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Arena - Biography Online

From "The Cage", the Official Worldwide Arena Community:

"Today (9 December) it is exactly 10 years since Arena played their first gig. Time to celebrate! So on this day, the first official, extensive Arena biography is published on the Cage Page.

The biography, entitled The Salt And The Sand, has been written by Jan-Jaap de Haan, together with Erik Beers, and is based on new, extensive interviews with Clive, Mick, Rob, John M and John J. who were all kind enough to co-operate and share their views on 10 years of Arena history.

It will only be available online on the Cage Page, in PDF-format, for free".

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Tenhi - New Album "Maaäet"

From the band website:

"The new TENHI full-length, entitled 'TENHI III maaäet', will be released this autumn by Prophecy productions. Check out a sample from a still unfinished song called 'varpuspäivä' from the unreleased music page for mid-summer eve's magic (
More samples coming up soon.

updated tentative track listing for TENHI III maaäet:

vähäinen violetissa
kausien ranta
uuvu oravan luu
maa syttyy
rannalta haettu"


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ECJ Case/No Future for Metal Music in Europe?

ECJ Case/ No Future for Metal Music in Europe?
Two days ago, the European Court of Justice (CEJ), the highest court in Europe, gave a landmark decision, with consequences hard to envisage: at the request of the European Commission, in a legal action directed against the "European Federation of Dead and Black Metal Music Federation", based in the Isle of an (UK), the Court held it is proportionate and desirable to limit the access of the youngest generations to, as it was called, the "disruptive" music, invoking an old legal act, Regulation (EEC) no. 666/1966 regarding the use and selling of "some disruptive artistic products". Interesting enough, the Regulation was never used or invoked until these days, even if it was originally directed against hippie, blues & rock music.
More concrete, the Court held it is forbidden for music shops to sell or even display any record on any support (CD, cassette, vinyl etc.), to persons below 25 years, under a heavy fine, up to 5 millions euros.
So, according to a source, the future of metal music in Europe is even more uncertain in the present conditions.
Only the Swedish government, represented at the hearings, opposed to the solution, mentioning that, by adopting such a decision, it would cause damages of around 7,5 million k.

More info at:
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Savatage - Future Hip-Hop Re-issue

Savatage - Near Future Re-issue of " Handful of Rain "
According to Jon Oliva, interviewed by the largest Belorussian daily newspaper "Novi Puti", Savatage is planning to re-release the "arranged" album "Handful of Rain". Mr. Oliva said it will be a fully new album, hip-hop oriented. Among others, it will feature Coolio and P. Daddy. To listen to a track from the album, "Chance", featuring Coolio in duet with Yokomuthou Ya Ka Miquy (a famous Japanese rapper), follow the link:

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V. Vikernes Visited in Prison

Vikernes Visited in Prison

As it was reported yesterday late, V. Vikernes was visited in prison by Emma Bovary, the famous French top model and former lover, among others, of the soccer player Vieri, and, also, by representative of the Helsinki Committee, aiming to review the detention conditions of the convicted. Miss Bovary told to the press a petition was filed to the Norwegian Ministry of Justice for reducing the sentence. Vikernes was confident of a positive solution, leading his guests to the gates of the prison. He hasn't forgot to reaffirm his clear ideas on the superiority of the white race (…).
If things go as they were predicted, Vikernes could be released in late May.

Band profile: Burzum
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Royal Hunt - Former Bassplayer Found Dead

Royal Hunt - Former Bassplayer Found Dead

Søren Kierkegaard, the former bassplayer of the Danish metal band was found dead. An eye whiteness of this tragic incident, Martin Heidegger, a friend of Kierkegaard, confessed to the police the guy was in serious troubles being accused repeatedly of drug-traffic.
Known as a genius musician, composer and instrumentalist, Kierkegaard's career went to the final moment when he was held in detention for drug selling.
Blaise Pascal, another friend of Kirekegaard, told to the Danish newspaper "Aarhus Posten": "I'm in a deep shock; how is this possible? We have already experienced a lot of tragic losses in the metal music… Simply, I don't have enough words to express what I feel now". Being questioned about the incident, Pascal expressed his concerns, and suggested the Russian mafia might have been into this.

RIP Kierkegaard, you'll never be forgotten.

More info (in Danish):

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In Flames - New Album on the Way

"12 songs have been written so far and we're all extremely excited. Hopefully both old and new members of the IF-family will be pleased. Daniel will begin tracking drums in about 2 weeks and at the end of May we will have a new album finished. We'll keep you updated about what's going on in the studio.

As you know by now we're on Ozzfest this summer and it looks like a great bill this year with lots of METAL bands. Great to see that our friends in Soilwork, Haunted and Arch Enemy will be there with us to spread the Swedish sound. Can't wait to see you all in the dust and the heating sun.


In Flames"

Band profile: In Flames
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Lacuna Coil - News & Updates

"Comalies", LACUNA COIL's critically acclaimed album, has just surpassed the 200.000 U.S. SoundScan plateau. This marks the first time a Century Media artist has reached this illustrious benchmark. The accomplishment comes on the heels of the radio success of the powerful singles "Heaven's A Lie" and "Swamped" with the video-clips also exploding at numerous music TV stations worldwide. The group spent the past two years touring the US relentlessly with the likes of Anthrax, Opeth, P.O.D. and Type O Negative only to emerge as Ozzfest 2004's breakout artist after consistently outselling all other second stage acts each week while Europe was successfully toured with Sentenced and Moonspell. Led by the undeniably captivating Cristina Scabbia (vocals), the group garnered mainstream acclaim from such publications as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and Stuff, among others.

LACUNA COIL are currently in the pre-production phase for the highly anticipated follow-up to "Comalies" with longtime producer Waldemar Sorychta (Sentenced, Moonspell).

Cristina checks in with the following report on the band's songwriting progress:

"We are working on the new stuff and I can tell you it is definitely killer! We are really proud of the new songs and we are still composing new material. We plan on presenting some of the new tracks this summer at festivals around Europe; check out the dates at and Thanks for the great support you've given us since we started. We love you and we are ready to come back to kick some serious ass!"

"One of the larger success stories in metal." - Billboard

"Artist To Watch In 2005." - Rolling Stone USA

"LACUNA COIL are on the verge of a major breakthrough." - Yahoo

LACUNA COIL will soon break from the studio to participate in a few major European festivals. The dates are listed below, more to follow:

21. May 05 (F) Hirson Rotonde Festival
04. June 05 (D) Nürnberg Rock Im Park
05. June 05 (D) Nürburgring/Eifel Rock Am Ring
11.June 05 (I) Bologna Gods of Metal
12. June 05 (UK) Donington Park Download Festival
24. June 05 (F) Le Mans Fury Festival
24.-26. June 05 (B) Dessel Graspop*
14. August 05 (D) Hildesheim M'era Luna**
18.-20. August 05 (D) Abtsgmünd Summerbreeze***
22. October 05 (B) Wieze Female Voices Festival


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Lake of Tears - Impressions from Russian Shows

From the band's website:

"Photos and video clips from the magic nights in St Petersburg and Moscow are now ready for download. Check the live gallery and read what Daniel has to say about the concerts in the forum".

For all of these, follow this link:

Band profile: Lake Of Tears
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Leaves' Eyes - New Mini CD "Elegy"

The new LEAVES' EYES 6-track Mini CD "ELEGY" which includes only unreleased material will be released on 02.05.2005.
ELEGY Tracklist:
1. Elegy (Single version)
2. Senses Capture (Non-album track)
3. A Winter's Poem (Non-album track)
4. Solemn Sea (Demo version)
5. Mot Fjerne Land (Non-album track)
6. Elegy (Album version)

Band profile: Leaves' Eyes
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Antimatter - Details On The New Album

"Antimatter's thrid album, 'Planetary Confinement', will be released in April 2005. The album is acoustic-based, and has a much more organic feel than 'Saviour' or 'Lights Out', this time featuring natural strings, piano and drums. The final tracklisting has been confimend as:
01 - planetary confinement
02 - the weight of the world
03 - line of fire
04 - epitaph
05 - mr white
06 - a portrait of the young man as an artist
07 - relapse
08 - legions
09 - eternity part 24".

For more info, including a preview on the cover, follow the link:
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Isildurs Bane - First DVD Of The Band

Interesting news from the website of the Swedish progressive act:

"After releasing four highly acclaimed CD's within their MIND concept, Sweden's longest serving progressive rock band deliver their first DVD, MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory.
Filled to the brims with a concert, documentary footage, animations and four new, previously unreleased songs, this DVD is a must for all discerning music fans.
The concert was filmed in September 2004 with twelve cameras. It presents Isildurs Bane in front of an enthusiastic crowd with perhaps the bands strongest and most versatile line-up so far, featuring a twin-guitar team, cello, and three vocalists in addition to the regular team.
The documentary footage features unique clips from the band's past and present. From the late 80's until January 2005, from Sweden via Europe to North America, from Adolf Wölfli's cell at the mental hospital in Waldau to NEARfest, from a hot and sweaty stage in Budapest to a chilly beach in Halmstad. It's all here.
MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory includes four brand new songs recorded exclusively for this DVD, expertly produced by Mats "MP" Persson.
Isildurs Bane's first DVD includes many songs from the lauded MIND Vol. 4: Pass and the frantic pièce-de-resistance "The Voyage" from the album of the same name.
MIND Vol. 5: The Observatory was produced by Fredrik Timour for Ataraxia Productions".

More info:
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Mortiis - News & Updates

New Video:
"Mortiis recently finished the video for the upcoming single "Decadent & Desperate" and should probably surprise a few peope (again) "I think some of the things going on in there will be new to a lot of people, coming from us, and it was very new to me to, and i´m excited as well as a bit anxious about" Mortiis says".

Decadent & Desperate Single News:
"Decadent & Desperate" will be released in April, to coincide with the UK tour, and will be released in various formats (more details soon) and contains remixes made by Mortiis, a brand new song titled "Underdog" and obviously the title track. "i´m really into those remixes, they´re better than the last ones i feel, and I also like the new song alot, it´s a bit different from the album, more direct and to the point somehow"."

DVD on the way:
"Mortiis says "We´re working on the live DVD right now, it was shot last year, it was mixed when we did the single, and we´re currently looking at what sort of bonus material we´ll get to put in there, which is a bit down to the label really, but i´m hoping to get a lot of cool stuff in there, like older videos and so on"."

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Devin Townsend - News & Updates

Some interesting facts from Devin Townsend website:

"Devin continues to work on the DTB DVD. With everything else going on he has not been able to devote a consistent amount of time to the project but has been diligently working when time allows. The audio should be mixed while he is on the promo tour so not much longer to completion. He has also been writing and jamming the new DTB album that he hopes to begin recording after the SYL tour, we will keep you updated about the new album recording process very soon.

Thanks to all the fans that opened their mind to Devlab. It was surprising for us to see all the attention that went into this record. Records like Devlab are very useful for Dev's creativity. As there is no musical boundary for him, we will continue to release website-only projects as Dev likes to make little records and share them.

After a little promo tour in Europe for SYL (February) Devin started production with the Ozzfest and Victory Records band Darkest Hour in Vancouver : "Devin is the man and it is only going to get crazier".


It's a secret for everyone but in December, we received a mail from MTV people that they would like Devin to play in ad clips for the Osbournes final season. Devin agreed and flyed in New York to for a few days of filming in a serie of 5 ads. The whole experience was a lot of fun and Dev has an all-new respect for actors and highly praises the kids he performed with".

Band profile: Devin Townsend
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Katatonia - Saw You Drown LP Release

"Infinite Vinyl series will be releasing the Saw You Drown on 10" LP. This is the long out of print mini album from 1998 that collectors regard as the most rare and wanted item in Katatonia's discography. The vinyl version will be limited to 1000 copies, all hand numbered and will come in blue colored vinyl. It'll also feature an unreleased band photo, lyrics for all songs, plus personal liner notes from the band. The release date has been set for April".

Band profile: Katatonia
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