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Novembers Doom - Update

From The End Records website:
"Novembers Doom will be playing Progpower Europe in October.
Also, some words from the listening party: We would like to thank all of our friends who joined us on Tuesday, March 1st for the CD listening and release party. Old and new friends alike shared this night with us with members of Twelfth Gate, Ion Vein, Eden's Fall, Cry for Dawn, Fleshgrind, Usurper, Ritual, Debris Inc., Soil, and producer Neil Kernon to name a few. We sincerely appreciate
each and every person's support, and Scott from Roadrunner did an amazing job in welcoming us and taking care of anything we needed. They CD was played in it's entirety, and then played again mixed in with"metal night" for the rest of the evening. The Video for "The Pale Haunt Departure" was also debuted, with the crew from Autumns End Entertainment on hand to enjoy the response with us. Once again, thanks to everyone who was in attendance and made this a great evening for us!"

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Crisis - Drummer Auditions

From The End Records website:
"In response to the emails we've been getting: yes, we are accepting drummer audition packages.
Send either a audio or video recording of you playing the first 4 songs off "Like Sheep Led To Slaughter" to: CRISIS c/o The End Records. 331 Rio Grande St. 58, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 USA. You will be required to locate to the L.A. area at your own expense".

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Borknagar - Future Accoustic Album

A message posted by Øystein G. Brun on Century Media Records Germany website reveals some interesting new facts:
"Dear fans and associates,

Having created epic metal for several years now, an idea and a vision has arisen within the Borknagar camp, and we hereby want to inform you about how it will affect our forthcoming release: The next BORKNAGAR album will be an acoustic effort based entirely on the epic and progressive aspect of the band. The recording will commence this very spring, most likely in late May, at Toproom Studio in Norway as we are planning an autumn release.

This is something we have wanted to do for many years now, and the idea has lingered within the band ever since the recording of Quintessence and a few private sessions with a grand piano and an acoustic guitar. The album will be acoustic based but largely arranged with a wide range of instruments and vocal styles. It will be recorded by the same line-up that did EPIC, and we will be working with different locations during the recording process in order to catch the sounds of different acoustic environments. Musically the album will be rather dissimilar from what we have done before, though the unique BORKNAGAR-sound will surly shine through.

This is not a permanent change of the bands musical style, but rather a musical quest and a challenge for us as well as for our audience!

The title of the album will be released soon.

Best regard,

Øystein G. Brun

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Chris Poland - Updates On The New Album

"OHM:, the new band led by former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland, are curently laying down bass and drums for their new album with co-producer Petar Sardelich. Songs slated to be included on this Black Note Records release are as follows:

01. Spun
02. Compass Of The Heart
03. Da Vinci
04. Skint
05. William's Amino Acid Flashback
06. Tara
07. Juge In Da Boot
08. What If?
09. Tattoo
10. Icarus Falls

Mike Sherry has been working on the album cover and photography for the record.

There is a strong possibility that OHM: will be recording a vocal-fronted effort later in 2005 consisting of classic rock blues tunes done in OHM: style. Two tracks that may appear on the CD are CREAM's "Spoonful" and "Sittin' on Top of the World", both of which the band have been performing live. More information will be made available soon".

Taken from Blabbermouth:
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Dark Tranquility - New Clip "Lost In Apathy"

Century Media posted today a new video clip (in Real Media format) from Dark Tranquility, "Lost In Apathy".
Follow this link to see it:

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HIM - News On The Forthcoming DVD

"The DVD entitled LOVE METAL ARCHIVES VOL1 will be in the stores in Europe in late April/May and contains video or live versions of 53 songs, rare interviews and other special extras".

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To/Die/For - Clips From The Upcoming Album Online

Samples of the album "IV" are available for download on the band's website; these are from the songs "This World is Made for Me", "Lies (for Fools)" and "Little Deaths" . Follow this link for them:

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Apocalyptica - "Wie Weit" Videos Online

"Wie Weit" videos (both English and German version) were posted online on the band's website.
For seeing them, follow this link:

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Tiamat - News & Updates

Several news from the website of the band:

The DVD will most likely be mixed by Siggi Bemm (who mixed The Astral Sleep, Clouds, Wildhoney, A Deeper Kind Of Slumber & Skeleton Skeletron) in his own Woodhouse Studios. Johan will once again travel to Krakow in Poland for recording a commentary to the bonus section of the DVD. Johan will also do a lot of the graphic work for the DVD together with Century Media and the production team in Poland.

A few links to mp3's have been added to the Multimedia section. Some bootleg songs (if you don't mind the sound quality) from the show in Budapest this year, for all of you who are curious to hear the guitarplaying of Fredrik Åkesson. Also an unreleased edit version of Divided. Interviews added. Gigography has been updated with another forty shows. Member biographies updated. Link to Tiamat tabs, some correct, some not.

Festival Information...

The festival in Belgium on the 13th of May is called Durbuy Rock, and is in the town Bomal-sur-Ourthe. It's a two-day festival with Tiamat headlining on the 13th, and Napalm Death headlining the day after.
Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig runs over four days, between the 13th and the 16th of May. It's still not known on which day Tiamat will perform. Check their homepage for further details

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Strapping Young Lad - Online Clips

"The first segments of "The Making of Alien" are online. Each week on every tuesday, Century Media will post exclusive web videos at until ALIEN is released.

1. At Armoury Studio in Vancouver
(online February 7th)
2. Gene Hoglan pounds through 11 tracks at Armoury Studio in only three days
(online February 14th)
3. At Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, recording bass, guitars and female vocal for "Possessions"
(online February 21st)
4. At the Dev Lab, recording vocals and keys
(online February 28th)
5. The technical secrets of "Alien": Devin talks about effects and samples
(online March 7th)
6. More technical secrets of "Alien": Gene Hoglan talks about drums
(online March 14th)
7. Even more technical secrets of "Alien": Byron Stroud about his bass equipment, Dave Young's keyboard tricks and an insight to Jed Simon's guitar world
(online March 21st)

making of Alien directed by Marcus Rogers, assisted by Joanna Ussner, produced by Cinestir Productions"


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Evergrey - Clip From The Upcoming DVD

A message posted on the official homepage of the band:
We have uploaded a preview of the upcoming DVD. Feel free to check it out! Enjoy:

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Lacrimosa - News on the Releasing Date

A message posted on Lacrimosa official page by T. Wolff & A. Nurmi:
"We are still working on our new album, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Therefore we can tell you already now the date, when our nineth studio album will be released:
Monday, May the 2nd, 2005

There are still some days to come untill then, but we are sure, the 2nd of May will be a very special day in the history of Lacrimosa!

All the best,
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi"

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Opeth - News From The Band

"Mikael Åkerfeldt has been confirmed as the vocalist for the first and last Bloodbath gig. This will take place at Germany's famous Wacken open air festival on the 4th of August. The band will perform songs from all three albums including the non-Åkerfeldt death-bomb "Nightmares made flesh" that featured Peter Tägtgren on vocals. The all star line-up will consist of: Anders Nyström (Katatonia), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Dan Swanö (legendary multi musician), Martin Axenrot (Nifelheim, Witchery etc) and Mikael Åkerfeldt. Be there or....well, of course you'll be there!!

Opeth will be entering Fashination street studios on March 15 to record their 8th yet untitled opus. The band are currently in rehearsal mode, which is a rare occasion having recorded the last 4 records without rehearsing. The recording will be overseen by the uprising recording mogul Jens Bogren. As of today no names for production duties have surfaced and it looks like the next record will be a band produced effort. Nothing has been decided regarding who's taking care of the mix either so we'll have to keep you wondering.

Opeth and their management have spent the last month meeting the 5 top label candidates for the next Opeth recording contract. The names are still secret but a decision will be made very soon and obviously announced here earlier than anywhere else".

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Vitalij Kuprij - Seeking a Talented Singer

Vitalij Kuprij is currently accepting demo tapes for his New Rock Vocal Album! If you are a bass player and vocalist please send your bio, picture and demo tape to:

1616 E. Passyunk Ave, 2nd floor
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Vitalij wishes to make an album with talented new musicians as well as give them a chance to get in to the music world.

Regards, Vitalij
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Lake of Tears - Gig in Sweden & News

"Another live date has been added: February 26 in Borlänge (Cozmoz), Sweden - with support act Demora (gothic metal). See you there!

On a LoT-related note: Jennie Tebler (vocals on A Crimson Cosmos and The Neonai) is recording a solo album called "Silverwing" to be released under the Black Mark label during this spring".

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