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27.02Korn - Being Sued By Former Drummer David Silveria
24.10Broken Hope - Kicked Off Deicide Tour, Update On Fan Stabbing
28.03Scion Rock Fest 2013 - Full Lineup Revealed
16.07Five Finger Death Punch - Announce New Single

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Korn - Being Sued By Former Drummer David Silveria

According to TMZ, founding Korn drummer David Silveria is suing his former band claiming his 2006 departure from the group was just a hiatus and that he was ready to return to the band in 2013 but they turned him away. Furthermore, David Silveria claims he still has ownership interest in Korn, and is looking for his cut of the band's profits since he left.


Source: tmz.com
Band profile: Korn
Posted: 27.02.2015 by IchZerstörteSie | Comments (14)

Broken Hope - Kicked Off Deicide Tour, Update On Fan Stabbing

After the violence during their set in El Paso, death metallers Broken Hope have now been taken off the No Salvation Tour, with just two shows to go, reportedly by Deicide's Glen Benton. Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner has issued a statement on the band's Facebook page which has since been removed. Deicide still haven't commented on the matter. There are also new developments about the incident during their set at Tricky Falls. The El Paso Police arrested a 30-year-old man they allege attacked three people while inside the Tricky Falls on Tuesday night during the concert. There was a scuffle with the victims and he pulled out a box cutter and slashed them.


Source: twitter.com
Band profile: Broken Hope
Posted: 24.10.2013 by IchZerstörteSie | Comments (18)

Scion Rock Fest 2013 - Full Lineup Revealed

After revealing part of the bands last week, Scion Rock Fest 2013 has now announced the entirety of their 2013 lineup which this year happens in Memphis, Tennessee on June 1st. Scion A/V does cool things like releasing free EPs, videos and supporting tours. The company also has a yearly free musical festival, Scion Rock Fest. You can take a look at the entire bill now unveiled as well as the flyer below.


Source: scionav.com
Event: Scion Rock Fest 2013
Posted: 28.03.2013 by IchZerstorteSie | Comments (0)

Five Finger Death Punch - Announce New Single

Five Finger Death Punch have announced the first single, Under and Over It, off their forthcoming third album called American Capitalist, will be released on July 27th.

The new album, which will contain at least 14 tracks, is tentatively scheduled for a September release.

The song "Under and Over It" will debut at Revolvermag.com on Wednesday, July 27th.


Source: revolvermag.com
Band profile: Five Finger Death Punch
Posted: 16.07.2011 by IchZerstorteSie | Comments (0)