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Blind Guardian - Album Title Revealed

The webmaster of the Blind Guardian website has just announced the title of the new BG album:

"The title of the forthcoming Blind Guardian album is At the Edge of Time. The long awaited follow up to A Twist in the Myth will be released in late summer 2010. More details to come..."

Announced titles so far include:

01. Valkyries
02. Sacred
03. Tanelorn
04. A Voice In The Dark
05. Wheel Of Time
06. Curse My Name
07. Control The Divine

OpenMind and Lemovault]


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Blind Guardian - New Single Out In June

Original news, posted on 16.04.2010

Blind Guardian will be releasing a new single, called A Voice In The Dark on June 25, 2010, through Nuclear Blast. The single will contain three songs, of which only the title track will appear on the forthcoming new album. More news about that new album is expected to be announced soon.

A Voice In The Dark cover art] tracklist:

01. A Voice In The Dark
02. War Of The Thrones
03. You're The Voice (John Farnham Cover)

UPDATED (thanks to OpenMind)

Blind Guardian have revealed the breathtaking cover artwork for their upcoming single release A Voice In The Dark. Click here to check it out.


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Blind Guardian - European Tour Dates

German metallers Blind Guardian have issued the following update on their official website:

"The tour section of the homepage has been updated with the first confirmed dates of the Blind Guardian World Tour 2010/2011. The tickets for the German shows will go on sale December 9th at 12:00. And for all you early buyers there is a special X-Mas deal for the German shows: a reduced price of 30 euros per ticket when you purchase them before January 10th from Metal-Tix or Eventim. A limited number of Hard-Tix for the German shows are also available.

Opening band for the tour will be Steelwing and another special guest which will be announced later.

As usual keep an eye on the tour page for new dates as they are confirmed."

Announced dates are as follows:

Sep. 24 - Tilburg, The Netherlands - O13
Sep. 25 - Deinze, Belgium - Brielpoort
Sep. 26 - London, UK - Sheperds Bush Empire
Sep. 28 - Paris, France - Elysee Montmartre
Oct. 01 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - Arena
Oct. 02 - Trier, Germany - Arena
Oct. 03 - Langen, Germany - Stadthalle
Oct. 05 - Bremen, Germany - Pier 2
Oct. 06 - Hamburg, Germany - Sporthalle
Oct. 08 - Bamberg, Germany - Jako Arena
Oct. 09 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Philippshalle
Oct. 10 - München, Germany - Zenith
Oct. 12 - Rome, Italy - Atlantico
Oct. 13 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Oct. 15 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
Oct. 16 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
Oct. 17 - Brno, Czech Republic - Fleda
Oct. 20 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys
Oct. 21 - Osnabrück, Germany - Halle Gartlage
Oct. 30 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Glay Club
Oct. 31 - Moscow, Russia - B1-Maximum Club
Nov. 05 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
Nov. 06 - Barcelona, Spain - St Jordi Club


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Blind Guardian - Still Working On New Album

A few days ago, Blind Guardian's Hansi Kürsch posted the following update on the band's official webpage:

"To keep this one a short but essential one: we finally have started the production of Blind Guardian studio album number nine. Frederik is literally rushing through the songs already. Who knows, this time we may deliver the finished master prior to the ultimate deadline (set by an about-to-get-insane record company after thousands of broken promises to finally deliver the new record within the next days). Well Frederik isn't Marcus, who isn't André, who most certainly is not Hansi. So there still lies trouble (i.e. delays) ahead.

Back to Frederik, back to the production: We started sometime last week and Frederik accomplished drums for some seriously tricky tracks. If I am correct he has two more tracks to go and should be finished during the next days. Altogether there are 11 songs to work on. As mentioned last time, we do have a strong amount of heavy Guardian hymns, which come along with such a harsh intensity that I am sometimes surprised myself. There is a fine balance of extremely fast songs and ultimate epic stuff. "Wheel of Time" would be one example for the last mentioned. The song contains many surprises - I am deadly honest about that, so mark my words here. Lyrically I am of course tempted to deal with Robert Jordan's great "Wheel of Time" story, one of the best fantasy series ever. If you asked me with which song the number could be compared I most probably would say "The Script for my Requiem" or "And then there was Silence". This tune does really have the potential to mess with these two songs.

As you most probably figure I am really excited about the new stuff and I cannot await to hear the final result somewhere in April 2010, when we will have finished mixing. We are targeting a late summer, early fall release, which means you still have to wait a little bit. To make the long waiting more comfortable we are at least intending to constantly provide you with information about the album's progress and supply you with small samples of noise from time to time. Right at the moment we are working on an accurate set up to make that possible. Expect something before Christmas. As it looks now I will start first vocals next Monday. Therefore I need to do some more research for proper lyrics. G.R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Michael Moorcock and so on they all knew how to write a good story or two..."

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Bloodstock Open Air - Blind Guardian & Cradle Of Filth To Co-Headline

Posted on the Bloodstock website:

"The Bloodstock team are delighted to announce that both Blind Guardian and Cradle Of Filth have been added to the bill for Bloodstock Open Air 2009. The pair will co-headline one day of the festival and the event will mark the ONLY UK shows of 2009 for both bands!

Following Blind Guardian's unfortunate cancellation in 2007, the Bloodstock Open Air team have responded to constant demand from the festival's core fans and brought the band back to Bloodstock at the earliest possible opportunity.

Neither Cradle Of Filth nor Blind Guardian will need any introduction to metal fans. Both are leaders in their genres, and both have built long and successful careers through hard work, dedication, a refusal to compromise and, of course, some very fine metal music along the way.

Cradle Of Filth; influenced by the Scandinavian black metal scene of the early '90s, they soon developed their own unique take on its frenetic sound, delivering a gothic and decidedly English take on the genre which broke into the mainstream consciousness with the release of the landmark Dusk And Her Embrace album in 1996. Since then, the band has steadily expanded their base without diluting either their sound, their spectacular stage shows or the controversial themes which their music so vividly brings to life.

When it comes to power metal, few bands have proved as influential or inventive as Blind Guardian. Starting life in Germany in 1984, the band issued their debut album Battalions Of Fear in 1988, following it up with Follow The Blind in '89. It was with their third opus, however, 1990's Tales From The Twilight World that they began to move in a more epic direction which later culminated in the classics Nightfall In Middle Earth (1998) and A Night At The Opera (2002).

Blind Guardian mainman Hansi Kürsch sent the following message:
"It's almost seven years since we played Bloodstock for the first time. Still we have never forgotten our first appearance in front of a fantastic British audience. Easy to imagine how thrilled we are by the chance to play there for a second time. I expect nothing but some outraging bards singing our songs with us and a band in perfect shape - take that for granted."

Cradle sent the following message:
"Cradle Of Filth, metal forged from the hot friction of wanking nuns, are very much looking forward to headlining the Bloodstock heavy metal festival this summer, especially knowing and loving most of the other bands playing on the bill over the three day weekend. But obviously not in a gay way. Carcass, Kreator, Moonspell, Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Apocalyptica, Satyricon, Enslaved, Saxon, Gwar, Candlemass, Turisas... this line-up alone places this up-and-coming British festival right up there with its sometimes-a-pain-in-the-arse-hard-to-reach European rivals. So hail to England! Hail to Bloodstock! This is a proper metal festival for proper festive metallers. No shoddy haircut screamo pap allowed! F.O.A.D.!" (Insane screaming continues and then fades to black...)


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Blind Guardian - Eight New Songs Completed

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch announces:

"We have already accomplished eight new songs. What can I say about these songs? They rule, of course. You want a more precise description? Impossible. All I can say is that each and every song is 100% Blind Guardian, which naturally means there is a wild bunch of different things going on from time to time (always?).

According to atmospheres: we have everything from the more Nightfallish "Curse My Name," to the Scriptish "Wheel Of Time." In comparison to A Twist In The Myth the lyrical direction will be more on the fantasy side as you most probably can figure out by these titles. The song "Sacred" will give you an idea about the quality and the direction of the songs.

We have mixed modern elements with traditional ones throughout the whole songs. We may need two or three more tracks before we can call it a complete album, but being that far in the songwriting process we nevertheless have made first plans for a production start in September or October 2009.

Apart from songwriting we will be heavily engaged in preproduction activities and in playing festivals during the next months. As a majority of the new songs seem to demand a sort of "live" atmosphere, we consider it to be good idea breathing in some real "live" air before we will finally get lost in the "Twilight Hall studios" again.

In accordance to these events I can promise you some surprising songs (though most probably no new ones) and a nice stage set up. In total we are not going to play more than ten shows, I would think. I am sure they all will turn out to be a great blast and a unique experience for everyone joining us."

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Blind Guardian - Update From The Band

On their official website, vocalist Hansi Kürsch has posted a couple of updates for news-hungry fans. The band recently played at the Kobesatonik festival in Bilbao, Spain, and enjoyed it thoroughly, describing the show as "a real blast... a pity we could not play longer." After the show, the band watched an impressive Kiss show and apparently picked up some pyrotechnic tips for their next tours. They enjoyed the Spanish experience so much, in fact, that they have announced two more shows there in September, with a possible third coming in October. The confirmed dates for the September shows are:

12/09/08 - Guadalajara, Spain (Plaza del Toros)
13/09/08 - Barcelona, Spain (Razzmatazz)

In other news, the band have been in San Diego, USA, promoting 'Sacred II', a computer game for which they have composed some music (a trailer can be found here) and for which they attended an RPG convention in Münster (photos can be found here). They have also opened their own online store, which has merchandise from past tours. They have also started writing new material. According to Hansi:

As for songwriting I would say we have a really good run at the moment. The songs we have so far are more on the epic side but that has to be considered to be my humble (nevertheless sincerely honest) opinion. The song "Sacred" might give you a first hint in which direction things are going. I have not given thought to the global lyrical concept of the next album. Since this naturally will be determined by the musical content I lean more towards fantasy topics for the already accomplished ones. I am checking all sorts of sources right now and have found some interesting and very promising stuff already.

We have not set up any precise production or release schedule yet. The year 2009 most probably will filled with studio work. Still there is a good chance we play a minimum amount of shows either in Europe or in South America during summer 2009. We will surely not forget to let you know whether we do so or not.


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Blind Guardian - New Music Online

A trailer for "Sacred 2" including some new Blind Guardian music has been posted at The direct link to the high definition version is HERE and to that of the standard definition version HERE.

A more detailed explanation is given at this location. All info on


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Blind Guardian - Recording Material For Movie And Computer Game

Legendary Fantasy Metal band Blind Guardian have contributed the main song to the new action/fantasy movie "In The Name Of The King - Dungeon Siege". On this occasion, Blind Guardian will hold a signing session at a special premiere screening of the movie on the 29th of November.

This special event begins at 19.00 CET in the "UCI Kinowelt Ruhr Park" with the signing session; the movie begins at 20.00.

Additionally, the band have announced their participation in the soundtrack of a computer game, due for release in 2008. Vocalist Hansi Kürsch has posted the following on the band's site:

"We are happy to inform you about our musical participation in the upcoming blockbuster computer game "Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel". The PC and X-Box 360 game designed and invented by Ascaron will be in stores somewhere at the beginning of 2008. "Sacred 1" is the best selling German fantasy/adventure computer game to date.

Though we are still doing shows we have started writing songs for this particular occasion and will produce one song especially featured in the game as a videoclip. In case we will be able to come up with more songs during the next weeks we are going to release a "Sacred - Fallen Angel" EP in the Spring. This is a great opportunity for us and we are really enthusiastic about the game and our actual creative activities for it. Soon we are going to set up an infopage to keep you informed. There's more to come..."

All info on


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Blind Guardian - Guitarist Announces Frankfurt Signing Session

Blind Guardian guitarist Marcus Siepen will be signing autographs at the Frankfurt Music Messe on Friday March 30th between 13:00 and 14:00 at the Gibson booth.

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Blind Guardian - Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air

The following message has been posted on the Bloodstock Open Air website:

We are proud to announce that Blind Guardian will return to our shores in 2007 to do an EXCLUSIVE UK show performing at Bloodstock Open Air on Saturday 7th July. This will be Blind Guardian's first ever outdoor show in the UK and a welcome return following their last and first appearance at Bloodstock in 2002.

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Blind Guardian - New 'Song' Available Online

Recently launching a North American tour with Leaves' Eyes in support of "A Twist In The Myth", their Billboard-charting album (#21 on the Top Independent Albums chart and #288 on Billboard's Top Albums chart), Blind Guardian's German roots are never far behind. Featured in the "Betcha Can't Play This" section on Page 34 of the Holiday 2006 issue of Guitar World and on the DVD insert, guitarist André Olbrich explains how being exposed to classical music during childhood has made a definite impression on him as an adult musician, but not everything is composed with classically-tinged trills.

Eager to demonstrate the age-old adage of "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy," vocalist Hansi Kürsch and Olbrich stopped by the Revolver Magazine offices in August to record an impromptu song in two hours. To hear their resulting 40-second opus, go to and scrolll down to "Click below to hear the entire song!" Additional information is available on Page 44 in the current issue of Revolver.

In honor of Blind Guardian's "Adventures of 'The Unit' feature, Nuclear Blast is giving away Hansi's handwritten autographed lyrics and André's guitar pick used in the creation of the "Snakes Of Destruction" mp3. For more information on how to enter the contest, go to here.


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Blind Guardian - Australian Dates Confirmed

Finally, it has been officially confirmed: Blind Guardian will come to Australia!
Blind Guardian have started selling tickets for their shows on the 16th and 17th of February, 2007 at the Forum Theater, Melbourne. They are available online at and Metal Mayhem in Melbourne.


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Kreator, Blind Guardian - Audio Interviews Available Online

Australian radio station Triple J, on their 'Full Metal Racket' metal program, have conducted an audio interview with Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza and Blind Guardian vocallist Hansi Kürsch. The interview was conducted by Full Metal Racket host Andrew Haug.

You can download the Kreator interview in mp3 format from here. The Blind Guardian one can be heard here.

Also, you can stream the entire latest Full Metal Racket program here.


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Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Goatwhore - New Albums Streaming Online

AOL music have uploaded the new albums for Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden and Goatwhore. All three albums are available to listen to via streaming. There are also links for buying each album. All three albums have just been released in the last few days.

Here are the links to the albums:

To listen to Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth, click here.

To listen to Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death, click here.

To listen to Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse, click here.


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