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Enchant DVD & live album in October

Enchant DVD and live album coming in October.

This Enchant show, which was recorded on the 13th of March of this year, will be released as a double live CD and double DVD at end of October. The DVD will feature the complete 2 1/2 hour set, plus a second disc with bonus material. More information will follow soon.

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The Tangent new album details

The Tangent new album will be entitled as "The World That We Drive Through".


01 . The Winning Game 11.09
02. Skipping The Distance 08:55
03. Photosynthesis 07:39
04. The World We Drive Through 12:57
05. A Gap In The Night 18:22

"For the first time you will hear symphonic elements in The Tangent's work, most often added by Tillison with a newer version of a mellotron, but in the overture of the opener "The Winning Game" this is generated just by multi-layered flute and saxophone lines, as Tillison reveals. Unusual rock can be heard on "Skipping the Distance" and the album's title song when Reingold and Csorsz can really shine while "Photosynthesis" produces an almost romantic flair reminding one of nature. And what the title song indicates, finds fulfilment with dark and deeply searching chords in the album's longest song, the 18 minute track "A Gap In The Night": a clear reminiscence of Van der Graaf, which will much please Peter Hammill, combined with psychedelic additions brought in by Theo Travis from his work with Gong.

"The World That We Drive Through" is a concept album. "We don't see much of those things that happen in the world", explains Andy, "because we are too much concerned with the things going on in our own lives. So many negative but also some wonderful things escape our attention. The album shall illuminate all those aspects." And he adds: "I remember a few rich guys who fell off a bridge in San Francisco during an earthquake. Inside their expensive cars they fell into a very poor ghetto. There they were freed by those people to whom they had no points of contact until then. This set the ball rolling for this album." Now, since the ball rolls, one maybe cannot stop it anymore...

"The World That We Drive Through" is released as regular edition as well as special edition in jewel case and slip case, with extended booklet and the 14 minute long bonus track "Exponenzgesetz".

source & more details:
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New keyboard player for Sun Caged

After several auditions we can announce the new keyboard player for Sun Caged.
The new man is Rene Kroon, better known to some people as "Pingel".
Rene is a very good player with a lot of technical abilities, and he managed to figure out the audition songs with no errors. Also his sounds came very close to the original sounds Joost used on the CD.

We welcome Rene in the Sun Caged camp !!

A new singer has not been found yet, but auditions are still going on, so we hope to announce the new singer also soon.

July 26th 2004 (

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Eidolon working on new record

Take it from eidolon website:

"Lots of great, possitive things happening here. So, lets get right to it!!!!

I will be leaving for Gothenburg, Sweden on September 30, to commence drum tracks for the next Eidolon record. I actually, just returned from Toronto, Canada - where myself and Glen programmed click tracks/scratch guitars for my Sweden trip - All went well. The drums will be recorded at "Los Angered Recording" owned by Andy Larocque ( King Diamond ) I am quite looking forword to this trip - I havent seen Andy in a while, so I'm looking forword to that as well.

Nils K. Rue ( vocalist ) will be stopping by the studio from Norway for a few days, which I am looking forword to as well - between Nils and Andy, I should have no problems finding the good coffee shops around town ( man, I hope they have Starbucks - wishfull thinking, perhaps :-)

Glen should be starting guitar tracks around the beginning of December, and will hopefully complete them sometime in early January - 2005. At this point, both Nils and Adrian will receive the record, at which time they can commence on their part of it. We are looking to deliver the record to Escapi by the end of April-2005, if all goes well. I can promise you that this is the best material we have written!!!!

As you probably are aware of at this point, Glen is the new guitar player in Megadeth!! I don't really want to talk too much about this, as it is really not my place to do so ( I will leave that up to Dave Mustaine :-) All of us are excited for Glen, and know that he will do a great job in the band!!!!

That's about all for the time being - I will get back to you upon my return from Sweden..."

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Exodus:Steve Souza was Fired

Steve Souze is out of Exodus, here is a message post by Gary Holt on Exodus official forum:

"Okay people, the word has leaked, so I'm here to give you a brief rundown.
Let me give you an idea of what we've had to deal with as far as that fat motherfuckin' shit brick is concerned. He pulled out of going to Mexico city only about twenty four hours before were ready to leave, saying " I'm not getting on the plane, you'll see me on Thursday to go to South America." He lied to our manager, saying that he had talked to me already about this, which was a totall lie. He then ducked every fuckin' phone call and just hid out. The promoter had already paid a non-refundable 8 thousand dollars for the room and it would have been a disaster to have canceled. None of this mattered to that miserable piece of shit. The only thing he cares about is himself and money. If only you could have heard some of the shit that has come out of his fat pie hole over the last couple of years. Things like " Why does Jack get the same money as me, who the hell is he anyway?" "We should hire a body guard for South America", " If the fans want more than 12 songs out of me they should pay more money, they are getting their moneys worth already!", "Why is Gary in the front of this promo picture,I should be in the front, that's copyright infringement!", (true! he said that!). There is soooo much more shit you wouldn't believe it. This motherfucker sat backstage and cried at Provinsi rock fest in Finland like a pussy. Waaaaaah! Now you can keep your fat fuckin' ass at home and go off your Atkins diet ( like it's working lard ass!) and blow up as much as you'd like! If he had been a man and finished his commitments and said that it's too hard and he can't do it anymore I'd have shaken his hand and wished him well, but not now. He is the enemy. I hate him more than I've ever hated anyone on this planet. He is human crap. Fuck him. Some people wonder what will happen now. Well this band will continue. As for tight nit unity! The show in Mexico was the most liberating moment in my career, not have to listen to him bitch and complain once! And you know what? The crowd did not care. But I am not quitting. This is MY band ( the thing that he hated most), I write the songs and I've got some crushing new shit written already. So fuck that pussy. Zetro is dead, love live Exodus"


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Graham Bonnet to release album

Graham Bonnet's management have post the following statement:

"Hi everyone. I thought it is about time to let you all know what is happening with Graham Bonnet. The answer to your question is that there will be a new album and world tour in the near future. Yes we have been offered to do a tour of the UK with our friends Dokken although all the dates are not yet confirmed. We are in negotiations to do a tour of Japan in the near future and this will be with an original guitarist from Alcatrazz. I will give an official press release when it is confirmed. Graham Bonnet would like to thank all the fans and is looking forward to touring and recording a new album. Rest assured you will all be the first to know when everything is confirmed. Take care and long live rock and roll. Cheers, Mark Wilkinson Bonnet Management"
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David Ellefson post song of his new band

The band called F5 consist of David Ellefson (ex Megadeth) on bass, Dale Steele(ex Sick Speed) on Vocals, Steve Conley and John Davis on the guitars and David Small on Drums, to listen to the song go to their official website:

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Nasum Set Release Date And Post Sound Sample

Their new album "The Shift" will be release throught Burning Heart worldwide on 11 of october 2004 and throught Relapse (to the us) on 26 of october 2004, also you can check the covert art at:

And finally the band have post a sound sample at:

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Lefay back as Morgana Lefay again and sign with BM

Here is a statement by the band posted on their website:
"Anyone who's been following the band over the years knows that Lefay is, and always has been Morgana Lefay. The name change was necessary in order to continue the band due to unfortunate business complications. Therefore we are pleased to announce that we have signed a new deal with our old label, Black Mark. In doing so, we have regained the right to our full name and shall from now on once again be named Morgana Lefay. We will begin recording our new album entitled "Grand Materia" in the near future."

Charles, Tony, Peter, Robin & Fredrik / Morgana Lefay.
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Ray Alder Joins Redemption

Sensory Records have announced the good news, Ray Alder " has become Redemption's vocalist. He is currently recording vocal tracks for Redemption's second CD, tentatively titled The Fullness of Time, scheduled for release in early 2005."

"I'm incredibly excited that Ray is our singer," comments the leader of the band Nicolas Van Dyk.

for more info visit redemption website.

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Dream Evil New Guitarist

Guitarist Gus has left the band to dedicate to his own band, but the band already has a new lead guitarist: Mark U Black.

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Listenable records last news...



Dragu of THE LEGION / MARDUK has updated us :
The LEGION (Swe) is completing the follow-up to last years debut 'Unseen to Creation ' for France's Listenable Records. 6-7 tracks are written so far and the new material is said to be more intelligent and inventive. Here's a heads up from drummer Dragu, speaking on behalf of the LEGION camp.We' ve really put some thinking behind these new songs and it' ll be interesting to hear what the people has to say about them. It's not really black metal (compared to my other band, Marduk), and it's not death metal; it's hard to put one's finger on what to call it. Well, it's brutal as fuck anyway and I don't think it will disappoint any of our fans.
Be sure to check out the bands web hole at, where you can listen to a track from the debut album.'


TEXTURES are hitting the UK with ALCHEMYST (RELAPSE) opening for Sweden 's CULT OF LUNA ! (EARACHE)
Check TOUR section for infos !! Their debut album. ' Polars' being released in the U.S. through IDN distribution on Sept 28th
04-Oct UK OXFORD Zodiac
05-Oct UK LONDON Garage
07-Oct UK LEICESTER Charlotte
08-Oct UK LEEDS Josephs Well
09-Oct UK SHEFFIELD Corporation
10-Oct UK GLASGOW King Tuts
11-Oct UK NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
12-Oct UK MANCHESTER Academy 3
13-Oct UK LIVERPOOL Academy
14-Oct UK BIRMINGHAM Academy


THE AMENTA have began pre production for the video clip for Erebus - taken from their debut album "Occasus". Taking the reigns are Steff and Dalibor from Entropy films, directors critically acclaimed feature film - 'Zero Tolerance Squad' - winner of the awards for Best Director and Best Film as well as other awards at the Fifth Planet Indie Film Festival.

THE AMENTA 's debut album "Occasus" has been receiving excellent reviews already.

Metal - 9/10
Metal Heart Magazine - 9/10
Grind Zone Magazine - 9/10
Rock Tribune Magazine - 89/100
Eternal Terror Webzine - 5.5 / 6
Lords of Winter Webzine - 8.5/10

Occasus will be released on August 30 in Europe and Australia etc.; and in October in North America.


After a series of very succesful festival shows at FURY FEST, GRASPOP, DOUR fest, SCARVE have begun working on the bonus DVD to be added to the 'Translucence' debut album re-release due in 2005. Drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren has started working on the drum patterns for the upcoming SOILWORK album to be recorded in Sept 2004.

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Iced Earth bassist quits to join Megadeth

Iced Earth bassist James MacDonough has officially left the band to join Megadeth as their touring bassist. MacDonough's statement on the matter (as posted at is as follows:

"A while back I had heard that Megadeth might need a bassist, so I contacted them via email and much later got a response, to my suprise. Before I knew it, I was on a conference call with Dave . I sent in some video of me playing a couple Megadeth songs and I got a call a couple of days later. Everything with Iced Earth has been up in the air as far as touring, so I told Jon Schaffer about this when I got the first email back, and being my older bro, he told me to go for it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play with Iced Earth in the future because this will be a very lengthy tour, but we'll see what happens down the road. I am keeping in touch with Jon and maybe something in the future will happen.

"MEGADETH has always been one of my favorite bands and I have a lot of respect for Dave and what he's done for music. I feel honored to have been picked for this endeavor."

MEGADETH's lineup for the upcoming tour will be as follows:

Dave Mustaine - Guitar/Vocals
Glen Drover (Eidolon, ex-King Diamond) - Guitar
Nick Menza - Drums
James MacDonough (ex-ced Earth) - Bass


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Agressor recording new album

The French death metal band "is recording a new album at LBLab studio faster than ever and gonna be released by Season of Mist."

On the other hand the bassist Joel Guigou "has reformed his former Thrash band OUTBURST as guitar player. "Pure Thrash" demo is available.For more infos, visit his home page." (
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Unleashed touring through Europe

Swedish death metallers Unleashed will be touring through Europe, starting at November the 19th in France. The two-week trek is expected to conclude in early December. Support bands for the tour have yet to be announced.

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