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26.06Deicide - Australian Tour Cancelled Again
11.06Be'lakor - Sign With Prime Cuts Music
08.05Cannibal Corpse - Australian And New Zealand Tour Dates
17.12Be'lakor - Leave Descent Productions
16.02Saxon - Rescheduled Australian Tour Dates Announced
06.01Slayer - Australian/New Zealand Tour Announced
27.12Dragonforce - Announce Australian Tour
24.12Vanishing Point - Bassist Steve Cox Announces Departure
16.06Queensryche - Frontman Explains Arrest

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Deicide - Australian Tour Cancelled Again

The scheduled October Australian/New Zealand tour of Florida death metallers Deicide has unfortunately been cancelled. Soundworks Touring & Deicide deeply apologise for any inconveniences and disappointments to fans. In a statement released by lead man Glen Benton: "We are currently working on the new album and will be recording during the time frame of said tour... on behalf of the band and myself we are sorry for any inconvenience and will reschedule the tour for another time frame as soon as we can."

Purchased tickets can be returned from point of purchase for a full refund.

The Australian/New Zealand tour, set to take place in April 2009, was announced at the end of December 2008. In March, the scheduled April Australian/New Zealand tour were first postponed and later rescheduled to October.

Source: killyourstereo.com
Band profile: Deicide
Event: Deicide: Australian/New Zealand Tour [CANCELLED]
Posted: 26.06.2009 by Eternal Flames | Comments (4)

Be'lakor - Sign With Prime Cuts Music

Be'lakor have posted the following announcement in relation to their recent signing with Australian label Prime Cuts Music:

"We are really pleased to announce that we have signed with Prime Cuts Music.

With some of Australia's best metal bands already on its roster, and with huge recent contributions to our metal scene, Prime Cuts is a label with a strong reputation. Joining this label represents a significant step for Be'lakor."

Three days earlier the band posted the following short blog:

"Australian melodic death metallers Be'lakor have posted two new songs online. ''Venator'' and ''From Scythe To Sceptre'' can be heard at their MySpace page. Tracks are coming from the band's new upcoming album, entilted ''Stone's Reach'', which is scheduled for release on 20th June."


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Be'lakor
Posted: 11.06.2009 by Eternal Flames | Comments (2)

Cannibal Corpse - Australian And New Zealand Tour Dates

US metallers Cannibal Corpse have issued the following update:

"What more can be said, in this Year Of The Corpse 2009, that hasn't already been whispered, grunted or screamed about the almighty Cannibal? They've smashed-nay, hammer smashed-every boundary set before them, defied every censor set upon them, and besmirched every country that would have them. After two decades of unending death metal torment, the band's calling cards are many: the depraved lyrics, the blinding technical prowess, the dominating stage presence, the legions of dedicated fans, the million and a half albums sold. Cannibal Corpse are slashing their way back to Australia and New Zealand to skewer us as all from ear to ear in support of their new album "Evisceration Plague"!"


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Cannibal Corpse
Event: Cannibal Corpse: Australian + New Zealand Tour
Posted: 08.05.2009 by Eternal Flames | Comments (7)

Be'lakor - Leave Descent Productions

Be'lakor have released an official statement regarding the recent delays of the re-release of "The Frail Tide" and their position with Dutch Label Descent Productions:

"Due to unacceptable delays, we have decided to leave Descent Productions.

We have waited for the re-release of The Frail Tide for several months and unfortunately we now feel compelled to take matters into our own hands.

The Frail Tide will be re-pressed independently. It will not be released as a digipack, but rather, as a re-pressing in the original format. This will allow the many fans who don't yet have a copy to buy one. The Frail Tide will also be available worldwide, digitally, through iTunes and a host of other online digital stores. This will all happen within the next 2-3 weeks, and is thanks to Amphead/The Orchard.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Be'lakor
Posted: 17.12.2008 by Eternal Flames | Comments (0)

Saxon - Rescheduled Australian Tour Dates Announced

Saxon's Australian tour, which was originally to take place in October last year but got postponed due to visa problems, has finally been reannounced and will be taking place in May. The tour dates are as follows:

05.05.2008 Brisbane - The Arena
06.05.2008 Melbourne - Billboard
07.05.2008 Sydney - The Forum

As stated when the tour was first postponed, tickets that were purchased for the original dates will remain valid for the rescheduled dates.

In related news, Saxon will be touring Japan once more before heading to Australia. Those dates are as follows:

30.04.2008 Tokyo - O East
01.05.2008 Nagoya - Club Quattro
02.05.2008 Osaka - Club Quattro

Source: saxon747.com
Band profile: Saxon
Event: Saxon: Australia And Japan Tour
Posted: 16.02.2008 by Eternal Flames | Comments (1)

Slayer - Australian/New Zealand Tour Announced

With the release of their latest album, Christ Illusion, the L.A thrashers finally return to Australian/New Zealand shores in early 2007. This is the first time in fifteen years with the original line-up. Support is to come from Mastodon. The tour dates are as follows:

Thursday 12th April - Metro City Perth
Tickets from 78's, Planet, Beat and Bocs - 08 9484 1133

Saturday 14th April - Thebarton Theatre Adelaide
Tickets from Venuetix - 08 8225 8888

Sunday 15th April - Vodafone Arena Melbourne
Tickets from Ticketek - 132849

Tuesday 17th April - Hordern Pavilion Sydney
Tickets from Ticketek - 132849

Thursday 19th April - Riverstage Brisbane


Source: sinister.com.au
Band profile: Slayer
Event: Slayer: Australian/New Zealand Tour
Posted: 06.01.2007 by Eternal Flames | Comments (6)

Dragonforce - Announce Australian Tour

After embarking on their first Australian tour in 2006, Dragonforce have decided to return to Australian shores again in 2007. The following message was posted on their official website:

"Dragonforce will return to Australia in May 2007 as part of their Inhuman Rampage World Tour. This is will be Dragonforce's second time in Australia touring in support of their latest album. Tickets go on sale 16th Feb 2007 nationally in Australia."

The tour dates are as follows:

May 09 2007 - Australia, Sydney - The Forum (all ages)
May 10 2007 - Australia, Brisbane - The Arena (all ages)
May 12 2007 - Australia, Adelaide - Fowlers Live (all ages)
May 13 2007 - Australia, Perth - The Capitol (18+)


Source: dragonforce.com
Band profile: DragonForce
Event: DragonForce: Australian Tour
Posted: 27.12.2006 by Eternal Flames | Comments (13)

Vanishing Point - Bassist Steve Cox Announces Departure

Vanishing Point bassist Steve Cox has posted the following message on the official Vanishing Point forum, announcing his departure from the band:

"Hey guys... just thought I'd put a post up letting you know that I've left VP. It's nothing personal (or even musical) but just what's best for the band. I've been in VP for a year now and a lotta stuff has happened in my personal life which has required me to remove myself from the band. I've loved being a part of VP, and I will continue to be a fan - you will see me up the front at all their shows! - but I'm pleased to hand the bass duties over to my good friend Adrian Alimic... who is an absolute monster of a bass player. Wait til you see this guy!


Source: sinister.com.au
Band profile: Vanishing Point
Posted: 24.12.2006 by Eternal Flames | Comments (5)

Queensryche - Frontman Explains Arrest

Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate has issued the following update regarding the recent report that the entire band was arrested on June 11 at the Amsterdam, Netherlands, airport for allegedly smuggling illegal firearms:

"What a day! At the airport in Amsterdam, we were all lined up at the ticket counter checking in for the flight to Oslo. The 35 pieces of luggage to check were being lined up and I turned to Adam, our tour manager, and whispered 'Remember, there's a gun in our bags,' referring to the replica Glock 45 handgun that we use on stage. In a second of confusion, he says to the ticket agent, 'Oh, yeah, not to worry but we have a gun in this suitcase. Before he could explain that it wasn't a real gun but a replica, airport police swarmed in on us and the questioning began. Apparently, unknown to us, any gun, whether real or fake, is highly illegal in Holland. Quick-thinking Adam realized that this was suddenly getting ugly and that we might get detained and miss the flight, thus putting the show in Oslo in jeopardy. He instantly informed them that the bag in question was his. Before I could blink, they arrested him and took him away. He looked back at me and said, 'Don't worry, get on the plane and I'll call you later.' As I watched him being led away, the ticket agent handed me my boarding pass and said, 'Have a nice flight.' Right. The rest of the entourage boarded the plane and journeyed to Oslo without further incident. Just before showtime, a very stressed out Adam burst into our dressing room full of tales from his eventful day. There was no jail time, only a fine, and oh, yeah...they confiscated the gun."

Source: blabbermouth.net
Band profile: Queensrÿche
Posted: 16.06.2006 by Eternal Flames | Comments (7)