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02.12Primal Fear - complete work on "Devil's Ground"
24.11Death - Control Denied New Album
22.11Legion left Marduk
08.11Nightwish Boxsets
04.11Virgin Steele
 Manowar announces Hell On Earth Part III
27.10Threshold "Critical Energy DVD"

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The writing of the long awaited sixth Bal-Sagoth album is continuing, and the new material is said to be sounding truly phenomenal. Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release during the spring of 2004.

The cover artwork by renowned fantasy artist Martin Hanford is now complete, as are the interior booklet illustrations by both official artists Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.

Band profile: Bal-Sagoth
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Primal Fear - complete work on "Devil's Ground"

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have completed work on their new album, "Devil's Ground", due on February 23 through Nuclear Blast Records. The final track listing (not in the final running order) is as follows:

01. Metal Is Forever (4:46)
02. Suicide & Mania (4:04)
03. Visions Of Fate (4:50)
04. The Healer (6:30)
05. Sacred Illusion (4:03)
06. In Metal (5:13)
07. Soulchaser (4:51)
08. Sea Of Flames (4:02)
09. Wings of Desire (6:45)
10. Heart Of A Brave (4:52)
11. Colony 13 (3:57)
12. Devil's Ground (1:52)

All songs were written by Sinner, Leibing, Naumann, and Scheepers, except #5, which was written by PRIMAL FEAR and Vinder. A surprise cover version of a classic metal track will appear on the limited European version and the Japanese version. The limited European version will also include two 5.1 mixes of "Metal Is Forever" and "The Healer". The filming of the first video clip for the album (for the track "Metal Is Forever") will take place in early December. "Devil's Ground" was produced by Mat Sinner and co-produced by PRIMAL FEAR and Achim Köhler at the House of Music in Winterbach, Germany.


Band profile: Primal Fear
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Cover artwork for the upcoming Cruachan-album (Pagan) will be painted by John Howe, the leading JRR Tolkien illustrator and the conceptual artist from The Lord of the Rings-movies. A brand-new sound sample of the Pagan-album can be downloaded on the band's website.


Source: Karmageddon Media Promotion
Band profile: Cruachan
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Death - Control Denied New Album

From Hammerheart Records:

As of today we are announcing a release on CD by Chuck Schuldiner's CONTROL DENIED.

It will feature incomplete, unfinished recordings which were meant for the new album, which unfortunately was never finished, at least up until the moment of this press-statement.

We have requested to get the Master tapes on these recordings, but Chuck's family do not wish to communicate or talk with us anymore, let alone send us the Master tapes (which are 75% finished) that should have been with us long ago.

Probably there will be a lot of talk and discussions appearing, which we can understand obviously, but a fact is that we signed a contract with Chuck that he was very happy about, paid the full advance in 2000, have been asking for a solution during 2002 and 2003, but in all honesty we never really got a reply.


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Legion left Marduk

Vocalist Legion is no longer a part of Marduk. Marduk have cancelled the upcoming shows( Blackest of the Black Festival in London and the 2 shows in Greece) A replacment for Legion has already been found and will be presented very soon.

Band profile: Marduk
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Nightwish Boxsets

Spinefarm Records will release three Nightwish box-sets in November. The reason is the existence of illegal boxsets called "Nightwish Memory Boxes" in central Europe. Those boxes are spreading quickly and something has to be done so that fans can support the band and not the pirates.

The legal boxes will also contain photos of the bandmembers as a special goodie. Please visit this page for a full description of the three boxsets.

Band profile: Nightwish
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Virgin Steele

VIRGIN STEELE are back in the Studio completing the final recordings and mixes on David DeFeis' "Barbaric-Romantic Movie Of The Mind" ..... the "LILITH" soundtrack.

All is going quite well, and apparently there is enough music recorded for at least two CD's. No word yet as to if this Work will be released as a single, or a double CD set.

In addition to the recordings for LILITH, the group is also working on another collection of songs based on ... "the end of the world".

In still yet another project, David & Edward are working on an album of acoustic songs. I attended one of their "Acoustic" rehearsals ... it was one of the loudest performances I've heard in quite some time!


Band profile: Virgin Steele
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Manowar announces Hell On Earth Part III

From arena tours to the biggest festivals in the world, MANOWAR slaughter their way through another world tour delivering what heavy metal fans crave! Pure Power!

Hell On Earth III features more than 90 minutes of ear-numbing performances private behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and pre post show rituals.

This package also features the program 'Live In Germany The Ringfest', the legendary one-hour show that dominated the city of Cologne during the PopKomm. 2002 filmed and recorded in front of 27,000 people. This performance has been completely re-edited from at least a dozen cameras and remixed in 5.1 digital surround sound.

But that's not all! For the first time ever the bands entire video collection is included.


Band profile: Manowar
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DISSECTION guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtvedt and drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun (ex-EMPEROR) have spent the past few weeks looking through the audition videos that have been sent to them from all over the world. In the beginning of next year, real auditions will be held for some of the musicians needed to complete the group's lineup. It is, however, not too late for interested musicians to send in their tapes.

All material should be sent to:

Mail Box 209
111 73 Stockholm

In other news, plans exist for a DISSECTION documentary to be filmed over the course of the next year. Starting in the prison, it will follow the group through bandmember auditions, Jon's release from prison, the recording of the next album, and will include footage from their comeback tour in December 2004.


Band profile: Dissection
Posted: 31.10.2003 by Dream_Taster | Comments (0)

Threshold "Critical Energy DVD"

Threshold have now finished mixing the audio for their forthcoming Critical Energy DVD and double CD. Karl and Richard also recorded an additional commentary track for the DVD. The track list for the release is as follows:

1. Phenomenon
2. Oceanbound
3. Choices
4. Angels
5. Falling Away
6. Virtual Isolation
7. Innocent
8. Long way home
9. Fragmentation 10. Clear
11. Life Flow (acoustic version)
12. Narcissus (hybrid version)
13. Sunseeker
14. The Latent Gene
15. Light And Space
16. Sunrise On Mars (encore)
17. Paradox (encore)
18. Sanity's End (encore)

Band profile: Threshold
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Sweden's DARKANE have postponed the recording sessions for their fourth album until after their upcoming European tour with DEATH ANGEL. The delay is due to the fact that the group's guitarist Klas Ideberg recently underwent surgery for a slipped disc in his back and also because the band want to spend extra time building their recording studio, according to a post on their web site. A late spring release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.

The following is Ideberg's latest posting on the band's web site:

"Well, hi there everybody! The invalid is back from the dead. The past 3 months has been like hell for me and I haven't been able to walk at all the past 2 months. But now I'm back on my feet again, thanks to the surgery and the morphine, hahaha. I want to thank everybody who has sent me good and bracing words in the guestbook and by mail. This has really made my recovery a fast one. You have definitely encouraged me to do the forthcoming European tour. I will not be able to thrash around like I usually do on stage, so I hope you will have patience for that. I really don't want to miss meeting all you great people out there. Not a chance in life. So, see you all very soon and thanks again. You rule! I love you all!"


Band profile: Darkane
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Portugese Dark Rockers Moonspell entered German Media Control Charts on position 75 and survived the bloody battle against around 40 new releases in the Trendcharts (waiting list). Like always we salute those who supported the band - YOU!!!

In Portugal the mighty "The Antidote" release crushed the charts on position 4 (just behind Robbie Williams and Sting) and pushed superstar Dido back to 5. The special limited book edition of "The Antidote", only released in Portugal, is already sold out!

Success as well in the Dutch Alternative Charts: First week position 14.

In October / November the first shows of "The Antidote Tour" will take place. José Luís Peixoto will read the "The Antidote". Moonspell will caress the ears of the listeners with their beloved new and old tunes.

Band profile: Moonspell
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DARKANE just finished the video clip for „Chaos vs. Order" which can be watched on Nuclear Blast website. Ex-vocalist Lawrence Mackrory (Seethings) is featured with a guest appearance, besides the clip will feature excerpts from different gigs such as the Sweden rock festival and the Rock Hard festival. Besides, DARKANE will be on tour with Death Angel, Disbelief, Mnemic and Mystic Prophecy to take a break from the recordings to their fourth album.

Band profile: Darkane
Posted: 12.10.2003 by Dream_Taster | Comments (6)

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