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06.05Amorphis - New Album Details

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Amorphis - New Album Details

According to a posting on the band's website, "Silent Waters" will be the title of the upcoming Amorphis album. Prior to its release, the title track will be issued as a CD single in Finland and as a download single worldwide. Like its predecessor "Eclipse", the new album will be thematically based on an episode from Finland's national epic, the Kalevala.


01. Weaving The Incantation
02. A Servant
03. Silent Waters
04. Towards And Against
05. I Of Crimson Blood
06. Her Alone
07. Enigma
08. Shaman
09. The White Swan
10. Black River
11. Sign (bonus track on digipak)

Release date: August 29 (FI)/August 31 (other countries)

"The Silent Waters" single will contain the following tracks:

01. Silent Waters (edit)
02. Sign
03. Silent Waters (album version)

Release date: June 27

Band profile: Amorphis
Posted: 06.05.2007 by EddieGunner | Comments (4)