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10.04Draconian - New Album Update

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Draconian - New Album Update

The upcoming new Draconian album, A Rose for the Apocalypse, will be released on June 23rd through Napalm Records. A limited beautiful digi-pack version with one bonus song will be available.

Vocalist Anders Jacobsson issued the following update: "We are sorry for keeping the lid on during the writing and recording process of this album. It has been a quite hard route, at least for me, to get things right and in order. I guess, most art is flowing without restraint and changes during the time of its construction, and sometimes even the artist him/herself needs time to comprehend it.

Jens Bogren of Fascination Street sprinkled his magic over the songs during the production- and mixing process and each and every song found its way. We are grateful to have such a committed producer and we can only feel blessed by the experience to once again have made another album reality at Fascination Street.


Source: draconian.se
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Posted: 10.04.2011 by Natassja | Comments (29)