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Bilocate - New Album Details, New Track Online

"Sudden Death Syndrome" is going to be the title for the upcoming release of the Jordanian Dark Oriental metal band Bilocate with the following track list:

1. Humans And The Dark Affiliation
2. Blooded Forest
3. The Dead Sea
4. Ebtehal
5. Inoculate
6. Pure Wicked Sins
7. The Stone of Hate

The 3rd track from Sudden Death Syndrome (The Dead Sea) is available online for streaming on the band's official MySpace Page.

More about Bilocate on and


Band profile: Bilocate
Posted: 23.04.2008 by hani_Bilocate | Comments (3)

Bilocate - New Album Update

Jordanian Dark Oriental Metal Band Bilocate released the following official statement through their website:

"Following the success of Bilocate's last release "Dysphoria" back in 2005, a new Chapter has begun with engineer Jens Bogren best Recognized for his outstanding work with Opeth, Katatonia, Bloodbath, Amon Amarth, Symphony X, Paradise Lost and many more, the new Album is currently being mixed by Jens in Fascination Street Studio in Sweden.

As Jens commented on Bilocate Album:
"Bilocate takes the qualities from the best epic death metal bands and blend it with their very own middle eastern touch, and out comes one of the most interesting metal bands I've heard for a long time You can hear that they put effort and thought in to every note and every scream!" (Jens Bogren)

Yet early this month Bilocate's Vocalist Ramzi Essayed Finished the recording of the vocal at "In the Mix" studios with Sound engineer-Producer Nash Planojevic who is well recognized for his work as a Monitor Engineer for Iron Maiden and Saxon, as Nash commented on the project:

"...refreshing, promising and definitely most tight project I ever done so far here in Dubai. On the other hand definitely most demanding task, guys know exactly what they want and that's the way to be!!! Looking forward together with Jens and guys from Bilocate to open new horizons for the music coming from the region, and proof the fact that the good music lays deep down under the remains of Petra and sand dunes of futuristic Dubai!" (Nash Planojevic)

The Album title and track list soon to be posted."

More info on Bilocate at and



Band profile: Bilocate
Posted: 11.04.2008 by Thryce | Comments (1)