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21.09Agalloch - Complete New Album - US Tour Imminent
07.06Agalloch - Resign With Profound Lore Records
09.03Dornenreich - European Tour Dates With Agalloch
07.08Agalloch - To Release Retrospective Album
24.04Agalloch - Part Ways With Record Label
05.01Agalloch - EP Available For Pre-Ordering
22.10Agalloch - Update From The Band
15.09Agalloch - New Video Online
24.05Agalloch - Release Date For Ashes Against The Grain
03.12Agalloch - In The Studio

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Agalloch - Complete New Album - US Tour Imminent

Pacific Northwest dark metal legends Agalloch have completed work on their fourth full-length entitled Marrow Of The Spirit, the follow-up to 2006's Ashes Against The Grain. The release date is November 23.

Marrow Of The Spirit tracklist:

01. They Escaped The Weight Of Darkness
02. Into The Painted Grey
03. The Watcher's Monolith
04. Black Lake Nidstang
05. Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires
06. To Drown


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 21.09.2010 by daniell_p | Comments (32)

Agalloch - Resign With Profound Lore Records

Profound Lore Records press release

Profound Lore is honored to announce that we will be releasing the new full-length album from Pacific Northwest dark metal band Agalloch.

Profound Lore and Agalloch already have a history that goes as far back to the label's beginnings when we released the original vinyl versions of Pale Folklore and The Mantle respectively.

The band are currently in intense preparation to enter the studio in their hometown of Portland, Oregon and will be spending the entire months of June and July recording the much-anticipated follow-up to 2006's Ashes Against The Grain.

There is currently no concrete release date to be announced yet. But in time, said details will eventually be revealed.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 07.06.2010 by White Winter Sun | Comments (16)

Dornenreich - European Tour Dates With Agalloch

Official Prophecy Productions press release

The time has come: In March 2009 the Austrian Black Metal legends Dornenreich will tour in Metal line-up for the very first time since 2001. To present their DVD "Nachtreisen" ("Nocturnal Journeys") and as a herald of their forthcoming studio album "Flammentriebe" ("The Urge of the flame") Dornenreich will debut songs of this album and they will play numerous songs of their 13-year history on this much longed for tour.

Dornenreich's friends Agalloch will join this special journey, which will be the only European Tour for Agalloch and their unique "Cascadian Dark Metal" in 2009. It will be Agalloch's last tour supporting "Ashes Against The Grain".


Band profile: Dornenreich
Event: Dornenreich + Agalloch: European Tour
Posted: 09.03.2009 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Agalloch - To Release Retrospective Album

Agalloch have updated their Myspace page with the following message:

"Firstly, we announce the release of "The Demonstration Archive." This is a full-length retrospective CD collection chronicling our unsigned years (1996 - 1998). This release includes both the "From Which Of This Oak," and "Promo '98" demos. We are also including our never released 7-inch that was originally entitled "Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor" (later released via The End Records with bonus tracks). From the primal opening riffs of "The Wilderness" to the epic closing of "The Melancholy Spirit," the "Demonstration Archive" tracks the gradual evolution and refinement of the Agalloch sound and style finally heard on the landmark debut album "Pale Folklore"."


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 07.08.2008 by Slay.tallic.detH | Comments (9)

Agalloch - Part Ways With Record Label

Agalloch has issued the following update:

Having fulfilled our record contract with The End Records, we have decided not to renew with them. We thank The End for 10 years of hard work and dedication. Our three full-length albums will continue to be in print for as long as there is a demand for them. Agalloch's immediate plans are to remain low key, work on new material, and look towards the future.

Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 24.04.2008 by bluemobiusx | Comments (8)

Agalloch - EP Available For Pre-Ordering

Agalloch has recently posted a new song on their myspace page entitled "Sowilo Rune" from their upcoming EP "The White EP." The EP will be released by Vendlus Records on 29 February.

The White EP can be pre-ordered at Vendlus Store. The release is limited to 2000 copies.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 05.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (15)

Agalloch - Update From The Band

Agalloch have updated their MySpace with the following blog:

"Agalloch will finally release "The White EP" through Vendlus Records in early 2008. It is the follow-up to 2004's "The Grey EP" and completes a dichotomy of releases for the label. "The White EP" contains seven dark folk and ambient works written and recorded over the past 3 years.

"The White EP" tracklisting:

01. The Isle Of Summer
02. Birch Black
03. Hollow Stone
04. Pantheist
05. Birch White
06. Sowilo Rune
07. Summerisle Reprise

Also, the band has two European gigs confirmed for next year. We will be playing the 5th edition of the annual Ragnarök Festival in Germany alongside Negura Bunget, Skyforger, Menhir, Haggard, Sear Bliss, Unleashed, and several others. This will be followed by a headlining gig in Belgium with Mourning Beloveth (UK) and In Age And Sadness (Hol). Of course, a couple gigs in our native Pacific Northwest will be played before we head off to Europe. More info regarding that will be forthcoming.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Lupas | Comments (3)

Agalloch - New Video Online

Agalloch's video for 'Not Unlike The Waves' is now being streamed at

The video for the song - which is from their new album "Ashes Against The Grain" (on The End Records) - was directed by Nicole Phillips, DP Richard Stark, and camera operators Richard Stark and Juan Mosqueda.

The video - shot in three days with the band in remote areas - calls to mind the work of Ingmar Bergman, Mario Bava, and the German Expressionist movement.

To watch the video for 'Not Unlike The Waves', go here.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 15.09.2006 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Agalloch - Release Date For Ashes Against The Grain

The End Records have set August 8th, 2006 as the release date for Agalloch's forthcoming album 'Ashes Against The Grain.'
"There will not be a digipack edition, however, there will be a special edition made. More information on that will unfold in the coming months," reveals the band in a statement. "The band will be extremely busy this summer with various projects to promote the new album including a record release show in Portland, as well as other performances. More detailed news will be posted as it comes."

Track listing:
1. Limbs
2. Falling Snow
3. This White Mountain On Which You Will Die
4. Fire Above, Ice Below
5. Not Unlike The Waves
6. Our Fortress Is Burning... I


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 24.05.2006 by Zamoth | Comments (2)

Agalloch - In The Studio

Agalloch have entered the studio to begin pre-production work for their 3rd full-length album entitled "Ashes Against The Grain" (out on The End Records). The recording process will begin Dec 10th and the band hopes to have the album finished by mid-January. As usual the band will be working with Ronn Chick, who has engineered and produced both of their previous albums.

Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 03.12.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

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