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25.10Borknagar - Part Ways With Drummer
20.07Borknagar - Recording New Album
24.04Borknagar - I.C.S Vortex Announces Full Engagement With The Band
30.03Borknagar - Ink Deal With Century Media
26.08Borknagar - South American Tour Dates, Tour Cancelled
10.06Borknagar - Rejoined By I.C.S Vortex On Upcoming Tour
02.06Borknagar - Part Ways With Bassist
27.01Borknagar - New Track Available For Streaming
28.11Borknagar - Album Artwork And Tracklist Revealed
12.04Borknagar - New Album Title Named
31.10Borknagar - New Drummer Found
23.05Borknagar - Drummer Quits The Band
25.03Borknagar - Guitarist And Bassist Back In The Band
16.01Borknagar - Signs With Indie Recordings
17.04Ex-Old Funeral, Borknagar, Grimfist Members - Join Forces In New Band

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Borknagar - Part Ways With Drummer

Official press release

Borknagar have decided to part ways with the US drummer David Kinkade. This is first and foremost due to the logistical challenges we have been facing having a US drummer in a Norwegian band the last couple of years. Sometimes reality bites and in order to be a fully operative band, we need a drummer based in Norway. The split is of friendly manner and we would like to say thanks for everything David has contributed with in relations to the band and we would also like to wish him the best of luck for his future endevours.

Borknagar is currently finishing up the recording of the 9th. album which is planned to be released early next year. As we speak Vintersorg and ICS Vortex are working on the vocal arrangements and we are all exited about the new effort we currently are brewing. The album will be mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studio later this years.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 25.10.2011 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

Borknagar - Recording New Album

Norwegian metal band Borknagar is currently recording the next album roughly planned to be released in February 2012 through Century Media Records. The album will be mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at famous Fascination Street Studios in Sweden in November.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 20.07.2011 by Abattoir | Comments (5)

Borknagar - I.C.S Vortex Announces Full Engagement With The Band

Official press release

I.C.S Vortex officially announce his return to Borknagar. To mark this grand cooperation between Vintersorg and I.C.S Vortex, Inferno is announcing that Borknagar will headline the 2012 edition with both vocalist on stage.

Over the past months, there has been a wide array of rumors and speculations about I.C.S Vortex' involvement with Borknagar, so now it's time for us to bring this out from the dungeons and into the plains of clarity: Vortex is back as a permanent member of Borknagar. Vortex will handle the bass as well as doing vocals together with Vintersorg.

Inferno festival also announces that Borknagar is confirmed to next years edition, doing a rare concert with both these renowned singers on stage. You will also find the band signing autographs at this years Inferno (Saturday at 20:00) I.C.S Vortex was re- introduced to Borknagar in 2010 after a 10 year break with his participation on Universal as guest vocalist, and also stepped up to help out the band on a tour of South- America that was later canceled. After this the rumors and speculations have been many, and here is the confirmation that so many have hoped for.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 24.04.2011 by White Winter Sun | Comments (23)

Borknagar - Ink Deal With Century Media

Borknagar has inked a three-album deal with Century Media Records. The band is currently working on material for its new CD, tentatively due in early 2012.

Commented Borknagar mainman Øystein G. Brun: "Well, sometimes life takes slightly unexpected yet great turns! Due to internal business affairs, the deal with Indie recordings was mutually terminated by both parties in January 2011. Since then we have been negotiating a possible re-signing with Century Media Records.

While you are reading this, Jens F. Ryland and I are at the headquarters of Century Media Records in Dortmund to ink a new deal with our old partners in crime. It feels very good to be back in the fold of the mighty Century family; there is simply no team, no label alike. Thanks to Jens Preuter (head of A&R), we have worked out and landed a deal that we are 110 percent sure will serve the future endeavors of Borknagar in the best possible and most potent way. We share so much history with Century Media Records and we are now preparing to create more musical history for the future to come — together with our friends at the Century family!"


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 30.03.2011 by BudDa | Comments (2)

Borknagar - South American Tour Dates, Tour Cancelled

Original news, published on 26.06.2010

Official press release

With the recent changes in the band, Borknagar is now able to hit the road and meet the fans face to face. We are very pleased to announce that Borknagar is now gearing up to head to South America, a continent never visited by the band before.

"The Universal Course Tour" flyer] is scheduled to kick off in September 2010 visiting the following cities (venues to be announced):

Sept. 16 - Caracas, Venezuela
Sept. 17 - Bogota, Colombia
Sept. 18 - Quito, Ecuador
Sept. 19 - Lima, Peru
Sept. 22 - La Paz, Bolivia
Sept. 23 - Santiago, Chile
Sept. 24 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sept. 25 - São Paulo, Brasil

Guitarist Øystein Garnes Brun comments: "Damn, I am really looking forward to this! Borknagar is all about explorations and breaching limits, so heading for South America to do these dates is just what I am ready for now. I am sure this will be a very special event for me, the band and our South American fans! See you soon!"


Band profile: Borknagar
Event: Borknagar: Universal Course Tour [CANCELLED]
Posted: 26.08.2010 by BudDa | Comments (7)

Borknagar - Rejoined By I.C.S Vortex On Upcoming Tour

As was speculated, I.C.S Vortex (ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Arcturus) has returned to Borknagar after the departure of bassist Tyr just last week. I.C.S Vortex will be handling both bass and vocals duties for Borknagar's upcoming tour.

The band is currently working on touring plans for the future. Due to private commitments vocalist Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund (Vintersorg, Cronian) is unfortunately not able to join the band on the road for the moment being. Because of this, I.C.S. Vortex will step in to the fold to handle vocal and bass for upcoming live activities.

Guitarist Øystein G. Brun comments: "As stated in several interviews the last couple of month's it's our firm intention to bring the band's live activities up a notch - in respect for all our fans. There is just no way we can dismiss all the requests we get all over the world. We are currently working on some really interesting touring plans, but unfortunately our brother in music Vintersorg is not able to come along for the moment being due to private commitments. So Vortex being a previous member and always a good friend of the band, it feels great to have him back in the fold in order to execute these plans. Also, I would like to express my deepest admiration for Vintersorg's open minded and supportive attitude, embracing the idea to pull this off with Vortex in his absence- to make this a genuine and worthy solution for Borknagar."


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 10.06.2010 by BudDa | Comments (10)

Borknagar - Part Ways With Bassist

Erik Tiwaz (aka Tyr) has parted ways with Borknagar again (he already left the band once in 2004 and re-joined in 2008).

Tiwaz has decided to leave the Norwegian melodic black metal outfit due to "general disagreements". The band insists that the split happened in a "friendly manner and with mutual respect". The band also wishes him the best of luck for future endeavours.

More news to follow soon.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 02.06.2010 by BudDa | Comments (12)

Borknagar - New Track Available For Streaming

The opening track "Havoc" for the new Borknagar album Universal will be officially available for streaming the 29th of January at

The band also announced additional info on bonus discs: the bonus disc that comes with the limited digipack edition and the CD BOX Dragon edition will include the 4 episodes of the documentary "Making of Universal", high resolution wallpapers, highquality mp3 version of the album and iTunes booklet. Universal will be released in 4 different versions: normal jewelcase, limited digipack, CD-BOX and gatefold LP with two vinyls. See here for more specific information on each item.

Borknagar's upcoming album Universal will be launched for a worldwide release the 22nd of February 2010 through Indie Recordings. Release date for USA/Canada/Mexico the 2nd of March 2010 through Indie Recordings via The End Records. More info about the album here.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 27.01.2010 by Bad English | Comments (3)

Borknagar - Album Artwork And Tracklist Revealed

Borknagar's upcoming album Universal will be launched for a worldwide release the 22nd of February 2010 through Indie Recordings.

Comment about the artwork reads as follows: "We are really proud to finally reveal the cover for Universal. It has been a long process to circle in and establish the perfect visual approach for this album. A cover that is able to visually represent the album. We firmly believe that we have achieved that with the new cover and the general designs (including CD, CDL, LP and CD BOX) represent nothing less."

Universal cover art] tracklist:

01. Havoc
02. Reason
03. The Stir Of Seasons
04. For A Thousand Years To Come
05. Abrasion Tide
06. Fleshflower
07. Worldwide


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 28.11.2009 by Bad English | Comments (11)

Borknagar - New Album Title Named

The following update has been posted by Borknagar guitarist Øystein Garnes Brun on the band's Myspace page:

"The title of the new Borknager album will be nothing less than: "Universal".

As the musical and lyrical approach of the album has shaped up during the production of the new album, the title "Universal" is the title that shines through and mirrors the essence of the album. "Universal" is a title that is broad enough and huge enough to project the giant character of this album, both musically and lyrically.

The production of the new album is going as planned and the album will be mixed at Toproom studios by the end of April. We can assure you that the new album will come with a massive, energic and vital production that few can match, by far the best production we have had so far. The album is planned to be released through Indie Recordings in September, later this year, an actual date will be issued later."


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 12.04.2009 by Doom From North | Comments (12)

Borknagar - New Drummer Found

Guitarist Øystein G. Brun from Norwegian black metallers Borknagar has posted the following announcement regarding the addition of drummer Dave Kinkade (Arsis, Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Council Of The Fallen) to the group's ranks:

"Dave Kinkade is the new drummer in Borknagar. His first appearance with the band will be the actual recording of the new album, which will be recorded early next year.

We are exited to finally get a new drummer behind the kit. We have spent quite some time and effort to find suitable and highly skilled replacement for Asgeir Mickelson. Dave has proven to be a fantastic drummer, become a good friend and he shares the same passion for music as the rest of us. We are truly confident that this cooperation will contribute to empower the music of Borknagar even more in the future to come.


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 31.10.2008 by ArtiA | Comments (8)

Borknagar - Drummer Quits The Band

Borknagar have issued the following update:

"Due to the latest years evolving differences in musical ideas and visions, Asgeir Mickelson has decided to quit Borknagar. The split happens in a friendly manner and with mutual respect for the decision that he has made. He will remain a good friend of the band. We wish to thank him for a great collaboration over the years and the best of luck with future endeavours! The split will have little or no effect on the schedule of the forthcoming album. We are currently working on pre-productions and we are heading for an early-next-year release. As stated before, the new album will regain the musical forces that dominated the 4 first albums. So beware!"

Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 23.05.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (8)

Borknagar - Guitarist And Bassist Back In The Band

Norway's Borknagar have checked in with the following message:

"We are happy to announce that Jens Ryland and Erik Tiwaz (aka Tyr) are back as permanent members of Borknagar, respectively on guitar and bass.

Jens Ryland was a long run member of the band and contributed on "The Archaic Course", "Quintessense" and "Empiricism" before he quit the band in 2003, due to other priorities in life. Erik Tiwaz joined the band in 2000 and participated on Empiricism as a regular member. In 2004 he quit the band due to personal reasons but contributed as a session musician on "Origin" in 2006.

Jens Ryland comments on his reunion with the band: "I'm happy to say I'm again joining the proud ranks of Borknagar, but it also feels strange as I have never really cut the string entirely. It's funny how the world turns, and age has not worn out this crew at all, on the contrary the band seems relaxed, content and more than ready for new adventures. I have had a few years with a quite different focus than music, and while it's been both natural and rewarding I could never leave the world of music entirely. There are some experiences you simply cannot get any other way than playing in a band, and what band suits me better than Borknagar? The band has a new drive now and what better timing for Tyr and myself to sign in. We're gonna conquer the world, but we will do it Borknagar- style!"


Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 25.03.2008 by Thryce | Comments (8)

Borknagar - Signs With Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings has announced the signing of Borknagar:

It is with great pride we announce the signing of Progressive Black Metal Legends Borknagar!

Borknagar has for nearly a decade been a leading star in the Black Metal community. Like no other band they have pushed the boundaries of what is possible within the genre, and now they will once again return to the dark side - to their roots, for a darker and heavier album to be released on Indie Recordings. It is an honour to add Borknagar to our rooster.

In a press statement the band comments the signing:

"After nearly a year of negotiating deals with different labels we are now proud to finally reveal the partnership that we have settled for our next 3 albums. In late December 2007 we inked a 3 album deal with the Norwegian label Indie Recordings. After the release of ORIGIN, our 12 years and 6 albums long partnership with Century Media Records came to an end contractually. The years have been a great journey, but sometimes changes are needed to evolve and it was time for a change now. We are really exited to start working with our new partners for the next albums to come. Indie Recordings is a relatively new label, but the crucial staff behind the company has been friends and fans of the band for many years. Their genuine dedication and high level of professionalism makes us totally confident that our collaboration in the future will be prosperous in many ways; for the band, our fans and other associates. We are currently in writing mode for our next album and we are aiming for a late 2008 release. This time around we will be back on track with a massive album including all our core elements that have formed our identity through the years. For our long run fans the album might represent a surprise or two. So beware!"

Band profile: Borknagar
Posted: 16.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (4)

Ex-Old Funeral, Borknagar, Grimfist Members - Join Forces In New Band

The Batallion, the Bergen, Norway-based old-school Death/Thrash band consisting of members of Old Funeral, Deathcon, Borknagar and Grimfist, has just released a self-titled four-song debut EP via the Norwegian label Masculin Records on both vinyl and CD.

Members of The Batallion are:

Stud Bronson - Guitar and Vocals
Lust Kilman - Guitar
Colt Kane - Bass
Morden - Drums

For more information, including audio samples, go to this location.


Band profile: Grimfist
Posted: 17.04.2007 by lordz | Comments (3)

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