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26.03Edguy in the charts with Hellfire Club
16.03Grave Digger new clip and new album
06.03Iron Maiden release special souvenir EP
03.03Dreamtale working on new album
01.03Darkane album postponed due to wrist injury
07.02Vomitory, "Primal Massacre" scheduled for April
16.01Threshold Live-Double Album and Live-DVD
 New drummer on tour for Graveworm
 Kataklysm new single available for download
 Thunderstone: new clip finished and other news
09.01Behemoth set title for new album
06.01Metal Storm earned 6th position in best webzines
05.12New Carpathian Forest album
 Dark Funeral live album through Regain Records
 Jason Newsted leaves Ozzy Osbourne

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Edguy in the charts with Hellfire Club

With "Hellfire Club", EDGUY already now have their most successful album ready to go! The single "King Of Fools" has been staying in the German single charts for already six weeks and got presented two times in the McDonalds Chart show on Pro7. On Monday, March 15th, EDGUY's new album "Hellfire Club" got in stores and hit the german charts on #26. Also the album reaches the following positions.

Here they are:

#22 Finland
#6 Sweden
#69 Austria
#81 Switzerland
#54 France
#35 Hungary

Band profile: Edguy
Posted: 26.03.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Grave Digger new clip and new album

"Valhalla", the new video of the German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER, is now available on the band's official homepage in Quicktime format. The clip was filmed in Pratteln (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), Lichtenfels (Germany) and Bochum (Germany) during GRAVE DIGGER's "Rheingold World Tour" in January.

In other news, GRAVE DIGGER plan to release a new album on 17th January 2005 via Nuclear Blast. A world tour will follow soon afterwards, starting in April 2005.

Band profile: Grave Digger
Posted: 16.03.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Iron Maiden release special souvenir EP

In recognition of their highly successful tour and critically acclaimed No 1 international album, IRON MAIDEN thank their fans by releasing a very special CD on 29th March 2004.

'NO MORE LIES' the 7 minute epic from the 'Dance Of Death' album will open the specially formatted and unique Collectors EP CD. Packaged in a silver and red printed box with free Woven Jacquard IRON MAIDEN wristband and 12 page colour booklet the EP celebrates what has been a remarkable year since the band completed recording 'Dance Of Death'. Iron Maiden hit the road in May 2003 and have subsequently played to 1.5 million people in 28 countries across 4 continents along the way. From headlining every major rock festival in Europe to selling out football stadium dates of their own, the band have continued to show they continue to be one of Britain's greatest rock exports.


Band profile: Iron Maiden
Posted: 06.03.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Dreamtale working on new album

The third album is coming up. The guys are entering Fantom-studios at the end of March 2004 to preproduce their 3rd full-lenght album. Stay tuned for more updates during this spring.

Band profile: Dreamtale
Posted: 03.03.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Darkane album postponed due to wrist injury

Message from Peter

Hello all metal heads!
The recording of the upcoming Darkane album still hasn't started. The reason for this is that my wrists have been ill for one year now. On the tours we did in 2003 I always had more or less pain in my wrists. The last two shows on the Death Angel tour in November were really bad. I almost haven't played any drums since we got back from that tour.

The reason for my wrist problems is that one year ago I rehearsed very hard and for very long hours with the band Time Requiem. We did production rehearsals for four days, about 10 hours a day, with full PA and monitoring system. This was too much for my wrists. On the tour to Japan after those rehearsals my wrists were in constant ache. We had to fulfil the tour and you can actually hear the result on the upcoming live CD with Time Requiem called 'Unleashed in Japan'. After that we did the No Mercy tour with Darkane and my wrists never got the well-deserved rest they needed. As we continued with festivals and more tours for the rest of 2003, of course things didn't get better.


Band profile: Darkane
Posted: 01.03.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Vomitory, "Primal Massacre" scheduled for April

It was recorded in studio Kuling with Henrik Larsson and mixed in Berno Studio. The album includes 10 songs of brutal, non compromising Death Metal. The artwork for the album was provided by Juan Jose Castellano and it's the most brutal artwork Vomitory used so far.

"It's a killer album! As always nothing for the weak hearted" says guitar player Ulf Dalegren.

Here's the tracklisting:

01. Primal Massacre
02. Gore Apocalypse
03. Stray Bullet Kill
04. Epidemic (Created To Kill)
05. Demons Divine
06. Autopsy Extravaganza
07. Retaliation
08. Condemned by pride
09. Cursed Revelations
10.. Chainsaw Surgery

"Primal Massacre" will be released the 19th of April, 2004 through Metal Blade Records.

Band profile: Vomitory
Posted: 07.02.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Threshold Live-Double Album and Live-DVD

On February 2nd Threshold will release there first ever Live-Double Album and Live-DVD. The Double CD featuring the 2 hour gig, which was recorded on the 6th of June in Holland. The DVD includes the complete concert, additional 24 minutes from ProgPower USA 2002, a 12 minute tour documentary, audio commentary from Karl Groom and Richard West and a stereo and 5.1 surround mix. 'Critical Energy' will be also available as Limited Deluxe DVD-Pak.

Band profile: Threshold
Posted: 16.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

New drummer on tour for Graveworm

Austrias former ABIGOR and current DARKWELL & SHADOWCAST Drummer Moritz Neuner will support the famous Italian Gothic/Black Metal-Act GRAVEWORM on drums during the upcoming year 2004 instead of Martin Innerbichler who will concentrate the whole year in growing static buildings! After the very successful X-MAS-Festival-Tour 2003 GRAVEWORM just writes new material for their follow up to 2003's "Engraved in Black" CD via NUCLEAR BLAST! Several Festival-dates round the world are booked.

Source: Nuclear Blast Records
Band profile: Graveworm
Posted: 16.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Kataklysm new single available for download

The Canadian Hyper Blasters KATAKLYSM kick off the new year 2004 by releasing the song 'The Ambassador Of Pain' from their upcoming album "Serenity In Fire" (Release: 22rd March 2004) as MP3 for free downloading on their official website.

Source: Nuclear Blast Records
Band profile: Kataklysm
Posted: 16.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Thunderstone: new clip finished and other news

Finnsh power metallers THUNDERSTONE have completed the clip for 'Until We Touch The Burning Sun'. The song is taken from the new album "The Burning" which is in stores since monday. In spring THUNDERSTONE will set off for a big European tour together with PRIMAL FEAR and ICED EARTH, beginning on March 18th in the Dutch city of Tilburg.

In other news the band has just relaunched their website. Check it out at

Source: Nuclear Blast Records
Band profile: Thunderstone
Posted: 16.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Behemoth set title for new album

According to a posting on their website (, BEHEMOTH have begun working on new material under the working title Demigod, due out in late 2004 through Regain Records (Europe), Century Media (North America and South America) and Mystic (Poland).

The follow-up to 2002's Zos Kia Cultus - Here And Beyond will feature the following lineup: Nergal- guitars and vocals, Inferno - drums and Seth - bass, guitars.

"2003 was probably the most hard working period in band's history," Nergal commented. "Especially the US leg of Zos Kia tour, more than 60 shows that we played, was a breaking point for Behemoth. We took a very short break after last shows, and now we focus totally on writing."


Band profile: Behemoth
Posted: 09.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Metal Storm earned 6th position in best webzines

Metal Storm earned 6th position in best webzines in the latest top10 published in the French magazine Metallian.

The site is above other well-known metal pages such as to name one.

So keep up supporting us guys, we have a strong team and we are heading toward number one!
Posted: 06.01.2004 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

New Carpathian Forest album

Carpathian Forest will release their new album "Skjend Hans Lik" on April 19th, 2004 through France's Season Of Mist. The album contains new songs and the legendary demo recordings "Bloodlust And Perversion" from 1992.

Also Nattefrost, the Carpathian Forest mastermind, will release his debut solo album "Blood And Vomit" on February 23rd, 2004. Unlimited by the boundaries of being in a band, Nattefrost unleashes hatred on an unsuspecting and deserving world. Don't expect anything else but pure, raw, non-politically correct, and necro TRUE Black Metal!

Band profile: Carpathian Forest
Posted: 05.12.2003 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Dark Funeral live album through Regain Records


We are proud to announce that that tight blood bounds have been tied
between us, Dark Funeral, and Swedish Regain Records. The co-operation
between Dark Funeral and Regain Records will commence on the 29th of
March with the release of our first, yet untitled, live album. Featuring
material that we recorded during our South American tour, Oct 2003
(Brazil, Chile & Colombia). The album includes the following tracks;

01. Intro
02. The Arrival of Satan's Empire
03. An Apprentice of Satan
04. The Dawn No More Rises
05. Thy Legions Come
06. Hail Murder
07. Goddess of Sodomy
08. The Secrets of the Black Arts
09. Vobiscum Satanas
10. Shadows Over Transylvania
11. Open The Gates
12. Ineffable Kings Of Darkness


Band profile: Dark Funeral
Posted: 05.12.2003 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Jason Newsted leaves Ozzy Osbourne

Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted has officially left OZZY OSBOURNE and has been replaced by ex-ROB ZOMBIE bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson. Newsted, who was with the band for less than a year, left due to undisclosed reasons.

"It's still settling in," Nicholson told about his new gig. "It's something I never would have imagined. After playing with Rob Zombie, I was ready to go, 'OK, this is as far as I'm taking this bass-playing thing. This is the end of the road.' I was ready to kind of hang it up.

"But when this came around, it was very odd," he added. "I was almost like, 'There is no possible way that this could happen.' "


Band profile: Ozzy Osbourne
Posted: 05.12.2003 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

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