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Dark Tranquillity - Turkish Tour Dates Cancelled

Swedish metallers Dark Tranquillity have issued the following update on their official website:

"Right now, a mere 15 hours before planning to leave for the airport, we got informed by the promotor Unirock that the entire Turkish tour has been cancelled.

This is incredibly frustrating for us. Turkey is the home of some of the most passionate and devoted Dark Tranquillity fans on the planet, and we very much looked forward to the adventure of playing not only Istanbul but other cities as well.

We've spent lots of time and energy preparing for these shows; rehearsing, hiring crew, fixing merchandise and working out an enormous amount of practical and logistical details, and to see it all getting cancelled in the very last minute is extremely disappointing.

We understand that the people that planned to go to the shows will be very upset and disappointed by this news, and we want it to be crystal clear that we - the band - had no part in the cancellation.

We hope to able to return to Turkey as soon as possible."


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Event: Dark Tranquillity: Turkish Tour [CANCELLED]
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Dark Tranquillity - New Live Video, Details For 20 Anniversary Party

The pioneers of the "Gothenburg Sound" have posted the "Final Resistance" live video from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD online.

The show was recorded last year at the Rolling Stone Club in Milan, Italy. Disc 1 of the DVD contains 20 tracks Live In Milan and disc 2 offers the "Out Of Nothing" Dark Tranquillity documentary, another 21 rare live videos and all promo videos. Here's the link to the DVD trailer.

Furthermore Dark Tranquillity are proud to announce a special 20 Years party in their hometown Gothenburg. Mikael Stanne commented: "The day is drawing near. The day when we celebrate our 20th anniversary by releasing this DVD that we've been working our asses off on. The result is something that we feel is pretty spectacular and we felt like sharing it with some our friends and fans. So we figured what better way to do so than to have a special screening right here in Gothenburg. Right in the heart of the city in one of our most classic movie theaters.

So on the 30th of October at Bio Roy the "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD will screen for the first and only time. And not only will we have the most awesome opening act ever in the form of Slaughter of the Bluegrass doing their first ever gig, all attendees will also receive a "The Dying Fragments" special CD with ultra-rare livematerial featuring never recorded songs. This will only be given out on this day and is limited to 333 copies.

So log in to now and book your tickets for 60 SEK. This will be a night to remember!"

After the DVD premier at the Bio Roy movie theater the party will move to the metal bar Henriksberg with Mikael Stanne and some more at the DJ desk.

More details and venue addresses on

And here's the tracklist of "The Dying Fragments" CD limited to 333 hand numbered copies every guest of the DVD premier will receive:

01. Only Time Can Tell * (Rehearsal, Billdal 1991)
02. The Dying Fragment Of An Elderly Dream ** (Valvet, Gothenburg 1991)
03. Soulbreed ** (Ljungskile 1991)
04. Yesterworld (Musikens Hus, Gothenburg 1992)
05. Alone (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
06. My Faeryland Forgotten (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
07. Nightfall By The Shore Of Time (Fågeln, Gothenburg 1992)
08. Skywards (Gamlestaden, Gothenburg 1992)
09. Shadow Duet (Karlstad 1994)
10. Crimson Winds (Karlstad 1994)
11. Razorfever (Rotterdam, Holland 1997)


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Event: Dark Tranquillity: 20 Anniversary Party
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Dark Tranquillity - Live Song And Video Online

"Misery's Crown", the new video from Swedish metallers Dark Tranquillity, has been made available online. The clip contains video footage taken from the band's forthcoming DVD "Where Death Is Most Alive", which will be released on October 26 in Europe (November 11 in North America) via Century Media Records.

Also the song "The Treason Wall" , taken from "Where Death Is Most Alive", is available for streaming at the band's MySpace page.


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Dark Tranquillity - DVD Cover Art Revealed And Trailer Online

Official press release

Dark Tranquillity will release their fantastic DVD "Where Death Is Most Alive" on October 26th, 2009 in Europe and November 17th in the US! It contains an unbelievably great live show filmed in Milan, Italy 2008, a 47 minutes long documentary about the legendary Swedish melodic death metal act plus tons of additional rare live footage and all promo clips.

Now, you can already check out a trailer for this release at this location.

The stunning artwork was created by Niklas Sundin (http:/// and you can view it in higher resolution here.

Renowned for being part of the holy trinity of Melodic Death Metal (Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, In Flames), which spawned the unmistakeably "Gothenburg Sound" in the early 90's, it is now time to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary with a career spanning DVD that takes you from Dark Tranquillity's raw beginnings to their current position as one of the most diverse and influential metal acts.


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Dark Tranquillity - X-Mas Tour Dates

Dark Tranquillity, Heaven Shall Burn, Deadlock, Swashbuckle (+ very special guest) will team up for the Darkness Over X-Mas Tour, set to take place in December.

The band adds: "We're pleased to announce that instead of spending the yuletide holidays in the usual lazy ways, we'll join up with a gang of other bastards for a short tour called "Darkness Over X-Mas". This will probably be the first time that we'll showcase material from the soon-to-be-recorded new album live."

The confirmed dates are as follows:

Dec. 25 - Leipzig (Ger), Werk 2
Dec. 26 - Hamburg (Ger), Markthalle
Dec. 27 - Brugge (B), L'Entrepot
Dec. 28 - Herford (Ger), X
Dec. 29 - Pratteln (CH), Z7
Dec. 30 - Stuttgart (Ger), LKA


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Event: Darkness Over X-Mas Tour
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Dark Tranquillity - New Album Out Early Next Year

The following statement has been released on the official Dark Tranquillity website:

"Time to let you in on the plans for our upcoming ninth (or tenth, depending on how you count) full-length album. The as-yet-untitled beast will be recorded in September and October and released in early 2010 through Century media records.

We'll keep the recording setup completely in-house this time. Drums will be tracked in Daniel Antonsson's studio, while the remaining instruments will be immortalized in Martin Brändström's newly renovated Rogue music facilities. The mixing duties will once again be handled by Tue Madsen in his Antfarm studio in Denmark.

As for the music itself, it's a bit too early to delve into details, but the material feels diverse and fresh and covers all the facets of the D.T. sound. Those who are familiar with our songwriting process know that we always keep re-arranging and experimenting with the material until the recording starts, and while we currently have the basic foundations for around 10 songs, many things are still open. The final result is likely to surprise ourselves as well as you people.

Some tentative song titles are "I Am The Void", "Zero Distance", "The Burden Of Love Alive", "Archangelsk" and "Memories In Reverse", though these are subject to change as usual.

Well, more news will follow in due time..."

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Dark Tranquillity - New Bassist Announced

The band has announced the following on their website:

"The response to our bassist search has been overwhelming, and we want to send our sincere thanks to everyone that got in touch. Applications poured in from pretty much every continent, and some of the interested musicians are members in bands that we have been huge fans of for many years, which was extremely flattering.

However, we can now announce that the search is over, and that we've recruited Daniel Antonsson (Dimension Zero, ex-Soilwork) to handle the bass duties for the upcoming tour. We welcome Daniel to the fold and look forward to hitting the road with him."

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Dark Tranquillity - Part Ways With Bassist

Swedish metallers Dark Tranquillity have posted the following update on their website:

D.T. has parted ways with longtime bass player Michael Nicklasson. All booked shows will go on as scheduled with a session bassist. We thank Michael for his time in the band and wish him the best of luck in future endeavours. Here is a statement from him.

"After almost 10 years and tons of tours and festivals, I chose to leave D.T. for personal reasons. It's been so cool all this time to meet all the people and the tons of fans around the world, and all the friends that I got during this amazing journey - crew, fans and all the people I (we) worked with. I can't name everyone, as the list would take up all the space on the web site, but I'm going to miss all of you that worked and supported us (me) during these years, but this is the right thing to do, I really need a break."

"There are no hard feelings in the band, it's a thing that we all felt was the best for D.T.. Now I'm going to kick back for a while, and then I'll see what's in the future for me. I wish the best for the rest off the boys in my old crew, and to all: I'm coming back in one way or another......thanx to all off you! Cheers!"

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Dark Tranquillity - Where Death Is Most Alive European Tour

As posted by the band: "In October/November, we'll head out with Poisonblack and Fear My Thoughts for a series of shows dubbed "Where Death Is Most Alive". For more info, please visit the official tour MySpace page here."

The dates are as follows:

24. Oct, Berlin, Kato (Germany)
25. Oct, Hamburg, Grünspan (Germany)
26. Oct, Doordrecht, Bibelot (Netherlands)
27. Oct, Vosselaar, Biebob (Belgium)
28. Oct, Paris, Locomotive (France)
29. Oct, Lyon, Ninkasi kao (France)
31. Oct, Milano, Rolling Stone (Italy)
01. Nov, Bologna, Estragon (Italy)
02. Nov, Rome, Alpheus (Italy)
04. Nov, Treviso, New Age (Italy)
05. Nov, Ljubljana, Gala Hala (Slovenia)
06. Nov, Vienna, Szene (Austria)
07. Nov, Graz, Orpheum (Austria)
08. Nov, Winterthur, Salzhaus (Switzerland)
09. Nov, Munich, Backstage (Germany)
10. Nov, Stuttgart, Röhre (Germany)
11. Nov, Cologne, Underground (Germany)
12. Nov, Copenhagen, Pumpehuset (Denmark)

The show in Milan on October 31 will be filmed for an upcoming DVD. Much more details on this event will follow shortly.


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Event: Dark Tranquillity: Where Death Is Most Alive Tour
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Dark Tranquillity - Two Albums To Be Re-Released In Japan

As posted on the official website:

"To coincide with our shows in the land of the rising sun, "Haven" and "Projector" will be released in new versions. Both albums will feature lengthy liner notes by sensei Stanne detailing the writing and recording process as well as the inner working of the band at the time of creating the songs.

"Projector" will feature the extra track "Exposure" - previously unreleased in Japan - and "Haven" will be graced with "Cornered" as bonus song."

Asian Dark Tranquillity tour dates:

Jan. 11: Beijing, China - MG Live Hall
Jan. 13: Taipei, Taiwan - Young lion

Japanese Tour 2008: (co-headline with The Haunted)

Jan. 16: Osaka - Big Cat
Jan. 17: Nagoya - Club Quattro
Jan. 18: Tokyo - O-East


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Dark Tranquillity - UK Tour Announced

Given the great response at the recent UK shows, the band decided to book a headline club tour in order to be able to play real full length sets to the ever growing legions of British fans.

These are the currently confirmed dates. More shows will most likely be added, and support acts will be announced in the near future.

Great British Fiction Tour 2008:

Feb. 2: Cardiff - Barfly
Feb. 3: Liverpool - Barfly
Feb. 4: Birmingham - Barfly
Feb. 5: Aberdeen - Barfly
Feb. 6: Glasgow - Barfly
Feb. 7: York - Fibbers
Feb. 9: London - Barfly

The band adds:
"These are small, intimate clubs, and the shows are projected to sell out, so make sure to play it safe by booking your tickets as quickly as possible at"


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Event: Dark Tranquillity: UK Tour
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Dark Tranquillity - Greek Mini Tour Confirmed

As the band announced in their official page, time has come again for a mini-tour in Greece:

"Finally time for us to visit Greece again! Supported by the legendary Samael, we'll have the pleasure of playing the following shows:

Saturday 3 Nov: Thessaloniki - Hydrogios
Sunday 4 Nov: Athens - Gagarin 205

This will be the first time in five years that we're visiting these cities, so rest assured that it'll be an experience out of the ordinary."


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Dark Tranquillity - Join Eastpak Antidote Tour

As posted on the official Dark Tranquillity website:

"We're excited to announce that we'll embark on the "Eastpak Antidote" tour that will take us through Europe together with the fine metal merchants of Soilwork, Caliban and Sonic Syndicate.

Here are the dates. For more info, please visit the official tour homepage.

Sep. 30 - Brighton, UK - Concorde 2
Oct. 01 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfun Hall
Oct. 02 - Leeds, UK - Cockpit
Oct. 03 - London, UK - Islington Academy
Oct. 04 - Nottingham, UK - Rockcity
Oct. 05 - Newcastle, UK - Academy
Oct. 06 - Glasgow, UK - Garage
Oct. 07 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront
Oct. 09 - Den Bosch, Holland - W2
Oct. 10 - Utrecht, Holland - Tivoli
Oct. 11 - Hasselt, Belgium - Musik O Droom
Oct. 12 - Paris, France - La Tabendo
Oct. 13 - Marseille, France - venue tba
Oct. 14 - Barcelona, Spain - Razzmatazz
Oct. 16 - Milan, Italy - Alcatrazz
Oct. 17 - Zurich, Switzerland - Abart
Oct. 18 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
Oct. 19 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
Oct. 20 - Prague, Czech Republic - Akropolis
Oct. 21 - Budapest, Hungary - A 38
Oct. 23 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Substage
Oct. 24 - Berlin, Germany - SO 36
Oct. 25 - Köln, Germany - Live Music Hall
Oct. 26 - Hamburg, Germany - Grunspan

According to the band, "It's a rotating bill, and the playing order is determined by the relative sales figures of the bands in each country (which is the most fair way of doing things). We'll headline in Italy and Spain as far as know.

"Note that for contractual reasons we won't be appearing on the Scandinavian dates of the tour, so the only way for people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway to see us this autumn is to attend our own headline shows in early September.

"To avoid any speculation or gossip, we remind you that this is the first European tour that actually is officially confirmed by us, so the claim by certain news sites that we've 'cancelled' other obligations Iced Earth] in order to be part of this tour therefore aren't valid."

It should be noted that, despite Dark Tranquillity's insistence that their European tour with Iced Earth was never confirmed, Iced Earth's German concert agency Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur (MLK) has gone as far as to produce tour posters featuring Dark Tranquillity's logo (which have been deleted from the site in the meantime) and has announced Dark Tranquillity's participation in the trek on its website. Also ticket distributors still sell tickets with Dark Tranquillity mentioned as special guest.


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Event: Eastpak Antidote Tour
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Dark Tranquillity - New Video And Swedish Tour

The following messages were posted on Dark Tranquillity's official website:

'Terminus' video uploaded:
"The promo video for 'Terminus (where death is most alive)' is now ready, and we'd like to thank Sven Kirk for an original, amusing and generally excellent piece of work".
Click here to watch it at Youtube, or here at Dark Tranquillity's website.

Swedish tour announced:
"Touring details for the autumn are slowly starting to take shape. Plenty of exciting stuff is being planned, and more announcements are in the pipeline, but for now we can let you know that we'll embark on a small tour throughout our home country in the beginning of September. These are the dates:

5/9: Trädgårn, Göteborg
6/9: Nalen, Stockholm
7/9: Sigurdsgatan 25, Västerås
8/9: KB, Malmö

More details regarding support bands etc will follow shortly. Tickets will be available via and the usual outlets soon".


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Dark Tranquillity - E-Card And New Song Online

The following message was posted on Dark Tranquillity's official website a couple of days ago:

"Century Media just published an E-card for "Fiction" - check it out here.

For those who haven't heard the album yet, we've now uploaded another "Fiction" tune to our MySpace page, namely 'Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)'. Also check out the video clip of said song from our Australian tour last autumn and see if you can spot the differences".


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