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Towersound - Sign With Brennus Music!

Hi everybody!

Towersound, new melodic metal band has just signed up with Brennus, "The french melodic metal label".

Our first album will be officialy released on April 2005, an excerpt of each song awaits you on our website. ( at )

Musical salutations, Lonn, Guitarist & Webmaster.
Towersound's Band --]
Brennus's Label --]
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Forever Slave - News

The band FOREVER SLAVE has started to film their upcoming video clip: Ophelia´s Eyes.

You can find this song in their new cd Resurrection where you will find dark ambients, violins, chorus, a main female voice by the gothic model LADY ANGELLYCA and powerful guitars by Servalath and Oswalth in this cd. Besides Kristian Gundersen (guitar and singer in bands like SIRENIA) collaborates in lyrics.

You can find more info in

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Kataklysm - shooting video in LA

Canadian hyper blasters KATAKLYSM are going to shoot a new video for their "Serenity In Fire" track 'The Resurrected'. The filming is supposed to take place in Los Angeles on November 6th together with director Joe Lynch.

In other news, the guys continue working on their upcoming DVD "The Test Of Time" which shall be released in ate 2005: The DVD will include live and behind the scenes footage of the "No More Serenity" tour as well as all of the band's video clips, interviews and a "making of" of their next studio album.

On October 1st, the "No More Serenity" European tour will start in the Netherlands, followed by an US tour.

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Voivod - A new album in progress

" Attention! Attention! Attention! All friends in the Multiverse.

The Voivod is alive and well in the land of ice. Currently, there are approximately 25 songs in progress for the next recordings. Mssr. Piggy is churning up evil with some very metal riffage and leading the way as we are charting our course of execution for the months ahead.

As of now, we plan to return to the same rooms with the same helmsman of the Nothingface era. (Translation: Away, Snake, Piggy, and Jasonic make some serious new Voivodian noise in Montreal with Glen Robinson producing.) This is our dream, this is our quest.

So, as the world spins faster everyday, we will make our music, our way, when everything aligns. In time, the Voivod again will rise! Listen closely for the 2005...

We look forward to sharing the metal with our people. Until we see you...

Keep It Heavy,


P.S. Check out the 20th Anniversary "War and Pain" release from Metal Blade. Awesome true old school! "

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Ensiferum: Petri Lindroos on board for tour

Ensiferum's second album "Iron" is in stores now. However, there is no album releasing in some countries so if you cannot find the album, ask it from the distributor or your local record dealer.

Ensiferum hasn't yet found a new singer-guitarist, but Petri Lindroos (Norther) has been negotiating with the band if he'd stay as a regular member in the band. It is certain though that Petri is doing the Ensiferum concerts this year.

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UK Management looking for unsigned bands!

If you're still playing in an unsigned band, here is a contact for you:

Sarah Bowden
Head Of Music
Avalon Music Management
Avalon Management Group Ltd
4a Exmoor Street
W10 6BD

T: 020 7598 8000
F: 020 7598 7300
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Masterplan: new album delayed to 2005

After 8 month of songwriting Masterplan is ready to record the second album.

"We are really happy and proud of the new material!"

The new CD will contain about 11 songs. This time all bandmembers appeared as songwriters. Songwriting took place in Hamburg, Aachen, Los Angeles, Slovakia and Norway.

Roy Z. was helping as a good friend and for a couple of songs he was an "inspirator / arranger". Once again Andy Sneap and Masterplan are producing the new Album together in the "Crazy Cat" Studio in Hamburg. The mixing will be done at "Finnvox Studios" in Helsinki by Mikko Karmila. Mastering by Mika Jussila.

The album is scheduled to be released in the end of January 2005 through AFM Records and Marquee (for Japan and South East Asia).

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Darkane rehearsing material for new album

Swedish thrashers DARKANE have posted the following message on their web site:

"DARKANE has been rehearsing with Peter and so far it doesn't hurt in his wrist anymore but they can't be totally sure yet. DARKANE will play next Saturday the 24th of July at Tullakroksfestivalen in Ängelholm, Sweden. If Peter still doesn't feel any pain after the show DARKANE will immediately start rehearsing and later on record the new album. Let's hope!"

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Massemord break due to arm injury

Due to a car crash Massemord's leader Warmachine has broken his arm and has stopped the recording sessions of the fourth CD. Meanwhile, the third CD will be out on June 28th.
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Massemord update

We're glad to inform you that the ONLY official MASSEMORD website is online and available
Moreover new MASSEMORD cd will be out on June 14th from THE OATH productions
and will be titled "new millennium holocaust" (split cd with SVARTSKOGG).
Mp3 samplers can be heard at

Thank you.

Massemord crew
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Winds - European release for new album!

We have just received confirmation on the release date being set to July 12th, 2004 for the European version of The Imaginary Direction of Time. As previously announced it will be released on our American label The End Records in collaboration with UK label/distribution company Plastic Head Records.

This will be one of The End Records' first international releases so it marks a historic event as well, and we are very excited to collaborate with a company like Plastic Head that has been a pioneer in the music industry for years. We hope to achieve great things with them and also we hope for your continued interest and support as our third CD hits the stores in Europe very soon.

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Falconer is up for a line-up change

Once again Falconer is up for a line-up change.
Second guitarist Anders Johansson and
bass player Peder Johansson are out.

A big discussion took place after the gig in Motala (Swe)
as we started to talk about the future of Falconer.
Two camps quickly formed about the issue.
The talk started to get more and more aggressive
until it took an ugly turn as Peder started
to let his hands do the talking, but luckily Kristoffer
stepped in and stopped it from getting really bad.

Although our intoxicated state of mind probably made
the argument worse, it has left deep scars.
After this incident the contacts has been very chilly
with especially Peder but also Anders.

Karsten, Kristoffer and I believe that the tension will undermine
the future atmosphere of the band if they were to stay.
It's better to go our separate ways and let them follow their
ideas with their other band Guineapigs.

We don't think nor hope that Peder and Anders have a different
opinion about the decision we have taken.

Stefan, Kristoffer and Karsten.

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Winds: "The Imaginary Direction of Time"

"The Imaginary Direction of Time" has been out in the US for almost a month. It is doing really well and it has hosted some spectacular reviews.

In true tradition, at the time of this release we are already far into the writing process of our next album. We are about half way done with the basic compositions so far, and the material we're working on is without doubt the most different from anything we've ever done.

Lastly, we would like to offer to our European fans our sincere apologies for the fact that the album is still not available in Europe. We do have in place a distribution agreement with Plastic Head Records and they are working dilligently on getting the album ready for a European release very soon. We appreciate your patience and promise that it will be worth the wait.

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Zyklon news update

Soooo...Trym has just completed a month long US tour with Satyricon as a replacement for Frost. Zyklon actually performed one show in north of Norway with Frost while he was away. During this time Samoth has actively been working on pre-production for some new material and now that Trym is back home the band can get started on rehearsing new ideas.

Zyklon will be playing at the Party San Open Air festival in Germany on the 13th of August, and as of now this is the only confirmed show this summer. The band will focus on the new material in the next months, so there will be less activity on the live front for a while. It is, of course, very unfortunate that the band was never able to secure a US tour in connection with "Aeon", but hopefully next time! However, the "Psyklon Aeon" video should be hitting the US airways anytime now!

There might be some DVD material available soon too. The band was filmed at this year's Inferno Festival and it looks like there might be a festival DVD. More news to follow! Ok folks, that's it for now. Enjoy the summer!

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Saviour Machine: Legend Part III:II finally!

Hello friends....I know this LONG overdue....I thank you for your patience!

So, here's an attempt to update you on the progress of Legend Part III:II....

After 3 years of a grueling "pre-production" process and a 6 month sabbatical to produce "LID2002," the principal recording of Legend Part III:II finally began last October here in California! The past 6 months have been "interesting" to say the least! ; ) Joshua and I began the process of recording all midi based material on October 15th....our production schedule was based on a 60 day recording plan....ALL orchestral-percussion programming/FX/samples/segues would be recorded over a 60 day production
schedule ("phase 1" of recording). 60 days = 2 months....right? Well, not
really....not if you are only able to work together on the weekends due to
numerous "other" responsibilities and work schedules during the week....
60 days now = 6 months....just do the math! ; )

After our first weekend of production in mid October, our second weekend had
to be canceled abruptly due to the California fires which broke out that week!
The enormous Waterman Canyon fire which devastated and consumed over
1000 homes, burned within less than 200 yards of the studio....the entire area
was evacuated....needles to say, we nearly lost the production before it ever
really got started....fortunately, that was NOT the case and we were able to
resume production a few weeks's that for "dodging an arrow?" ; )

As scheduled, after six months we have completed "phase 1" of recording and
we're gearing up for "phase 2" which begins next Saturday (May 1st) in Sweden!
Providing that my plane does not plummet into the Atlantic Ocean, ; ) I will arrive
in Sweden next Friday (April 30th). That evening, I will perform a few songs on
stage with Narnia, return with CJG to his home and most likely, drop dead from
from exhaustion due to the fact that I will have probably been awake for nearly
36 hours at that point! ; ) "Phase 2" of recording will begin the following day....

"Phase 2" will be the most intense, the most elaborate and most crucial part of
the recording for this album....your prayers are VERY welcome! ; ) During my
3 1/2 weeks in Sweden, we will be recording drums, guitars and lead vocals!
On May 27th, I will fly from Sweden to Germany in order to record the choral
arrangements in Wurzburg before returning home to California on May 31st!


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