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14.02Kamelot - To Reissue Ghost Opera With Bonus Features
28.01Forever Slave - To Support Kamelot On Tour
30.11Visions Of Atlantis - Part Ways With Two Members, Kamelot Tour Cancelled
23.10Kamelot - Ghost Opera European Tour Part II 2008
13.09Kamelot - New Video Launched
22.05Kamelot - Japanese Tour Dates
06.05Kamelot - New Video Online
02.04Kamelot - Title Song Online
21.03Kamelot - New Album Details
12.01Leaves' Eyes, Kamelot - North American Tour Announced
06.01Kamelot - New Album Process
26.10Kamelot - 'One Cold Winter's Night' CD And DVD Releases Delayed
13.09Kamelot - Bassist Unable To Play For Some N. American Shows
04.09Kamelot - DVD/CD Entire Details Revealed, North American Tour Dates
06.07Kamelot - Cancel Appearance At Ragnarock Festival

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Kamelot - To Reissue Ghost Opera With Bonus Features

Says in the band in their MySpace bullettin:

"Kamelot will reissue its classic "Ghost Opera" album on March 28 (Germany), March 31 (rest of Europe) and April 8 (USA/Canada) under the title of Ghost Opera - The Second Coming, enhanced with lots of interesting features. The album will be released as a double CD limited edition slipcase design. This sophisticated and comprehensive package includes the CD featuring all the songs from the regular album, plus ten additional live tracks recorded live in Belgrade, Serbia during the band's 2007 World Tour, plus the bonus tracks Season's End, The Pendulous Fall, Epilogue and the remix of Rule the World. Additionally the two videos for The Human Stain and Memento Mori (live) and on top of that, the package features new artwork and a comprehensive booklet."


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 14.02.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (12)

Forever Slave - To Support Kamelot On Tour

Kamelot have posted the following update: "After cancellation of Visions Of Atlantis, we are happy to announce the new opening band Forever Slave from Spain on upcoming European Tour 2008. Welcome boys & girl!"

More info on Gothic Metal band Forever Slave at and


Band profile: Forever Slave
Event: Ghost Opera European Tour Part II
Posted: 28.01.2008 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Visions Of Atlantis - Part Ways With Two Members, Kamelot Tour Cancelled

The following message, regarding the departure of vocalist Melissa Ferlaak and guitarist Wolfgang Koch, was posted on the official website of Symphonic Metallers Visions Of Atlantis:

"Yes, you read right, Melissa, as well as her boyfriend Wolfgang are not in Visions of Atlantis anymore. We were as much shocked about that as you must be, but it is the sad truth. Some people just don't know what the word commitment means...

We (the remaining rest of VoA) want to appologize to all fans out there who believed in us and supported us, we hope you stay loyal with VoA. Of course we are trying to find a substitute for Melissa, we already have one for Wolfgang (to be announced soon). The show must go on... "


Band profile: Visions Of Atlantis
Event: Ghost Opera European Tour Part II
Posted: 30.11.2007 by GT | Comments (7)

Kamelot - Ghost Opera European Tour Part II 2008

Taken from the Kamelot newsletter:

"After the release of their great new album "Ghost Opera", Kamelot will hit the road again and will do shows in main areas of Europe. The album entered a lot of charts in different countries. For example: Norway #25, Sweden #29, Finland #35, USA #48 Indie, Netherlands #51, Germany #61, France #83, Switzerland #83, Greece #23, Japan #13, UK #24 Indie.

With the success of the "Ghost Opera" album fans are demanding more, more, more! Melodic metal masters Kamelot return to select Europe cities for a once in a lifetime tour and stage show. Bringing with them as special guests the Greek heavyweights Firewind and the Austrian/American female fronted group Visions Of Atlantis, this package will be one of the highlights of the year.


Band profile: Kamelot
Event: Ghost Opera European Tour Part II
Posted: 23.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (13)

Kamelot - New Video Launched

Taken from the official newsletter:

"Kamelot is pleased to launch their fantastic second video for the song "The Human Stain" from the album "Ghost Opera". Click here to watch the video."

The track is the title cut off Kamelot's new album, which was released in North America on June 5.


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 13.09.2007 by Lupas | Comments (11)

Kamelot - Japanese Tour Dates

Kamelot's guitarist Thomas Youngblood have announced the dates for their Japanese Tour:

10 Oct 2007 | Tokyo - Shibuya O-East
11 Oct 2007 | Osaka - Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
12 Oct 2007 | Nagoya - Bottom Line
14 Oct 2007 | Yokohama - Yokohama Blitz

Greece Power Metallers Firewind will be the special guest in the tour.


Band profile: Kamelot
Event: Kamelot + Firewind: Japanese Tour
Posted: 22.05.2007 by ToCSiN | Comments (1)

Kamelot - New Video Online

A video for the titeltrack of the new Kamelot album "Ghost Opera" is finally out. You can watch it here or on the new Ghost Opera website.
Ghost Opera is due in store June 1, 2007.


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 06.05.2007 by LeDruide | Comments (8)

Kamelot - Title Song Online

As previously reported (here), SPV records will release a strictly limited single CD of "Ghost Opera" cover] to be handed out to fans attending the European Tour in March, April and May 2007. The first batch of singles were given out for free at the Dutch show on March 29th.

You can listen to the song "Ghost Opera" at YouTube, here.


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 02.04.2007 by Rathma | Comments (12)

Kamelot - New Album Details

The following "Ghost Opera Press Release" has been posted on Kamelot's official website:

After their biggest and most successful releases "The Black Halo" and the critically acclaimed "One Cold Winter's Night" metal pioneers Kamelot return with another studio masterpiece; "Ghost Opera" which will hit stores on these dates:

Germany: June 1
Europe: June 4
USA: June 5

"Ghost Opera" will be Kamelot 's third release via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

"Ghost Opera" was recorded and mixed at Gate Studios and Pathway Studios in Wolfsburg , Germany with producers Sascha Paeth and Miro. Artwork was handled by Mattias Norén with contributions by Alexandra V. Bach, Liliana Sanchez and Derek Gores. A limited-edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus cut "The Pendulous Fall" along with a bonus DVD containing the video for the album's title track, "Ghost Opera", shot by director Ivan Colic of Serbia's ICode Team as well as the making of the "Ghost Opera" video. The Limited Edition will contain a special extended booklet as well.


Band profile: Kamelot
Event: Kamelot: European Tour
Posted: 21.03.2007 by Thryce | Comments (21)

Leaves' Eyes, Kamelot - North American Tour Announced

After just completing a North American tour, which the band found to be quite successful, Leaves' Eyes will be heading the same way in August/September this year. Joining Leaves' Eyes for the tour will be Power Metal band Kamelot.

Here are the dates for the tour:

17.08.2007 - USA - West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
18.08.2007 - USA - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Theatre
19.08.2007 - USA - New York, NY @ B.B. Kings Blues Club
20.08.2007 - USA - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre*
21.08.2007 - USA - Bedford, NH @ Mark's Place*
22.08.2007 - Canada - Montreal, QU @ Medley
23.08.2007 - Canada - Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
24.08.2007 - Canada - Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
25.08.2007 - USA - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's


Band profile: Leaves' Eyes
Event: Kamelot/Leaves' Eyes: North American Tour 2007
Posted: 12.01.2007 by Necrowinter | Comments (4)

Kamelot - New Album Process

Last month, Thomas Youngblood from Kamelot posted a message on their official website telling that he's dying to reveal the ideas and titles of the new songs but he's "sworn to secrecy". They are working on the art with several artists "including one amazing new one from France", he says. Casey has finished recording the drums at Gate Studios in Wolfsburg. Thomas also says: "We are aiming for a release of Spring 2007, followed by the first leg of Europe tour, then to Japan and another run in North America in August."

There's a live video online "When the Lights are Down", taken from the Kamelot's DVD "One Cold Winter's Night". Watch it here:


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 06.01.2007 by Dark_Blood | Comments (6)

Kamelot - 'One Cold Winter's Night' CD And DVD Releases Delayed

Due to "production issues," the North American release date for Kamelot's first-ever DVD and double live CD, entitled "One Cold Winter's Night", has been moved from October 24 to November 21.

"One Cold Winter's Night" was recorded on February 11, 2006 at the historic Rockefeller Musichall in Oslo, Norway. Kamelot enlisted renowned film and video director Patric Ullaeus to chronicle the night's events. Bringing with him from Gothenberg, Sweden, Patric had a large crew of professionals and equipment, including 18 cameras, that would be used in and around the concert grounds.

Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 26.10.2006 by Damnated | Comments (3)

Kamelot - Bassist Unable To Play For Some N. American Shows

Bassist Glenn Barry from Power Metal band Kamelot will be absent from some shows on the band's North American tour. Barry and his wife Kristin will be expecting their second child around the time of the tour, so for that reason he will be away. Royal Anguish bassist Sean Tibbets will be filling in for Barry on the select shows of the first leg of the tour.

In other Kamelot news, two more supports for the band's North American tour have been announced. Aghora and Wolff Pack will join Cryptic Vision, Ben Jackson and Jon Drenning and Dana Burnell from Crimson Glory as supports for Kamelot.

Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 13.09.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (0)

Kamelot - DVD/CD Entire Details Revealed, North American Tour Dates

Kamelot's first DVD entitled 'One Cold Winter's Night' will be released via Steamhammer/SPV on October 30. It will be available as a double DVD , double CD or a 2DVD/2CD doublepack with poster. The track listing is as follows:


01. Intro: Un Assasino Molto Silenzioso
02. The Black Halo
03. Soul Society
04. The Edge of Paradise
05. Center of the Universe
06. Nights of Arabia
07. Abandoned
08. Forever
09. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting
11. Moonlight
12. When The Lights Are Down
13. Elizabeth (Part I, II & III)
14. March of Mephisto
15. Karma
16. Drum Solo
17. Farewell
18. Curtain call/Outro


* Behind the Scenes
* Band interviews
* Making of "The Haunting"


Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 04.09.2006 by Døc | Comments (3)

Kamelot - Cancel Appearance At Ragnarock Festival

Power Metallers Kamelot have said that they will be cancelling their appearance at the upcoming Ragnarock Festival, in Norway. The band cancelled their August 18th and 19th appearances because they haven't received any kind of contract. The band says that it's an unfortunate thing to happen, but out of their control. However Kamelot will be planning for an early 2007 tour that will include Norway.

Here is a statement by KMI Entertainment's Tim Norwood: "We have yet to receive a contract or deposits for this festival. It is unfortunate for the fans since the band was very excited about coming to Norway again, it is simple out of our hands at this point. It also means that we have to reschedule the Helsinki show that was booked in connection with Ragnarock. We are in the middle of planning the European tour for Spring 2007 and we are planning a full run through Norway and Finland".

Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 06.07.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (0)

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