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Eternal Gray new album

YOUR GODS, MY ENEMIES is the title for the upcoming Eternal Gray CD.
It reflects the best of what the album concept is all about.
The album will be recorded at Abyss studio Sweden, release date is yet unknown as we are working on getting a record deal.
The album songs are much heavier and fast, yet keeps all of the strong elements from Kindless.
We hope that you are all expecting it, as we are working really hard to provide you a strong, powerful and rich Death Metal, which we all hope will place Eternal Gray among the Elite of the Death Metal bands in the world.

Till then, take care and stay GRAY!

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Primal Fear - complete work on "Devil's Ground"

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have completed work on their new album, "Devil's Ground", due on February 23 through Nuclear Blast Records. The final track listing (not in the final running order) is as follows:

01. Metal Is Forever (4:46)
02. Suicide & Mania (4:04)
03. Visions Of Fate (4:50)
04. The Healer (6:30)
05. Sacred Illusion (4:03)
06. In Metal (5:13)
07. Soulchaser (4:51)
08. Sea Of Flames (4:02)
09. Wings of Desire (6:45)
10. Heart Of A Brave (4:52)
11. Colony 13 (3:57)
12. Devil's Ground (1:52)

All songs were written by Sinner, Leibing, Naumann, and Scheepers, except #5, which was written by PRIMAL FEAR and Vinder. A surprise cover version of a classic metal track will appear on the limited European version and the Japanese version. The limited European version will also include two 5.1 mixes of "Metal Is Forever" and "The Healer". The filming of the first video clip for the album (for the track "Metal Is Forever") will take place in early December. "Devil's Ground" was produced by Mat Sinner and co-produced by PRIMAL FEAR and Achim Köhler at the House of Music in Winterbach, Germany.

PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM and ROB ROCK'S RAGE OF CREATION will be teaming up for a European tour beginning in early March.


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The Gathering

1-12-2003: Tracklisting Sleepy Buildings & more news.
Hello all,

As you probably know, Sleepy Buildings will be released the 26th of january 2004. This is the official tracklist:

1. Locked away 2. Saturnine 3. Amity 4. The mirror waters 5. Red is a slow colour 6. Sleepy buildings 7. Travel 8. Shrink 9. In motion Part II 10. Stonegarden 11. My electricity 12. Eleanor 13. Marooned 14. Like fountains

The May Song and Nighttime Birds fell through, and we didn't mix them. NB is already in more or less the same version available on our Superheat live album, TMS sounded simply not that well.
We are still busy finding dates for our Sleepy Buildings tour 2004. We will play Germany for sure, possibly some churches! We will keep you informed.

Cheers! - Hans

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Stratodrama goes on....

Timo Tolkki has posted the following message in the Official Website of Stratovarius:

"After speaking with all the band members I am now travelling to Berlin to talk with the Sanctuary team about the future of STRATOVARIUS.

"At this point I cannot say more about the situation. I am very sorry if my statements have offended someone. I have been under heavy pressure lately and my therapist has prescribed me some heavy antidepressants. They make it even more difficult for me to control my temper.

"I have received death threats, which has forced me to hire 2 bodyguards. They are both former military people with martial arts training. This is sad really, but what can you do?

"Anyway, I apologize once more if I have offended anyone with my comments. I hope you understand what kind of pressure we all are living in at the moment.

"I would like to say that things are not always what they seem. The music world can be very frustrating, largely due to legal and business matters. I hope I can tell you some news after returning from Berlin."

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The Kovenant

The Kovenant are now working on their follow up to the masterpiece S.E.T.I. You can expect some real extravaganza. This time the band will break new grounds again and set the standards for the future metal scene. It will be recorded next year and hopefully released in 2004 as well.

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Anorexia Nervosa

Here is the track listing of Suicide Is Sexy, the forthcoming collector from Anorexia Nervosa, which will be out around mid-December on Apokalypse Records !
It will be a strictly limited edition of 777 copies, presented in a box, each individually signed by the band ! A piece of collection you sure don't want to miss !

Nihil Negativum - demo 95

Scene I :
1. Le Patient est isolé
2. In a brown gnostic study

Scene II:
3. Quelque chose comme l'idée qu'il n'aurait mieux pas fallu naître
4. Anamorphic effect ; the revival

Scene III:
5. Retrouver son état initial, éviter… avant qu'il ne soit trop tard
6. In the mental confinement (mosaic of infinite visions)

7. Avec le triomphe de l'esprit et la faillite de la déité

Garden of Delight - demo 93 (Necromancia)

8. The Shadows Howling
9. Garden of Delight
10. Dismal Paradise

Extra shit

11. Autoerotic Death - live 1995 - never released before
12. Lepros Darma - live 1995 - never released before

Bonus video track

Nihil Negativum - Scene III & Final
(Live 16/12/1995 - wherever)

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Rammstein - First DVD to be released

The Rammstein DVD LICHTSPIELHAUS will be released on PAL format December 2003 and on NTSC format January 2004! For the first time LICHTSPIELHAUS will feature an entire collection of all Rammstein videos, exclusive live material of the band and making of material of selected videos.

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To/Die/For - It is true, Jape have left the band.

The following message was posted in the official To/Die/For forum:

Hello everyone

We've come to the point where we didn't expect to come.

Jape decided to end his career in To/Die/For. He told us that he had no more motivation to go on with the band.

We wish him good luck in whatever he is going to do. Thanks for great times with the band.

We are definitely going to continue the band as To/Die/For. Now it's time for us to look for a new singer who can fill the huge hole which Jape left.

Sorry for the next few lines are in finnish but we are looking for a finnish singer.

"Jos et sä soita" vaan olet pätevä rock henkinen laulaja, omaat riittävän karisman ja pystyt panostamaan bänditoimintaan 100% :sti, lähetä sähköpostia kuvan kera osoitteeseen:


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Angel Dust - The start recording new album

Angel Dust will start the songwriting, as planed, for the new Album in January 2004, however after bass player Frank Banx left the band, with a new Line-Up. Further information for this purpose and to the new Line-Up shortly !

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Black Sabbath - The Black Box Release

The Black Box set which I've talked about a few times over the last few months now has a new release date according to info I just received from Warner Bros. The new date is March 2, 2004.

The contents of the recordings remain the same - there are no changes there. I've heard the albums from the set already, they're by far the best sounding versions of the old Ozzy era Sabbath albums that I've heard to date.

Regarding their homepage.

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Manowar Guitarist Wins Motocross Racing Event

MANOWAR guitarist Karl Logan received First Place in the category 250B (Amateur) at this year's Western NY Off-Road Association motocross racing event.

Karl's title is a "great victory" after the accident he had a couple of years ago — the details of which can be seen in the "Hell On Earth Part 3" double DVD coming on December 8. "His recovery was exceptional and the championship shows his true warrior spirit!" the band write on their web site.

As previously reported, "Hell On Earth III" features more than 90 minutes of ear-numbing performances private behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and pre- and post-show rituals. This package also contains the program "Live In Germany The Ringfest" — the legendary one-hour show that dominated the city of Cologne during the PopKomm 2002 convention, filmed and recorded in front of 27,000 people. This performance has been completely re-edited from at least a dozen cameras and remixed in 5.1 digital surround sound.

In addition, for the first time ever, the band's entire video collection is included — beginning with "Gloves Of Metal" to the latest "I Believe", plus several never-before-seen documentaries about the making of these videos.

Taken from

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Lake Of Tears: New Album

Sweden's LAKE OF TEARS have set "Black Brick Road" as the title for their sixth album, tentatively due next summer through Noise Records.

The recordings for the follow-up to 2002's "The Neonai" will "probably start in February or March next year," according to a post on the band's web site, and will be followed by several festival appearances during the summer, including an appearance at Sweden Rock Festival in early June.

LAKE OF TEARS' last CD, "The Neonai" (Black Mark), was recorded with producer Ulf Wahlberg at Stockholm's XTC studios, and featured return guest appearances by former TIAMAT/DISMEMBER guitarist Magnus Sahlgren (who also appeared on 1999's "Forever Autumn") and vocalist Jennie Tebler (who also guested on "Lady Rosenred" off 1997's "A Crimson Cosmos").

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Iron Maiden: Host in 'Masters of Rock' Radio show

IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson will be hosting a new seven-part series featuring the best in hard rock and heavy metal.

The series, dubbed "Masters Of Rock", will be airing on November 27 on BBC Radio 2.

Last time round "Masters of Rock" looked at six key years in the music's history. This time each part looks at different aspects of the world of heavy rock, starting with a program devoted to LED ZEPPELIN.

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Stratovarius: The Drama Goes On!

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has posted the following message on the group's web site:

"Unfortunately my trip was delayed for one day because I had to travel to Orimattila and Lahti.

"I am writing this in my beautiful suite in New York after trying to talk some sense to Johansson. Next I will be going to talk to Michael.

"Many thanks for all those who supported me in these heavy times. Through tough times you find out who your real friends are.

"For those who have been attacking me I only want to say one thing: FUCK OFF!

"And I repeat it one more time that it becomes clear: FUCK OFF!!! Thanks for showing me the way idiots!!"


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Dio - Start recording in January.

The material for the new record is coming along nicely, and if all goes as planned, the band should be ready to start recording sometime in January 2004. Also, Ronnie wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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