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W:O:A 2007 - Blind Guardian, Therion, Saxon, Stratovarius And More Confirmed

Blind Guardian, Saxon, Stratovarius, Grave Digger, Therion, Samael and Schandmaul have been confirmed for next year's installment of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 2-4, 2007 in Wacken, Germany. Also scheduled to perform at the festival is the reunited Norwegian black metal band Immortal, who will make its only German appearance at Wacken.

The organizers of the festival also extended their thanks to "the fans for making Wacken 2006 the success that it was that caused Wacken to sell out for the first time ever!"


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Blind Guardian - Samples From The New Album

You can now listen to samples from all songs on the new album Blind Guardian album, A Twist In The Myth. The samples can be found on the Nuclear Blast website:


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Blind Guardian - Special At The Earthshaker Festival

Blind Guardian will be guests at this year's Earthshaker Fest. Due to release their new album "A Twist In The Myth" in the fall (on September 1, 2006), some of the band's new songs will be premiered over the PA for everyone in attendance to hear. The band will also be holding an autograph session on Friday night; more details will be announced soon.

In any case, it is confirmed that there will be a massive giveaway for the fans in attendance:

1st Prize - a Meet & Greet session for 10 people with Blind Guardian at the Earthshaker Fest 2006. The winner will receive a big fan package containing a CD, DVD, shirt and a commemorative photo with the band.

2nd Prize - 20 people will have the chance to participate in soccer goal target practice against Blind Guardian. Each person who wins against Blind Guardian will receive a special Earthshaker package that includes a t-shirt, poster and CD sampler.

To win, visit the Earthshaker Festival website ( and go to the 'Giveaways' section.

NOTE: Blind Guardian will not actually be performing at the Earthshaker Festival, this is simply a promotion. To see Blind Guardian's tour dates, visit their official website (

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Blind Guardian - To Appear As Guests At Earthshaker Fest 2006

Veteran Power Metallers Blind Guardian have been invited, and have accepted to be this year's special guest appearance at Earthshaker Fest 2006. Earthershaker will be on 21st and 22nd of July this year. It will be held at Kreuth, Rieden in Germany. They will be playing some new songs from their upcoming album 'A Twist In The Myth' and will be holding a one hour autograph session on the first day of the festival. For more information about the actual festival, visit the Earthshaker link below.

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Leaves' Eyes - Join Blind Guardian On N.American Tour; German Signing Sessions

Leaves' Eyes will be joining Blind Guardian on their North American tour this fall. Dates as follows:

08.11. USA Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theatre
09.11. USA San Diego, CA House of Blues
10.11. USA Santa Ana, CA Galaxy
11.11. USA Los Angeles, CA Avalon
12.11. USA San Francisco, CA Fillmore
14.11. CAN Vancouver Commodore
15.11. USA Seattle, WA El Corezon
17.11. USA Salt Lake City, UT Avalon
18.11. USA Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
19.11. USA Lawrence, KS Granada
22.11. USA Minneapolis, MN The Quest
23.11. USA Chicago, IL House of Blues
24.11. USA Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre
25.11. USA Detroit, MI Harpo's
26.11. CAN Toronto Opera House
28.11. CAN Quebec City, QE Salle Albert-Rousseau
29.11. CAN Montreal Medley
30.11. USA New York City, NY BB Kings or Irving Plaza
01.12. USA Worcester, MA Palladium
02.12. USA Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
04.12. USA Springfield, VA Jaxx
05.12. USA Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall
07.12. USA Orlando, FL House of Blues
08.12. USA Atlanta, GA Roxy
09.12. USA New Orleans, LA House of Blues
10.12. USA Houston, TX Meridian
11.12. USA Austin, TX Backroom

On other news Leaves' Eyes have announced a short signing session tour to celebrate the release of the new EP "Legend Land." They will visit music stores in 10 German cities, where they will also perform a acoustic set. The dates are as follows:

Sa., 10.06., 9 pm - Hameln (Media Markt)
Su., 11.06., 4 pm - Kaiserslautern (Media Markt)
Mo., 12.06., 2 pm - Heidelberg/Rohrbach (Media Markt)
Mo., 12.06., 5 pm - Karlsruhe (Media Markt)
Tu., 13.06., 1 pm - Stuttgart-Vaihingen (Media Markt)
Tu., 13.06., 6 pm - Nürnberg/Kleinreuth (Media Markt)
We., 14.06., 2 pm - Erfurt/Daberstedt (Media Markt)
We., 14.06., 7 pm - Grimma (AMM Musikmarkt/Klosterkirche)
Th., 15.06., 2 pm - Berlin Steglitz (Media Markt)
Th., 15.06., 5.30 pm - Frankfurt/Oder (Medi Max)


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Blind Guardian - Announces North American Tour

BLIND GUARDIAN have announced a North American tour to support "A Twist In The Myth," their new album to be relseased September 2006 release via Nuclear Blast Records. The dates are as follows:

Nov. 08 - Marquee Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
Nov. 09 - House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
Nov. 10 - Galaxy Theatre - Santa Ana, CA
Nov. 11 - Avalon - Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 12 - Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
Nov. 14 - TBA - Vancouver, BC
Nov. 15 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
Nov. 17 - Avalon - Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 18 - Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO
Nov. 20 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 21 - House Of Blues - Chicago, IL
Nov. 22 - The Quest - Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 24 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
Nov. 25 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
Nov. 26 - Opera House - Toronto, ON
Nov. 28 - Salle Albert-Rousseau - Québec City, QC
Nov. 29 - The Medley - Montreal, QC
Nov. 30 - tba - New York, NY
Dec. 01 - Palladium - Worcester, MA
Dec. 02 - TBA - Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 04 - 9.30 Club - Washington, D.C.
Dec. 05 - TBA
Dec. 07 - House Of Blues - Orlando, FL
Dec. 08 - Roxy - Atlanta, GA
Dec. 09 - House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA
Dec. 10 - Meridian - Houston, TX
Dec. 11 - Backroom - Austin, TX

More dates will be announced soon.

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Blind Guardian - Hansi Talks About 'A Twist In The Myth'

Blind Guardian's Singer Hansi Kürsch has posted following letter in band's official homesite:

Dear friends,

Time to break the silence, time to say hello. As you all most probably know: we have finished the album some days ago and started doing some first shows already. It has been a blast to be back on stage again and do these small shows in Rijssen and Vosseljaar. We appreciate the kindness and the support of the people there and enjoyed the club atmosphere a lot. Istanbul was a great experience and "The Bard's Song" sung by more than 2000 Turkish fans has been nothing but spectacular. I could go on like that but I guess what you are more interested in at the moment is the new album. Even though the secret is revealed already I would like to point out one more time the album is entitled "A Twist in the Myth" and that's just because I unfortunately could not find allies for my most favorite album title suggestion "A Day at the Races".

With this album, I think, we have widened the range of the Blind Guardian universe more than we have ever done before. Comparing it with a compass "Fly" would be west, "Skalds and Shadows" east, "This will never end" south and "The Edge" would be north. Does that mean anything? No. But it sounded good, when I first thought about it. Now I think it's not worth to be deleted.

In terms of quality we have had a very good feeling during the whole recording session. But I nevertheless have do admit, that the songs did make a gigantic step during the last days of recording and the mixing session.

While doing the last recording steps, which traditionally are reserved for backing vocals, all songs have made a significant raise in quality. To give you a very small idea about what to expect, I tell you this: "The Edge" and "In search of the Lionheart" certainly will achieve absolute cult status within a very short amount of time. They are very heavy, almost thrashy, though very progressive in certain ways.

"Skalds and Shadows" will prove its longevity in numerous live concerts. To those who consider it a "The Bard's Song" rip off: the album version clearly proves it is a "A Past and Future Secret" rip off, with a different melody, different rhythm pattern and different lyrics, which reminds one of "Harvest of Sorrow".

Marcus and I composed a number called "All the King's Horses", which will be released on the Japanese version of "A Twist in the Myth" and on a single we are going to release in the beginning of 2007. It is a great song which will set emotions free, I am sure.


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Blind Guardian - "A Twist In The Myth" Details Announced

The upcoming Blind Guardian CD will be entitled "A Twist In The Myth" and shall contain the following songs:

This Will Never End (5:07)
Otherland (5:14)
Turn The Page (4:16)
Fly (5:43)
Carry The Blessed Home (4:03)
Another Stranger Me (4:36)
Straight Through The Mirror (5:48)
Lionheart (4:15)
Skalds And Shadows (3:13)
The Edge (4:27)
The New Order (4:49)

Click here for the cover of the upcoming album.


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Blind Guardian - New Single Details Revealed

Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch has posted the following message at the band's web site right before Christmas:

"A sign of life message just to let you know that Christmas is getting closer and we are still not done with recordings, yet. But that is the good news for the album: we are still on schedule. The description 'on schedule' can be stretched (manipulated?) a little, while talking about a Blind Guardian album production, anyway. We haven't — so far, but we could. There is only a small amount of guitars, which needs to be completed, some bass, a lot of vocals and even more mixing. We are targeting an early February deadline.

"I am very sorry we have not been able to involve you more so far, but we are so focused on the album, that we hardly find the time to eat. I turned a skinny beauty during these days. I promise to provide you with some studio shots as soon as the new year has started...

"Oh, about the single mentioned a few months earlier: We have accomplished it and I would like to provide you with some information about it, only the important ones and of course only true ones:

There will be three songs on the single:

01. Fly
02. Skalds and Shadows (acoustic version)
03. In A Gadda Da Vida

"'Fly' is a quite surprising title for a Blind Guardian song, one could think. But it lyrically fits very, very well. This song is about inspirations and how they can influence your art, your life and other people's li(v)(?)es(?). I, myself, was inspired by the movie 'Finding Neverland' when doing the lyrics. The music is mindblowing. It certainly describes how we look at music and how we see ourselves as musicians. We love to explore and assimilate. Though the song is different, it is pure Blind Guardian. I, personally, consider it to be amongst the best songs we have ever written. It is new!!! It is fresh!!! Whether you will like it or not, you will have to admit that you have never heard anything like that before. Not from Blind Guardian and neither from any other band on this planet.

"The acoustic version of 'Skalds and Shadows' completely stands in the tradition of songs like 'The Bard's Song' and 'A Past and Future Secret'. Charlie and Frederik came up with a very cool percussion arrangement and on top of it Frederik played some mindblowing flute melodies to it. We are very happy with the result and we work on a more orchestral version at the moment, which is supposed to become part of the album. This purer single version will only appear on the single. The word 'skald' is probably not very common, but is nothing else than the ancient nordic description for their bards. The nordic Edda poems have mostly been invented by Skalds and they also have kept these stories alive by traveling around and telling the stories to other people. I, as a fan of 'Die Nibelungen' and of Tolkien's work, was mostly thrilled by the 'Saga of Volsung', which the song lyrically partly scratches — as well as the mission of the storyteller.


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Blind Guardian - All Good With Upcoming Album

Following message was posted in band's website by vocalist Hansi Kürsch:

Hello my friends,

although time keeps on ticking quickly, things go very well in the Guardian camp. To be more precise: we are still on schedule and even though everyone is totally busy and concentrated the atmosphere is very lifely and still relaxed to a certain extend:-) The material for the single will be accomplished at the end of November. To make that happen this particular stuff will get most of our attention for the next 4 weeks. Everyone is already involved in the recording process and we are really excited about the album ΄s progression. It is too early to say when we will be finished exactly, but I would say a worldwide release in the first half of 2006 is very realistic. Things look (sound - as well) very promising. At the moment we are also getting deeper into details such as album title, cover, etc... So, we are about to scratch the most important phase of the recording session and we do not intend to leave you out ... Please, let us work on it a little longer, so we can fix things technically. You will be provided with footage, that is for sure.


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Blind Guardian - Rough Schedule For The Next Month

Posted by Hansi on the official site:

Here is a short update about what is going on at the moment:
Frederik did some kick ass drum arrangements for the new songs and now Oliver Holzwarth has started working on the bass arrangements. At the same time André, Marcus and I are fixing final arrangement issues but basically we have finished the biggest part of composing. We are going to start the production for the new album somewhere during the last days of August. As you can imagine everyone is highly motivated, excited and of course ready to go.

This is a a very rough schedule for the next months:

Late August - End of November:
Mixing of the first single

December - January:

Release of the first single

Release of the album and Warm up shows

June - August:
Warm up shows
South America
Release of the second single

September - October:


December - February:
USA, Mexico and Canada

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Blind Guardian - New Drummer, New Website!

Hi bards,

This time it fortunately is on me to deliver some good news. Very good news in fact!

The seemingly endless time of waiting for a new drummer and speculations who could possibly be the new one has finally come to an end. We have found what we have been searching for…

A few weeks ago an unknown guy who introduced himelf as Frederik Ehmke applied for the job as a drummer in a fairly firm manner. His vital, expressive and skillful performances of some B.G. classics ("Journey Through The Dark", "Time Stands Still" and "And Then There Was Silence") blew us away completely . Pretending not to be convinced we invited him to do a shoot out recording session under real production terms to check out if the creative chemistry would also work out fine. After finishing these recordings it was obvious to us: Frederik is going to be our new drummer!

It was essential for us to find a musician, who on one side would be able to integrate old Guardian trademarks in his play, but on the other side would also be confident enough to bring in his own vision of the Blind Guardian drums in a tasteful and, for the music, suitable way. Frederik is a calm and handsome fellow, who's aware of his abilities and who also knows what he wants. For us he is the lucky draw.

We are convinced you will be as impressed by his drum performance as we are. Now we are looking forward to starting the next album production. There is a good amount of work ahead of us but we are absolutely ready to go. You can expect a very interesting album with strong songs on it. We will keep you informed.


Also, a new website is now up.

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Blind Guardian - Sign To Nuclear Blast

NUCLEAR BLAST is immensely proud to announce the addition of a new member to the family: BLIND GUARDIAN, one of the most successful Heavy Metal bands of all time, signed a long-term deal with NUCLEAR BLAST!

As singer Hansi Kürsch commented: "Our long search for the perfect record company has ended. We finally were lucky to find the ultimate home: NUCLEAR BLAST!

Some things you decide with your head, other things you deal with on a gut level. The decision for NUCLEAR BLAST was both! We placed great emphasis on finding a partner that knows the world of Heavy Metal and does business in an unconventional manner if necessary. NUCLEAR BLAST can offer both of this key qualities, and proved so time and time again in the past.

But this alone would not be enough, if the chemistry wasn't there. But our first meetings could be described as: "We came, ate, and laughed…' Our views on music in general and BLIND GUARDIAN in particular are almost identical! Now we have the unique chance, to follow our musical vision in the perfect environment. We expect a lot, and so do NUCLEAR BLAST - let's roll!

The whole NUCLEAR BLAST team impressed us a lot with their unity and the huge identification with their mission and the expansion of the Metal world. The Guardian comes home!

Hansi Kürsch und Blind Guardian"

NUCLEAR BLAST label manager Andy Siry is equally thrilled: "We are all very happy about the amount of trust BLIND GUARDIAN put in NUCLEAR BLAST and the beginning of this cooperation that will surely prove to be very productive and fruitful. BLIND GUARDIAN have the most successful Metal-Band in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our distribution partners and the whole of NUCLEAR BLAST are ready to kick ass!



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Blind Guardian - Hansi's Statement

Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

Hi there,

First of all I would like to say how much we all appreciate the way you are dealing with the split. It is, as some of you have pointed out, not the end of the world but a new beginning. I am really proud about each step we have made in the past but as time moves on we must move on as well.

The future is wide open...

And now a couple of short statements in reply to your concerns and questions:

There will be no delay of the next Blind Guardian production. As you probably know: a Blind Guardian album is ready when we feel it is ready. This makes it somewhat difficult to come up with a precise schedule. I can guarantee the release of the next Blind Guardian album for 2006. If it finally turns out to be spring, summer or fall I don't really dare to say. If you had asked me about the release date for the next Demons and Wizards album two months ago I would have said April. Now it will be June. Things like that happen and it doesn't take a lot for a delay to be introduced. The orchestra album is scheduled for 2007. I do not see any reason for delays there.

Regarding a new drummer we have a few options at the moment which we will check out. I will keep you updated.

And finally for all the drummers who are sending e-mails to our webmasters asking them for information on how to apply for the job: from our side there is no need for auditions at the moment since we have some preferences already. Thanks for asking anyway.

All the best,


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Blind Guardian - Part ways with drummer

German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN have parted ways with longtime drummer Thomen Stauch. Frontman Hansi Kürsch's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"No news is good news. This obviously is bad news. After walking along the same musical paths for about 20 years and after several long, open and honest discussions between the four band members, we have all (including Thomen) come to the same conclusion that it is now best for Thomen to leave the band.

"Since we developed different musical and personal directions for quite a while now, it turned out to be more and more difficult to find acceptable and suitable solutions for everyone in the band. Such circumstances would have eventually caused severe internal problems. Therefore, to avoid any damage to our close relationship this difficult step is essential. In terms of creativity or progression neither one of us would like to hold the other one back. Due to that fact the split seems to be a sad, but reasonable solution. We wish Thomen all the best for the future and hope to come up with more positive news in the near future.

"…and day shall come again"

In a separate statement of his own, Stauch emphasized that the split was amicable and offered his gratitude to his former BLIND GUARDIAN colleagues:

"As you may have read in Hansi's statement, I am no longer the drummer of BLIND GUARDIAN. From now on we are going our separate ways, at least musically. I must admit it is quite a sad, but necessary decision in order for us to remain friends.

"I stand fully behind Hansi's declaration, so I will keep my statement as short as possible, and wish BLIND GUARDIAN all the best for the future, hoping that they find another drummer without any hassle.

"I would also like to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who stood by us through all those years, especially our fans. You are the best!!! I hope to see you again soon!

"A big thank you to my old colleagues, Hansi, Andre and Marcus, for all the amazing times we've shared."

Stauch is currently working on an as-yet-unnamed new project with SOILWORK vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid. The collaboration, which originally went under the COLDSEED moniker, was previously described by Strid as "a mixture between RAMMSTEIN and ALICE IN CHAINS." A full-length album was recenetly recorded and is due later in the year.

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