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Therion announcing World Tour 2004

Hello everyone!

As you can see in the tour section, we're now in the process of the scheduling of the next world tour. At the moment only the Latin American shows are booked and have a date. This part of the world is the only one were we will tour as a headline act though. We are at this moment looking what options there are for us to go together with other bands in Europe and USA/Canada. In Europe we could tour headline like the last two times, but we feel like we want to get on to something bigger. It's great to play only in front of our own fans, but it is also cool to have a bit of a challange and play in front of crowds that only partly consist of people that know our albums. We're looking for some cool band that plays music we like and a band that we respect. At the moment we have a suggestion that I perticulary like and hope is going to happen. If we can get that to happen it would be a total killer package for you guys in Europe - I'll be telling you as soon as we know (if it happens and then of course with which band it is, it's still a secret).

In USA/Canada will still have some way to go before it would be a successful idea to play headline, so as this will be our first time over there we simply have to do the same work, as we once did in Europe many years ago and open up for other bigger bands. This is something we look forward a lot to though. Therion is a band that never had anything for free and the success we have always tastes better if we know that we have earned it by hard work and that we are a band that really deserves it.

We also have a new drummer that's gonna do the touring with us. His name is Petter and he's a pretty unknown talent (except for those well initiated in the Stockholm music life) that used to play in a band called Master Massive. We'll give you more news on this topic as time goes by.

Christofer Johnsson, Fri, 19. March 2004

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Madder Mortem in studio

The Madders have entered Space Valley Studios (just outside of Hamar) to record the upcoming as yet untitled album. It will include 12 songs and some songtitles:
"My Name Is Silence", "Evasions" , "Plague", "M for Malice", "Changeling", "Hypnos" , "Hangman"

According to the band: "In some ways it's even meaner , maybe not that depressive, but obviously pretty creepy and dark. While Deadlands had a really homogenic feel to it, this one's going differ more to the various extremes and have a more restless and frustrated vibe. More experimental and crazy ideas, heavier and more various forms of playing in all instruments and vocals. There's quite a few suprises waiting for everyone."


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Mob Rules, new album

Four regular albums in five years, tours with Savatage, Helloween, Rage, Company of Snakes, Ivory Tower, the Wacken Road Show 2003 plus countless gigs with Rhapsody, Doro, Scorpions, Symphony X and Silent Force in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland: Mob Rules are currently one of Europe's most industrious metal acts.

Their current release, Among The Gods, proves once more that their greatest strengths lie in their constancy and determination - after all the band still operate in their original line-up. A rare exception, not only in our fast-moving times in general, but particularly in the metal genre, which has frequently been referred to as a "travelling circus with an ever-changing line-up".

Vocalist Klaus Dirks hits the nail on the head when he says: "Others only preach the fairytale of loyalty and honesty, we actually live this philosophy."

Among The Gods was released on May, 17th 2004.

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Blaze new album is coming!

When it comes to Blaze Bayley, the sincerity of his music ranks at the very top of his personal maxims, which explains his pride in his most recent studio recording. "Blood And Belief is one-hundred per cent honest and unaffected," he comments on the strengths of his latest offering.

"Every song that was played, every lyric, every vocal line comes straight from the heart. The tracks are heavy but at the same time extremely melodic, in other words: a perfect balance of power and soul." British-born Bayley takes up where his previous three releases, Silicon Messiah (1999), Tenth Dimension (2002) and As Live As It Gets (2003), which impressed his fans with similar directives, left off.

Blood And Belief is contemporary heavy metal full of energy, life-blood and honesty, produced by an artist who has put together his experiences from the last fifteen years into an impressively high-powered achievement. Blaze 2004 is stronger than ever before.

01 Alive
02 Ten Seconds
03 Blood And Belief
04 Life And Death
05 Tearing Myself To Pieces
06 Hollow Head
07 Will To Win
08 Regret
09 The Path & The Way
10 Soundtrack Of My Life

Blaze Bayley - vocals
Steve Wray - guitars
John Slater - guitars
Wayne Banks - bass

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BLS' Bassist James Lomenzo signs on for Ozzfest

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will be utilizing the services of bassist James Lomenzo (PRIDE & GLORY, DAVID LEE ROTH, WHITE LION) during their main-stage appearance at this year's Ozzfest, according to Since BLACK SABBATH have been announced as the headliners of this year's festival, OZZY OSBOURNE's solo band which features BLACK LABEL SOCIETY frontman Zakk Wylde on guitar will no longer be performing at the event.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will be touring in support of their latest release, "Hangover Music Vol. VI", which was released last month through Spitfire Records. The CD is mostly acoustic- and piano-based, much like Zakk's 1996 solo album "Book Of Shadows". Mike Inez (ALICE IN CHAINS, OZZY OSBOURNE), Lomenzo and J.D. all share bass duties on the album while drummer John Tempesta (ROB ZOMBIE, TESTAMENT, EXODUS) makes a guest appearance on one track.

"Hangover Music Vol. VI" marks BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's final album for Spitfire Records under the terms of the group's present agreement with the label.

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Iced Earth update

ICED EARTH have been forced to postpone their previously announced Japanese tour due to the recent departure of drummer Richard Christy. "Though we tried everything in our power to keep this from happening we have no other alternative," ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer writes on the group's web site. The affected dates are as follows:

May 25 - Osaka, JPN @ Shinsaibashi Club Quattro
May 26 - Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya O-East
May 27 - Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya Club Quattro

As previously reported, ICED EARTH's final show with Richard Christy will take place on Thursday (May 20) at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Replacing Christy for the second leg of the group's North American tour will be former HALFORD/RIOT drummer Bobby Jarzombek. ICED EARTH will resume touring on June 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Support on the upcoming tour will come from BEYOND THE EMBRACE and TRIVIUM.

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Aneroxia Nervosa: "Era III", new deal new album

It's now official, after four years of collaboration and three outstanding recordings, Anorexia Nervosa has now left its label Osmose Productions.

The band is proud to announce that it has signed with Listenable Records for Europe, SoundHolic Records for Japan, and that a licence deal is currently being negociated with several important labels in the USA.

After a year spent on working on new songs, Anorexia Nervosa has finally hit the Drudenhaus Studios to record their long-awaited fourth album, as yet untitled.
Here are some exclusive track names :

- Antinferno
- Sister September
- Codex - Veritas

Here are also some few words that our beloved webmaster has succeeded in taking out from the band : "The orchestrations are the most powerful ones that we ever did. The album will feature choirs, horns, heavy riffs, trance-like moments. It will stay 100% Anorexia Nervosa, but with a new atmosphere, something very solemn, warlike, and at the same time completely histerical. This is probably the single most ambitious thing that we ever took part in."

The album will be mastered by Björn Engelmann from Sweden (Rammstein, Hypocrisy, In Flames) at the Cutting Room, and should be out somewhere around october 2004. The band will hit the road at the same time, be ready!!!

As for the longest-awaited "Suicide Is Sexy" hand-signed collector, it has FINALLY gone to press, and now nothing could prevent it from being released by the end of May!

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Andromeda - III

As we all espected Andromeda has started recording their third album. This happened in last few weeks. It's still unknown how long will this take... I just can't wait to hear what band has to offer with their new work... Can you? I think that this waiting will pay off when new album is released!

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SYL - New Deal, New DVD, New Album

The maniacal Canadians STRAPPING YOUNG LAD have officially re-signed with Century Media Records worldwide and are already hard at work on the follow-up to their critically acclaimed SYL album. The group also just completed their first DVD, which is set for a late summer release. The DVD features a full set from the band's sold-out hometown show at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver recorded earlier this year, plus some hilarious backstage antics and video clips. Expect a new STRAPPING YOUNG LAD studio album to surface early next year, which you know will be well worth the wait.

SYL mastermind Devin Townsend (vocals, guitars) checks in with the following update on the group's current activities,

"Here-de-scoop... the SYL DVD is really quite INSANE looking. Marcus Rogers, who shot the 'Relentless' video, put together the entire thing. It features interviews, a really sick show, crushing audio and cool graphics. This will hopefully be the product that shows more people how fucking bad-ass we actually are as a live force. I wanted to call it 'for those aboot to rock'...but was promptly outvoted. Byron Stroud (bass) is rocking the globe with Fear Factory right now, this is killer for many reasons. He gets to keep doing what he loves with good friends behind a smokin' new record, while affording sir Gene Hoglan and myself the opportunity to fuck each other up with new SYL material as we prepare the new record. You heard it right folks, the mighty SYL have re-signed a deal with longtime partners in crime Century Media Records to make not only the DVD, but also two more full-length discs!!! FUCK YEAH! METAL!!! I personally have had some mighty brainstorms on the Strapping creative front... Black Infinity, Space Metal, Zen, Physics, Spirit, Death, Void, Birth, you name it. The last record, SYL, as cool as it was, can be expanded on now in so many ways. The commitment is there, and where SYL was to be the bludgeoning, classic heavy metal live anthem record, the new material is just FUCKED. More chaos, more loops, more echos, more chaos more chaos more chaos, and it is BEAUTIFUL this time around as well. I've been talking to my old buddy Daniel Bergstrand, who was responsible for the sonics on City, and there's a real good possibility that we will come together for the new material. New songs: Love, Imperial, Jux, Black Infinite, Zen Of Metal. Stay tuned for more SYL than you can shake a comb at."

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SOILWORK - to extend contract with Nuclear Blast

SOILWORK, hottest Swedish Melodic Death Metal export beside IN FLAMES, have extended their contract with Nuclear Blast. Soon Björn Strid & Co will delight the fans with a new album in the vein of killer records like "Natural Born Chaos" or "Figure No. 5" - but before that, SOILWORK are going to shoot a video clip for the track 'Departure Plan' and play at some summer open airs, e.g. the With Full Force Festival.

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BAL-SAGOTH - new album finished soon!

UK-based Black/Death quintet BAL-SAGOTH has nearly finished the writing of the long awaited sixth studio album and will enter the studio soon. The yet untitled record shall be released during the fourth quarter of 2004 through Nuclear Blast.

Furthermore drummer Dave Mackintosh has decided to leave the band to concentrate full time on his other musical projects. BAL-SAGOTH's show at the Wacken Open Air 2004 will be Dave's final concert with the band. A new drummer shall be announced soon.

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Eternal Gray: Deed Of Hate EP

We are happy to announce about our next release: a unique EP titled DEEDS OF HATE!
This will be a unique piece of Eternal Gray which will be released in 1000 HAND NUMBERED copies only!
DEEDS OF HATE includes 5 NEW tracks, in which only one of them will appear in YOUR GODS, MY ENEMIES - the full length album scheduled to early 2005.
DEEDS OF HATE is the only way you can find those songs!

Recordings went awesome and this time we upgraded to 7 strings guitars, so it sounds much heavier.
The songs are definitely faster and heavier then KINDLESS and the sound is much more sharp and dark.

The exact release date will be published pretty soon, but it is scheduled to somewhere around early of July.

Line up for DEEDS OF HATE:
Roy Hen: Drums
Gil Ben-Ya'akov: Bass Guitar
Dory Bar-Or: Guitars and keyboard

Recorded at "GROOVE" studios Israel
Produced by Dory Bar-Or at Dark D.Vision
Sound engineering: Dory Bar-Or and GROOVE

Pictures from the studio and a promo view of the front cover will be published on the official website soon, so stay tuned!

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Kataklysm - 'The Test of Time' DVD

Kataklysm will start filming live and behind the scenes footage for theire upcoming world tour in support of the new album 'Serenity In fire', the band will compile footage until the summer next year and will also record the making of their next studio album (which will be the band's self titled release). The DVD will also include all the band's video clips and exclusive interviews.

The band has starting collecting and searching for video footage as far back as their debut in the early 90's (anyone who has some killer old Kataklysm home videos please get in touch with management at

The DVD will mark Kataklysm's 15th anniversary, so come meet the band in a city near you and show you devils horns to the world!

Kataklysm's "The Test of Time" DVD will be released in late 2005.

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Malevolent Creation: new album "Warkult" completed

Florida's Death Metal maniacs MALEVOLENT CREATION have completed their ninth studio album named "Warkult". Stated to be the band's most diverse and punishing record to date, "Warcult" was recorded at Liquid Ghost Recording Studio in Boca Raton, FL, by Phil Plaskon, produced and mixed by producer Jean Francois Degenais (KATAKLYSM) and mastered by Bernard Belley in Montreal, Canada.

The album also marks the return of long time drummer Dave Culross back in the line up.

"Warkult" shall be released on June 28th across Europe, in the USA and other territories about a month later.

Tracklist "Warkult":

01) Dead March
02) Preemtive Strike
03) Supremacy Through Annihilation
04) Murder Reigns
05) Captured
06) Merciless
07) Section 8
08) On Grounds Of Battle
09) Tyrannic Oppression
10) Ravaged By Conflict
11) Shock And Awe
12) Jack The Ripper * (bonus track) Cover song from Australian cult thrash gods Hobbs Angel Of Death.


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Therion touring news

Sweden's Symphonic Metal experts THERION are busy planning their next world tour. So far, only some dates at European summer festivals and in South America are confirmed yet, but the band will definitely figure out more possibilities to play live, especially in Europe and the USA/Canada.

THERION also have announced a talented new drummer, Petter (MASTER MASSIVE), who'll join the band on touring.

The band's new masterpiece, the double album "Sirius B / Lemuria", will be released on May 24th.

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