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26.06Ixion - New Album Completed
25.01Ixion - Two Albums In Production

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Ixion - New Album Completed

The French atmospheric doom metal band Ixion has announced that their upcoming album is ready for release. It has been mastered at Upload-studio, and the work on the artwork and pictures is also completed. The band is currently searching for a label to release it.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Ixion
Posted: 26.06.2015 by Ixion - Julien | Comments (5)

Ixion - Two Albums In Production

Ixion, the French atmospheric doom metal act, has released a teaser to announce two albums in production this year. You will do well to remember that the band's debut To The Void was released back in 2011 to much praise. The band is currently recording the new material.


Source: ixiondoom.com
Band profile: Ixion
Posted: 25.01.2014 by Ixion - Julien | Comments (6)