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Sólstafir - Stream Entire New Album

You can now listen to the new effort by the Icelandic metallers Sólstafir, including the bonus tracks from the Deluxe Edition here or over here without the bonus tracks. Ótta will be released on September 2nd in North America and August 29th in the rest of the world through Season Of Mist. But why wait? Enjoy it in full now!


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Anathema - Daniel Cardoso Joins The Band Permanently

Daniel Cardoso, the keyboardist that has been touring with Anathema since 2011, has now joined the band as a permanent member.


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Nahemah - Call It Quits

Yet another band is putting an end to their journey. The Spanish progressive metallers Nahemah have decided to go separate ways with only three albums under their belt.


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World Of Glass Promotions - New Compilation Details

World Of Glass Promotions are proud to announce the cover artwork and tracklist for their second compilation album, World Of Glass Compilation, Volume 2, which is set to be released on March 13th next year.


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Seraphim - Former Vocalist Passed Away

Pay Lee - vocalist of Taiwanese power metal band Seraphim between 2001 and 2004 - has passed away last weekend. She did not wake up from the narcosis of a minor heart surgery.

Comments the band: "Pay worked with Seraphim on three albums, from the beginning when the band formed, till the 3rd conceptual album Ai, she really did a great job and contributed her soul to the band!

We thank you for your amazing voice and your wonderful life goals! R.I.P. our best friend! You will always be on our mind and we won't forget you!"


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Vibeke Stene - Ex-Tristania Singer Collaborates With Plutho

Former Tristania vocalist Vibeke Stene recently collaborated with the Norwegian electronic/pop outfit Plutho for the song "Queen of Broken Hearts". You can now check out the full song in which she participates below.

"Queen of Broken Hearts" comes off the band's recently released new album, entitled Bob, You Dont Wanna Go There!.


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Arkona - New Album Teaser Online

Slovo, the new upcoming album of Russian pagan folk metal band Arkona will be released on August 26th via Napalm Records.

A ten-minute track-by-track trailer, containing samples of all songs on the album, can now be watched below.


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Bare Infinity - New Song Online

"Awakening Moonlight", a brand-new track from Greek symphonic power metal band Bare Infinity can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

"Awakening Moonlight" comes off the band's upcoming new EP, entitled The Passage, which will be released on August 26th through Emotion Art Music.

A four-minute teaser for the EP can be streamed over at this location.


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Within Temptation - To Release Second Single

Sinéad, the 2nd single from Within Temptation latest album The Unforgiving will be released between July 15th and 19th in most countries.

Check out the official video for the song below. Interested parties can find more release details over at this location.

The band comments: "With undeniable disco grooves, we took this opportunity to further enhance the track's dance floor appeal merging these seemingly disparate genres to create contagious new versions of "Sinéad" with the help of four acclaimed dance producers like Scooter, VNV Nation, Benno de Goeij and Groove Coverage. Each of the collaborating DJ producers had carte blanche to reinterpret "Sinéad" to suit their preferred style and personal vision.

Both in the story of The Unforgiving as well as on the album, "Sinéad" has always been a favorite of all of us. She is a character with a lot of different opposite sides to her, just like the song. It is catchy and feel good but at the same time emotional and melancholic. So from the start it was quite clear that "Sinéad" would be released as a single from this album."


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ReVamp - Floor Jansen Is Suffering From Burn-Out

Ex-After Forever/ReVamp frontwoman Floor Jansen is suffering from a burn-out.

She recently released the following update: "For a few months now my health has not been good... I suffer from a burn-out. It took me a while to accept this fact, it was and is hard to be forced to take it easy and stop doing my work.

The shows booked for ReVamp are and have been for the last month my only activity and even that costs me more energy than I have. This burn-out doesn't mean I do not love my work! It's a sign of my system that I worked too hard for too long. I now have to be extremely careful with the amount of activities because my condition is poor.

On our tour in Latin America I will only be able to do the shows. I am sorry to say that I cannot attend to any other meetings or signing sessions. Also the social media such as Facebook and Twitter has been a bit quiet and will remain silent for a while until I am fully recovered.

I hope to be back on my feet soon and ask you for your sympathy. Music and the amazing support of you all have always energized me and I am sure this will pull me through this difficult period in my life again!"


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Elis - Singer Sandra Schleret Leaves The Band

Official press release

"More than 4 years ago I joined Elis as their new singer. Our journey was very special to me, and I think that we found one another at a time when we really needed it the most. I gave my best to honor Sabine's legacy and nevertheless stay true to myself and open a new chapter together with the band. I am sorry to say that we have reached a point where this chapter now comes to an end. We had an amazing and exciting time and the guys really touched my heart. We made a great album in which I've put all of my heart and which means a lot to me. We sat together and talked long about everything, and we concluded that it is better to go separate ways from now on. I simply feel the need to devote myself to my own music, my aims and tasks, and the guys can not accompany me on that way because they have their own aims, ideas and expectations. I am sure that it's the right decision, because it is very important to me to dedicate myself to everything I do with full heart and soul. Now that I can not ensure this anymore I think it's only fair to say it freely. Elis will always have my full support and my friendship will guide them on their way. The guys have found a great new singer and so I am leaving with a good feeling, though I am very sad about the end of our time together.

I dearly want to thank all the Elis fans, who gave me such a warm welcome! I hope we will see each other again!

With all my best wishes,


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Sirenia - Michael S. Krumins Leaves The Band

Official press release

Michael leaves Sirenia to use more time on his own bands and projects.
You can follow Michael's projects on


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