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Galadriel - New Keyboardist Announced

Keyboardist J.S.K. left the band during the recording of Galadriel's forthcoming album, and Dodo Datel announced Fear as the new member of the band. Her first show with the band will be on 8th June 2007 in Bratislava.

Also, the new album was renamed as "Renascence Of Ancient Spirit". The band has already finished the recordings and it will be released next June. The tracklist has been announced too, and two tracks were uploaded in Galadriel's MySpace site.


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Galadriel - Drummer Quits, Romanian Tour Cancelled

The following message was posted at the official Galadriel website:

"The process of recording of our new album "Renascence" is still not finished! We must CANCEL the Romanian tour and the show in Bratislava!!! We're very sorry and feel the anger, but the recording of our new album is still not over. Due to this situation and some other problems we must to cancel the ROMANIAN TOUR ! and the show in Bratislava.

Dear Romanian fans, we want to say sorry for this situation and we hope we will come to your country as soon as possible.

We want to say SORRY to organizers too, we know it is very bad for you!"

And on March 7th this announcement was posted:

"HOYAS is no longer the drummer of Galadriel! We're sorry to announce that Hoyas is no longer the drummer of our band. After some problems we decided to stop our cooperation. Our friendship remains unbroken !
We would like to thank for the past 2 years we spent together driving the hell and wish to Hoyas all the best in his next life and his musical carreer with his band Attack Of Rage!"

Former drummer Dr. Victor Gieci and Jan Tornad (Cad, Vandali) are doing session recordings to replace Hoyas.

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Lacuna Coil - Warn For Fake Party Contacting Bands For Jagermeister Tour

The following message has been posted by vocalist Cristina Scabbia on her personal Myspace page, mainly for other bands members:

"We were recently informed that members of several bands across the country, mostly non-Jager bands, have been contacted by an unknown third party, claiming to be named "Tim Rex" the official Jagermeister Tour Manager, seeking to engage such bands as openers or support on upcoming Jager Tours, or for other similar promotions, concerts and events. We wanted to inform all of you just in case you have received or do receive a similar phone call.

This unknown third party has contacted bands and other parties via a blocked cell phone number, informing the band that the person represents the Jager Tour and is considering the band for certain events. This party often tells the bands that he will be sending certain forms and documents for the band to complete, and that the party will be arranging a meeting with the band. He has also asked for the band to supply private personal information during this phone call.

Please be advised that this party DOES NOT represent the Jager Tour, Mast-Jagermeister or Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc.

We believe that this party is conducting a scam in order to obtain band members' personal information.

If you are contacted by an unfamiliar third party and you suspect that the party does not work for the Jager Tour or is not otherwise associated with Jagermeister, please do not respond to the request for information."


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Event: Jägermeister Music Tour
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Trail Of Tears - Former Vocalist Rejoins The Band

Napalm Records has issued the following Trail Of Tears update:

Trail Of Tears reclaims vocalist Cathrine Paulsen for the new line-up. Cathrin, who can be heard on TOT's "A New Dimension Of Might" (and was vocalist for the band from 2000 until 2003) returns to her former band on a permanent basis.

Also, the band confirmed for 2007's Sweden Rock Festival, that will take place in Sølvesborg, Sweden.

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Event: Sweden Rock Festival
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After Forever - CD Presentation Postponed

After Forever's official release party for their forthcoming self-titled album, scheduled to take place on March 22nd at Tivoli in Utrecht, Holland has been postponed. The album was due to be issued on the same day by Nuclear Blast, but according to the band the release date has been changed. The new date will be announced soon and the party will be rescheduled.

The listening parties scheduled to take place in Holland in February will go ahead as planned. They are as follows:

22 - Burgerweeshuis in Deventer, Holland
23 - W2 in Den Bosch, Holland

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Event: After Forever: Pre-Listening Party
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Sinner - Album Trailer And Video Posted Online

The new video for the song "Diary Of Evil" was posted on Mat Sinner's MySpace and will be featured in the limited edition of "Mask Of Sanity". There's also a trailer by MTM Music regarding the new album posted on the band's page. The new album will be released today (19 January 2007).
A personally signed limited edition copy of "Mask Of Sanity" can be pre-ordered now.


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Galadriel - Update On Forthcoming Album

Dodo Datel, frontman of the Slovak doom metal Galadriel, announced that the new design of the website is because of the band's new forthcoming album. The album will be called "Renascence", and it is going to be released next spring. (Due to some technical problems Galadriel scheduled the recording of new album to March 2007. So it will be released in spring 2007).
Also, the band is going to make a tour in Romania in April 2007 to present this new album.
News about "Renascence" and the tour will be updated on the website.

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Event: Galadriel: Renascence Tour [CANCELLED]
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