer Saves has posted a review of the group's July 11 show in Augusta, Maine, which was filmed for an upcoming live DVD, entitled "Reign in Blood Live: Still Reigning". As previously reported, the disc will feature a full performance of the 1986 album "Reign in Blood" by all original members of the veteran thrash metal outfit. The DVD, due on September 28, will have an approximate 75-minute running time and will retail for $14.98. An excerpt from the Slayer Saves review follows:

"The band took a short encore pause from 'Angel of Death' to 'Piece by Piece', same as they did on the Jager tour. Blood rained from the lighting rig upon the beginning of 'Raining Blood' soaking Tom and bloodying Kerry (Jeff avoided the bulk of the blood). The only adverse result of the blood was it killed the sound of Dave's cymbals for the end of the song when once again it poured blood soaking everything including the drums. The effect was quite striking and the crowd was blown away. A blood soaked Tom addressed the cheering crowd with a sneering smile and the words 'We'll see you in HELL.' Comments from people leaving the venue were positive and I think the show was received extremely well. The blood effect was amazing and worth every penny alone."

Set list from the shoot:

01. Disciple
02. War Ensemble
03. Hallowed Point
04. Necrophiliac
05. Spill the Blood
06. Fight Till Death
07. Payback
08. Dead Skin Mask
09. Mandatory Suicide
10. Hell Awaits
11. South of Heaven
12. Angel of Death
13. Piece by Piece
14. Necrophobic
15. Altar of Sacrifice
16. Jesus Saves
17. Criminally Insane
18. Reborn
19. Epidemic
20. Postmortem
21. Raining Blood

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Dave Mustaine and Jeff Waters?

ANNIHILATOR leader Jeff Waters has commented on the recently revealed news that MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and the Canuck guitar legend are speaking about the possibilities of working together. Regarding the news that was announced earlier today at, Waters says that "YES we are talking alot!"

Waters also sheds more light on his contact with Mustaine in 1989, when present Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young is fired and the band begins their search for a replacement which ends up being MARTY FRIEDMAN. It was during a North American tour with TESTAMENT that Waters had contact with Mustaine. The guitarist fills in the blanks: "Chuck (Billy - Testament singer) stormed into my hotel room and told me Dave was on the phone. We spoke. I was in shock. Tell me YOU wouldn't remember talking to a legend! He wanted side B of 'Peace Sells...But Who's Buying' learnt and then mentioned that he might want to rerecord my song 'Crystal Ann' (from 1989's Alice In Hell) on his next CD etc...

Look at it this way, Mustaine is a metal legend. I am a budding legend. He rules and I rock. If it is meant to be, then it will be. But know this, all yee metal fans, WHAT AN HONOR TO EVEN SPEAK WITH A MUSICIAN OF HIS CALIBRE! I hope things work out for him and Megadeth, regardless of my involvement. Still, how could I not ponder the magic that he and I would create if we were both to sit down someday and write together. As for myself and Annihilator, well I am here: 10 studio CDs, the latest, All For You, is selling better than ALL Annihilator CDs since the mid-nineties. New video just coming out for title track. USA deal done so there will be a USA domestic release soon. Just returned from a triumphant tour with JUDAS PRIEST in Europe last month; asked to "possibly" do their world tour next year. Planning fall/spring HEADLINE touring as we speak. Not too shabby for a kid from Ottawa, Canada eh?"

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Dio: New bassplayer and EU tour dates

From the Official Homepage!

"We're proud to welcome new bassist Rudy Sarzo to the Dio family. Rudy is known for his work in Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne, and most recently toured with Yngwie Malmsteen. Rudy joins the band in time for Dio's European tour, which begins July 16th in Moscow.

The tour dates are as follows:

Fri 7/16 Moscow, Russia Luzhniki Hall
Sat 7/17 St. Petersburg, Russia Jubileny Arena
Sun 7/18 Helsinki, Finland Tuska Metalfest
Tue 7/20 Gothenburg, Sweden Tradgarden
Wed 7/21 KarlsKRONA, Sweden Kino
Fri 7/23 Madrid, Spain Macumba
Sat 7/24 Pamplona, Spain Sala Gares
Sun 7/25 Barcelona, Spain Razzmatazz
Tue 7/27 Valencia, Spain Sala Republicca
Wed 7/28 TBA
Thu 7/29 Zaragoza, Spain Sala Oasis
Sat 7/31 Vigo, Spain Venue tbc
Tue 8/2 Worgl, Austria Komma
Wed 8/4 Karlsruhe, Germany Substage
Thu 8/5 Nurnberg, Germany Hirsch
Fri 8/6 Hamburg, Germany Wacken Festival
Sat 8/7 Rijssen, Holland Lucky
Mon 8/9 Manchester, England Academy
Tue 8/10 Glasgow, Scotland Barrowlands
Thu 8/12 Birmingham, England Academy
Fri 8/13 Folkstone, England Lees Cliff Hall
Sat 8/14 London, England Astoria
Sun 8/15 Nottingham, England Rock City

Thanks to Jeff Pilson for stepping in to handle bass duties on the new record, for which recording is now underway, with a July release date on Sanctuary Records in the United States and SPV in Europe."

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Liv Kristine guest in new Cradle of Filth album

The Leaves Eyes (and ex Theatre of Tragedy) singer made a guest apareance in the new Cradle of Filth album, specifically in the song "Nymphetamine", the recordings are already made.

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Turisas signed with Century Media and new album

The finnish battle metalers Turisas, sign a deal with Century Media and will be putting out their new album "Battle Metal" on July 26th, 2004. The album produced by Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Morgul, ...) was recorded in France (at Sound Suite Studios). You can hear a new sound at

here you have the impresions of the frontman Warlord: "Finally, after years of work we have something to present to all the people who have stood by our side so far and to all the ones to whom TURISAS is/will be an interesting newcomer. ''Battle Metal'' is - as almost all debut albums tend to be - a collection of songs written during a six-year period between the founding year 1997 and 2003, but it doesn't suffer from the usual unevenness common to most debuts. From the first second to the last, "Battle Metal" is powerful orchestrations, catchy folkishness and the glory and the brutality of the battlefields - all bound together by an open-minded approach and pure progressiveness. This album is definitely something fresh in the whole scene and we hope you will find it as powerful and inspiring as we do ourselves."
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Cemetary Bring Out New Album

The swedish are coming back with a new album called "Phantasma" throught Black Mark, there will be also a digi-pack and extended (vinyl) version.

The album is expect to be out at 09/08/2004.

Go to to see the cover

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NTS closes its doors…

NTS, the most famous Metal label from France is dead. After more than 15 years into the Metal scene, the story of one of the biggest labels from France is over.

Olivier Garnier was one of the first to believe into French bands and one of the first to help bands all around the world that are more than recognized now. NTS was one of the first labels to give a chance to all the Metal Heads from France to listen to their favourite music…
NTS was one of the first labels to believe in… without them a lot of reviews and interviews wouldn't have been possible

The entire crew wishes good luck to Olivier, Roger and the NTS staff in the future.

But remember, the end of a star always gives birth to a new one... and maybe we will have some good news one day in the future....

We salute you NTS…

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Darkane rehearsing material for new album

Swedish thrashers DARKANE have posted the following message on their web site:

"DARKANE has been rehearsing with Peter and so far it doesn't hurt in his wrist anymore but they can't be totally sure yet. DARKANE will play next Saturday the 24th of July at Tullakroksfestivalen in Ängelholm, Sweden. If Peter still doesn't feel any pain after the show DARKANE will immediately start rehearsing and later on record the new album. Let's hope!"

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Listenable Records: last news of the label...

INCANTATION : 'Decimate Christendom' (Europe and Australia only) - posh060
This is the grand return of the east coast death metal veterans. Cd comes with limited edition cardboard slipcase with one exclusive bonus track.
Also available in limited edition hand numbered vinyl with full colour insert !. RESERVE YOUR COPIES NOW !
. Check a new MP3 in the SOUND section at

first confirmed dates are as follows : please check for updates !

21.10. NL TILBURG @ 013
28.10. D. OSNABRUCK @ N8
29.10. D. TRIER @ EXIL

THE AMENTA : ' Occasus' (world) - posh061
An incredible debut album from those Aussie industrial death metal mongers. Unique in the genre, THE AMENTA is bound to make large waves in the years to come. THE AMENTA is the hidden earth, formed in a faltering new millenium, embodying a new age of extremism ! Cd comes with multimedia bonus section !.
Check both bands MP3 in the SOUND section at

THE AMENTA and INCANTATION CDs and LP are 15 euros postpaid each (17USD)
payment cash in registered letter only.

GET READY FOR GENERAL SURGERY ! (please use pic attached)
GENERAL SURGERY have inked a three album deal with LISTENABLE records. The new album should be recorded in spring 2005. It will be the first EVER full length album by the band after more than a decade of medical insanity !. In the band tradition of releasing numerous splits and eps, GENERAL SURGERY recently released a new split 7inch with FILTH on BONES BRIGADE records in gut coloured vinyl ( and a double 7inch on BUIO OMEGA records ( ). Get those limited slabs before your neighbour does !. The band recently played a blood drenched live show at the OBSCENE EXTREME festival in Czech republic.

ANOREXIA NERVOSA are finishing mastering their upcoming brand new album since 2001 entitled 'Redemption Process' at the Cutting Room in Sweden (RAMSTEIN etc.), and here's a track listing (the songs order is not definite).
A limited edition digipack will be available with a bonus track : a raging cover of classic french rock/pop band INDOCHINE ' Tzars'.

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Sonata Arctica: News about new album and single

The new Sonata album is entitled "Reckoning Night" and it's, preliminary, going to be released October (11th).

And for the upcoming single, a cover of the song "Two Minds One Soul" by Vanishing Point is being recorded.

Both the album and the single are going to be released through Nuclear Blast!


Source: Sonata Arctica's Homage & Vani...
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Tristania New Album on the works

Tristania has returned from 9 weeks in the TopRoom studio and report great confidence in the new-recorded material. Only minor elements remain before everything is completed. The final title has not yet been decided, but the planned release date is 18th of October. The band is anxious to release this album and show their fans what they have been up to these last few years. They are also looking forward to get back on tour and present the new material live.

Furthermore, Tristania is about to sign with SPV. The band is very happy with the contract, which is being finalized now. They are satisfied with SPV as their future collaborator. Several companies were interested, but SPV made the strongest offer and seemed to be the ones who would best support the band's efforts. SPV is a strong contender that will promote and distribute Tristania worldwide. SPV has previously acted as a distributor for Tristania, which the band regards as an advantage. They are looking forward to the cooperation with SPV in the coming years.

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Karl Sanders records guest solo for Behemoth

NILE 's Karl Sanders records guest solo for BEHEMOTH album!

Karl Sanders, guitarist and vocalist from American death metal band NILE has recorded a guest solo for the song "XUL" of the upcoming BEHEMOTH's record. DEMIGOD, which is the title of their new album, is still being recorded at Polish Hendrix Studios and soon we'll be mixed in Swedish Dug Out by Daniel Bergstrand.

"I've known Karl and all the guys in Nile for quite a few years now. Whenever we cross paths we always have a great time and get along really well. Moreover, I've always been totally astonished by their great works, precision, devotion and unquestionable originality. When I asked Karl, if he'd like to put some solo on the album, the reaction was very enthusiastic...It was a really quick job. I handed him a rough mix of the song and next night I found this great lead part in my email box. It sounded TERRIFIC! I'm more than happy about the fact of his contribution. Thank You Karl for such an excellent gift! It is an honor!"

Sanders says:

"I have always held Behemoth in musical high regard. They are somehow transcending many preconceived barriers of Death and Black Metal, creating a music that renders futile any such
external conceptions of artificial stylistic limitations. Behemoth is the epitome of what a Metal band SHOULD be -forging their own sound with originality, fire and brutality.
For me It is a high honor, to be a guest on the new Behemoth, I am a true fan of their work.
I was blown away by the music I heard on the track "Xul". Completely amazing drumming, great riffs, unholy conviction, and a superb tightness to the entire performance that was just kick ass and inspiring. I definitely wanted to play a solo that had feeling and fire, but also worked together with the riffs and rhythm section, in a way that lets all of it work together to make a very dying, apocalyptic end of the world melody -The Flame top 79 Dean V I used for the lead has a very thick singing type of tone -and the track just seemed conducive to let that guitar scream out in anguish. Many thanks to Nergal for making it happen."

From the other news, BEHEMOTH is almost done with laying down the tracks for new album. Lately Nergal has worked with professional male choirs on singing lines on one of the songs...

"This was my first conducting experience and the first time I had a chance to work with professional choirs (Academic Male Choir from Lublin , Poland ). Thanks to Piotr Bañka, one of the most talented Polish Orchestra producers (who actually did some orchestrations on DEMIGOD) we did some nice job on the album...and it sounds...real and huge! We hired the choir to do just few lines in the opening song "Sculpting the throne ov Seth", in order to achieve something more than just ordinary sampled choirs, like thousands of bands do...I'm happy about the way the new album is turning. Wondering what fans will think of this record."

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Exclusive Story! Megadeth: The Demise

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Here is what I have been saying in the interviews, what happened chronologically that caused the demise of the band, why Nick was fired, Marty quitting, records turning out the way they did, and finally me walking away.

"When 'Countdown To Extinction' came out, the band and I were ecstatic to have a number 2 record. But if you could believe this, also during that time there were a lot of the 'movie-type intervention group therapy meetings' with me in the middle of a session of what rapidly was referred to as a 'Dave Bashing' session.

"There were all of these complaints and trying to get me to stop using drugs, as well as comments about my leadership skills. I remember them all taking a test and grading me as well as numerous other shameful and painful exercises meant to crack me or break me down.

"Well, this really hurt all of us, mostly me. The members at these sessions were Nick, Marty, Junior, Ron Laffitte (manager), Raymond May (counselor), David White (counselor â€" and not Gadget, the guitar tech).

"Ultimately, it made me start to be very cautious of everything and we instituted a no-drinking, no-drug clause, that everyone would agree to, myself included. There would be random testing and so on, and this was because of Ron's friendship with AEROSMITH's manager and how this 'process had worked for them.'

"I allowed more input from not only management, and the band, but also the counselors and even Max Norman, who had gotten more permission in the next record which was called 'Youthanasia'.

"By the time 'Youth' was done, I had so much inner turmoil that I wanted to leave MEGADETH, but instead I asked to do a solo project. I had been writing songs for the next MEGADETH record after 'Youth' and because 'Countdown to Extinction' had come in at #2 and 'Youth' at #4, Capitol agreed to keep me happy.

"I set out to do a punk metal record with Lee Ving called MD.45, and they gave me $250,000 to do the project.

"As cool as this is for them to have admitted it, Capitol did not market MD.45 at all because it would have possibly interfered with their other priority, the successful band MEGADETH. However, the great people of EMI have allowed me to go back in and re-issue this record, which I am totally pumped about.


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