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Turisas - New Song Medley And Artwork

Official press release:

"Imagine a time when warriors strode the earth. A time when battle-painted warrior-poets sang of battles and heady feats of heroism, myth intermingled with fact, and romantic notions of adventure on the high seas sparked the imagination. The time is now, because so-called battle metal maestros Turisas - named after their homeland's ancient god of war - are bringing back the old -school with the sophomore album "The Varangian Way". here for the artwork].

"We definitely have high expectations lined up after the success of our debut album "Battle Metal"", says vocalist and producer Warlord. "Quite often the second album is done in a rush and doesn't live up to the standards of the debut. We took three years to get it right, and there's no doubt about it: "The Varangian Way" tops "Battle Metal" with such ease I almost feel sorry for our debut."

In order to get a first taste check out a medley of two brand-new songs, 'To Holmgard And Beyond' and 'A Portage To The Unknown' at

Another small detail that still emphasizes the uniqueness of "The Varangian Way" is the fact that all solos were played on an electric violin instead of a guitar - and there are many more tiny details that you will notice while listening to the album.

Graphic artist, illustrator and designer John Coulthart (Cradle Of Filth; Hawkwind; poster and cover art for spoken word albums by writer Alan Moore ) did the stunning artwork for this special album that will give you further insight on the brave travelers' journey through the East.

With already confirmed slots at Download (mainstage), Graspop, With Full Force, Rock Hard Festival, Tuska, and plans for a relentless, take-no-prisoners tour already underway, 2007 is the year Turisas take the world by storm.

Grab the nearest sword and wench and join them on their quest - to Holmgard, and beyond!"


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Turisas - Two More Summer Live Dates

Here's the latest news update by Turisas:

"It's been too long since Turisas last raped and pillaged their own home country... The wait is over: the band has been confirmed to play at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki, Finland on 29 June 2007.

Turisas will also be playing their first show in Italy ever, joining forces with the nutters of Korpiklaani for the very special Midsummer Festival taking place in Rome 25 June 2007."


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Turisas - New Album Details Revealed

Finnish folk metallers Turisas strike back with the frenetically awaited follow-up release to 2004's acclaimed debut "Battle Metal". Titled "The Varangian Way", this opulent and inspired masterpiece was recorded at Sound Supreme Studio and then mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studio

Vocalist and producer Warlord explains the complex ideas behind this stunning new opus: "The album is based on a concept story which is fictional, but strongly tied to real historical persons and events. It's a journey of a group of Northmen, who travel down the East-European river route through the lands of modern day East Europe. The album follows this journey and the songs are events that take place on the road. As much as it is a journey of these men, it is also a journey in a search for self and identity - something which the protagonist is going through throughout the story. The varying surroundings can clearly be heard on the album as it features a lot of influences from the different cultures and people our travellers would have encountered on their journey."

"The Varangian Way" will hit stores in Europe in June and will contain the following new battle hymns:

01. To Holmgard And Beyond
02. A Portage To The Unknown
03. Cursed Be Iron
04. Fields Of Gold
05. In The Court Of Jarisleif
06. Five Hundred And One
07. The Dnieper Rapids
08. Miklagard Overture

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Turisas - To Record New Album In November

Folk Metallers Turisas will be entering Sound Supreme Studios in Hämeenlinna, Finland to record their second album. The band will be doing their UK 'Bringing Back The Balls To Europe' tour with Lordi first, then in November they will start the recording sessions. The band will be taking a break from touring after the tour with Lordi, to mainly focus on making the album.

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Turisas - Set To Support Lordi In The UK

Folk Metallers Turisas will be supporting Lordi in the UK on Lordi's 'Bringing Back The Balls To The UK' tour. The tour will occur in October this year. Turisas has just recently gotten a new booking agent: E.G.O. and they've just gotten them the Lordi gig.

Here is a posting on Turisas's official website:

"We are proud to announce our new worldwide booking agent E.G.O. and honoured to be part of their impressive roster. To celebrate the new partnership, Turisas sails out for five shows in the UK together with Eurovision 2006 winners Lordi. You will not want to miss this package!".

Here is the complete list of dates:

October 26th Nottingham - Rock City (UK)
October 27th Birmingham - Academy (UK)
October 29th Manchester - Academy (UK)
October 30th Glasgow - The Carling Academy (UK)
October 31st London - The Forum (UK)

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Turisas - Guitarist Leaves The Band

Guitarist Georg Laakso from the 'Battle' Folk Metal band Turisas has decided he will leave the band. Nine months ago (October 2005) Laakso was involved in a car accident that left him severely injured, and without full mobility from the chest down. He has been slowly recovering, but he will never recover to the point of being able to walk or play guitar anymore. So he has decided to officially leave Turisas.

Here is a statement by Laakso taken from the band's official website: "Nearly nine months has passed since the accident took place, and after six years in the band, I have now come to the point where I am forced to leave Turisas.

I have been diagnosed with spinal cord injury which has an effect on all the functions in my body. In practice it means that nothing from my chest and below is working properly or at all, and I am now tied to a wheelchair - most likely for the rest of my life. Unfortunately my fingers are not working either and it is very unlikely that I will be able to play the guitar - or any instrument for that matter - ever again. To avoid sounding too gloomy I would like to point out that considering the circumstances I should have been dead many times already."

Turisas has been playing for the last nine months with only one guitarist, and they've decided to leave it that way and not replace Laakso.

In other Turisas news, the band is currently working on a new album, that they hope to release early next year.

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Turisas - Guitarist Recovering From Accident

The following message was posted at Turisas' official website:

"Dear friends,

One and a half months has now passed since Georg's car accident took place. We are now happy to tell you that the time of intensive care is finally over and in the rehabilitation process will take over soon. He has now been transferred back to Hämeenlinna Central Hospital where he was yesterday taken off the respirator - meaning that he now is breathing fully on his own - and moved to the regular ward.

His general condition is improving, vital functions are recovering and his kidneys are working again. He is more awake now and even though we haven't been allowed to visit him yet, his family has told us that he is fully conscious and understands what they speak to him, and now that he is no longer connected to the respirator, he is also able to talk.

Both we and Georg's family would like to thank you all for the enormous support you have given both us and Georg during the last one and a half months. You have all played an important role in the battle for Georg's life, which, despite it appearing hopeless at times, has never been given up. Thank you for the hundreds of greetings you have posted in our guestbook and on our forums. They have all been forwarded to the hospital personnel who have been reading them to Georg and the same will be done with all your future greetings as well. A long way still lies ahead, so your support is still more than welcome. Many people have also approached us asking if there's an address where to send possible cards, letters, presents etc. Here it is:

Georg Laakso
Kanta-Hämeen keskussairaala
Osasto 5 B, Huone 1
FIN-13500 Hämeenlinna

We would also like to inform you, that despite the regrettable circumstances, the battle machinery has not, and will not, come to a halt. The work on the new album is progressing and we have also confirmed a row of new shows for 2006 to be announced later. We are hoping to finish the work on the upcoming album by summer 2006 and then directly head out for new battles across Europe. Booking enquiries should be directed to booking


The Members of Turisas"


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Turisas - Update On Georg Laakso's Condition

The band posted the following update about guitarist Georg Laakso's condition and details about his accident on the official website:

"Dear friends,

The last two weeks have been an extremely hard time for us and we hope that you understand how difficult it has been for us to come out with an update on Georg's condition. There have been days when the situation has appeared to be very dark, as well as days bringing good news and glimpses of hope. Georg's condition is now somewhat stable, but still extremely severe and the risk of different complications is still evident. The following part will give you more information on what actually happened and how things have moved on since then.

The accident took place two weeks ago, on the night between Thursday and Friday (27.-28.10.) when, for a reason still unknown, Georg's car swerved off the highway, crashing through an elk-fence before coming to a halt 60 meters farther ahead. The first reports on the accident did not come in before early Friday morning and the first police patrol was at the scene around 8 am. They, however, did not notice the unconscious Georg who was lying on the ground approximately 5 meters from the vehicle. Neither did the following patrol which came to the scene later in the afternoon to add some more police tape in the fence as a signal to the motorists passing by that the police had already been there. Georg was reported missing on Friday afternoon. It was not before 6 pm Georg's brother found him at the scene of the accident and called the emergency number. When Georg was lifted up from the ground his heart stopped beating. At that point he had been lying unconscious on the icy ground for some 12 hours minimum, and his body temperature had gone down to 20.1 °C. No other persons were involved in the accident.

Georg was rushed to Hämeenlinna Central Hospital and later in the night transferred to the intensive care unit at Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki. During this time the nursing staff kept his heart beating by hand for well over four hours. At Meilahti Hospital he was connected to a heart-lung machine and heart operation was started immediately.

During the last two weeks Georg has gone through several operations on his heart, abdomen, feet etc. His body temperature has been raised slowly up towards normal, which has brought up some problems with his right leg not heating up properly due to bad frostbites. He has shown marks of consciousness throughout last week, and has been awake for short periods during the last days, but is still kept under anaesthesia and heavy narcosis most of the time. His heart is now somewhat working on its own, but his breathing is still controlled by a respirator, and there are also problems with his kidneys. Apart from a few broken ribs and a minor fracture in his jaw, the crash did not cause notable external damage. Recent scans have not shown any signs of brain damage either, but at this stage that is still far too early to speculate on.


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Turisas - Guitarist Injured In Traffic Accident

The following message was posted by the members of Turisas on their official website:

"To prevent any more rumours spreading, we need to make the following statement.

Early Friday morning Georg was injured severely in a motor accident outside Hämeenlinna. Due to the unfortunate actions of the authorities, he was found unconscious at the scene of the accident no earlier than 18.00 on Friday evening. Georg is currently being treated at Meilahti hospital in Helsinki. He is still unconscious and in critical condition.

We hope that you respect the anxiety Georg's family and we are feeling at this moment by not posting any questions in our guestbook or forums. We are actively monitoring the situation and will give more information on Georg's condition when we know more.


The members of Turisas"

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Turisas - A New Video Online

A video clip of the Finnish "pagan battle metal" act Turisas performing the song "Battle Metal" live at the Tuska Festival 2004 in Helsinki, Finland has been posted online at the German Metal Hammer web site. Check it out at

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Turisas signed with Century Media and new album

The finnish battle metalers Turisas, sign a deal with Century Media and will be putting out their new album "Battle Metal" on July 26th, 2004. The album produced by Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Morgul, ...) was recorded in France (at Sound Suite Studios). You can hear a new sound at

here you have the impresions of the frontman Warlord: "Finally, after years of work we have something to present to all the people who have stood by our side so far and to all the ones to whom TURISAS is/will be an interesting newcomer. ''Battle Metal'' is - as almost all debut albums tend to be - a collection of songs written during a six-year period between the founding year 1997 and 2003, but it doesn't suffer from the usual unevenness common to most debuts. From the first second to the last, "Battle Metal" is powerful orchestrations, catchy folkishness and the glory and the brutality of the battlefields - all bound together by an open-minded approach and pure progressiveness. This album is definitely something fresh in the whole scene and we hope you will find it as powerful and inspiring as we do ourselves."
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