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Nocturnal Rites - Guitarist Nils Norberg Leaves

Nils Norberg, guitarist of Swedish power metal formation Nocturnal Rites, has left the band. The following message was posted by him on the band's official site:

"Hi everyone!
I just wanna write and explain some stuff for you out there. I have decided to lay down the guitar as my interest for music kind of cooled down the last years. So I'm not a part of Nocturnal Rites any more. It's just because of myself. I decided to do this and it has absolutely not been a bad feeling in the band in any way. I don't know how or if I will go on with music, but I will take a break from the guitar that has been taking up all my waken time the last 20 years. The band will always be a 2nd family for me and I'm not closing the door to play with them again if it would be an opportunity and I would have the urge to play again.

I think the band will go on and will still make kick ass music both live and in the studio.

I just wanna say thanx to the band for the best times in my life and to all the nice people I met and partied, destroyed, laughed and kicked ass with along these 12 years in the band. Thanx so much!!!!!!

Take care and maybe we meet again somewhere!

The band has also posted the following:

"The remaining members would like to extend a huge thank you to Norberg for his time in the band and wish him all the best! We respect his decision but hope he finds his way back to music.

Applicants interested in replacing Norberg are of course more than welcome to email us their demos at

/Nocturnal Rites"


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Posted: 22.06.2008 by Agrona | Comments (9)