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Darkane & Soilwork - Join Forces For Hometown Show

Monday September the 4th the almighty Tivoli in Helsingborg celebrates its 10th aniversary. In the name of metal, Darkane will take the stage toghether with Soilwork, The Defaced and Carmina Burana. By the way, Darkane has just finished the U.S tour in support of their fourth album 'Layers of Lies', you can order your copy via Nuclear Blast.

For further info visit: Tivoli


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Event: Soilwork + Darkane
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Darkane - New Album Progress And Title

We're working our asses of right now with the final recordings.

So far six songs out of ten are done with vocals. A bit more than half of the guitar solos are also to be recorded. Just came back from a meeting about shooting a new video for a track called 'Secondary effect'. The video team will start working asap.

So far we've decided to call the new CD:

Some song titles:
Secondary effect
Fading dimensions
Organic canvas
The creation insane
Layers of lies

Stay metal


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Darkane - Completely New Face For The Website

The official Darkane website has been restyled completely in anticipation of the new album. Check it out at and also don't forget to visit the studio section to get regular updates about the current recording process of the upcoming record!

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Darkane - new album goes "satisfactorily"

Work on Darkane's upcoming album goes on satisfactorily: The whole band - except for Klas Ideberg who is still in India on an internship - spent the last weekend in the studio, working on bass and drum sound. The actual recording process is scheduled to start on October 19th.

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Darkane to start recording new album soon

Guitarist Christofer Malmström of Swedish thrashers DARKANE has posted the following message on his web site:

"It's going to be a busy autumn. Finally it seems like Peter's hands are healed and we can start the serious work on our upcoming album. All songs are written but never rehearsed and we are going to start rehearsing two new songs. A few days ago we did a show at a festival in the area where we live and it turned out very good! I would say all of us did a great performance considering that we haven't played together since November last year. The recording of the new album will start ASAP.

"The recording of my solo project will probably start in a few months or so. Ryan is busy with his DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND and other projects but will start recording as soon as he has learned the songs and is ready to go. It will be released next year anyway."

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Darkane: working on new album

DARKANE's drummer Peter Wildoer seems to have recovered from his wrist injury which afflicted him several months and also delayed working on a new album. Now that he can play again properly DARKANE will soon start rehearsing new material and enter the studio as quickly as possible.

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Darkane rehearsing material for new album

Swedish thrashers DARKANE have posted the following message on their web site:

"DARKANE has been rehearsing with Peter and so far it doesn't hurt in his wrist anymore but they can't be totally sure yet. DARKANE will play next Saturday the 24th of July at Tullakroksfestivalen in Ängelholm, Sweden. If Peter still doesn't feel any pain after the show DARKANE will immediately start rehearsing and later on record the new album. Let's hope!"

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Darkane album postponed due to wrist injury

Message from Peter

Hello all metal heads!
The recording of the upcoming Darkane album still hasn't started. The reason for this is that my wrists have been ill for one year now. On the tours we did in 2003 I always had more or less pain in my wrists. The last two shows on the Death Angel tour in November were really bad. I almost haven't played any drums since we got back from that tour.

The reason for my wrist problems is that one year ago I rehearsed very hard and for very long hours with the band Time Requiem. We did production rehearsals for four days, about 10 hours a day, with full PA and monitoring system. This was too much for my wrists. On the tour to Japan after those rehearsals my wrists were in constant ache. We had to fulfil the tour and you can actually hear the result on the upcoming live CD with Time Requiem called 'Unleashed in Japan'. After that we did the No Mercy tour with Darkane and my wrists never got the well-deserved rest they needed. As we continued with festivals and more tours for the rest of 2003, of course things didn't get better.

I've tried all kinds of treatment (chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, medicine etc…) with no luck so far. At least one good thing is that the doctors say that there is nothing wrong physically with my wrists and that it is a bad inflammation. Well let's hope that surgery won't be needed!

Anyway, 10 songs are finished for the new CD and Christofer and me are working on an intro right now. Yes, there will be some kind of bombastic intro on the next CD! The plans are to release it in September or October, but of course that depends on my wrists.

Stay metal!


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Darkane on Swedish TV tomorrow night

Darkane will be featured on the swedish TV channel SVT1 on wednesday Dec 10th. The show Musikbyrån will send a report from this years Sweden Rock Festival where Darkane was filmed during their live set and interviewed. Other bands featured on the show will be Motörhead and Anthrax. For more information go to Musikbyråns homepage. The show starts 10:30 pm.

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Sweden's DARKANE have postponed the recording sessions for their fourth album until after their upcoming European tour with DEATH ANGEL. The delay is due to the fact that the group's guitarist Klas Ideberg recently underwent surgery for a slipped disc in his back and also because the band want to spend extra time building their recording studio, according to a post on their web site. A late spring release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.

The following is Ideberg's latest posting on the band's web site:

"Well, hi there everybody! The invalid is back from the dead. The past 3 months has been like hell for me and I haven't been able to walk at all the past 2 months. But now I'm back on my feet again, thanks to the surgery and the morphine, hahaha. I want to thank everybody who has sent me good and bracing words in the guestbook and by mail. This has really made my recovery a fast one. You have definitely encouraged me to do the forthcoming European tour. I will not be able to thrash around like I usually do on stage, so I hope you will have patience for that. I really don't want to miss meeting all you great people out there. Not a chance in life. So, see you all very soon and thanks again. You rule! I love you all!"

As previously reported, DARKANE will teaming up with DEATH ANGEL, DISBELIEF, MNEMIC and MYSTIC PROPHECY for a European tour beginning on November 3 in Paris, France.

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DARKANE just finished the video clip for „Chaos vs. Order" which can be watched on Nuclear Blast website. Ex-vocalist Lawrence Mackrory (Seethings) is featured with a guest appearance, besides the clip will feature excerpts from different gigs such as the Sweden rock festival and the Rock Hard festival. Besides, DARKANE will be on tour with Death Angel, Disbelief, Mnemic and Mystic Prophecy to take a break from the recordings to their fourth album.

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