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Riverside - Begin Recording New Album, Expected In September

Good news from Riverside. The Polish progressive metallers have announced on their official website that the recording of the band's seventh album has begun. This is also their first record as a trio, without founding guitarist Piotr Grudzinski, who passed away two years ago. A tentative release date of this album has been set for September 2018.


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Disillusion - Complete New Album Soon; Drummer Leaves, Replacement Announced

Mixed news from the Disillusion front. As shared in the band's newsletter, claims that the new album will be finished soon were followed by the announcement that the band's long-time drummer Jens Maluschka has decided to leave the band.


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Disillusion - Launch Patreon Campaign To Support New Album

Disillusion have decided to launch a Patreon campaign to help financially support their future third album. Having mainly broken even with the profit earned by the release of their EP Alea, the band felt it was necessary to ask the fans for their monetary backing in hopes of making their next masterpiece a reality.


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Textures - Frontman Leaves Band, New Album Delayed

Vocalist Eric Kalsbeek has left Textures to focus on his job and his family. Due to Eric leaving Textures the release date for the follow up of Silhouettes has been pushed back to the beginning of 2011. The following statement was issued:

"I decided to quit Textures. My life changed, priorities shifted. I can't cope with the heavy touring and the time investment anymore. I need to focus on my job and family. I need to take a few steps back. I've had six beautiful years with the band, did loads of amazing shows, made tons of new friends and created some mind-blowing music. I'm going to miss the guys, and of course you, the fans. I know Textures will continue to conquer the world and give you all great, heavy and awesome music. I wish my successor all the best. I will keep on making music, but something totally different, much more low-profile. Maybe we will meet again. Eric out."

The band is currently auditioning a possible replacement singer and hope to announce him in the coming months. The band states: "We will miss Eric a lot.. We had the greatest times together and these will live on in eternity.. Eric, you rock!"


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Amorphis - Finland Only Single Streaming Online

Original news, posted on 16.03.2009

The first single from the forthcoming album "Skyforger" will be titled "Silver Bride" and is set for release on April 22 (Finland only). As announced earlier, the street date for the new Amorphis album is May 27 in Finland and May 29 in the remaining European countries. In addition to the basic version, "Skyforger" will be available as a special digipak edition featuring the bonus track "Godlike Machine".

UPDATE (thanks to 13767)

Amorphis have made "Silver Bride" available for streaming online at this location.


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God Forbid - Guitarist Leaves The Band

God Forbid have issued the following statement:

"We are sad to announce that Dallas Coyle has decided to leave God Forbid. Here's what guitarist Doc Coyle had to say on the matter: "There have been a barrage of rumors and questions on whether or not Dallas has left God Forbid. It's true that Dallas has left the band. It's taken us a few days to confirm this definitely, and figure out what we were going to do considering the fact that we are starting a very important tour with Lamb Of God this week.

I don't want to go into the hairy details, but all I can say is that there was a mutual disagreement between Dallas and I, and the disagreement became angry on both sides, and he decided to sit out the tour the day we were supposed to leave. We later learned he did not want to tour anymore at all. Everyone in the band, including myself, was upset and shocked. For me, it's a lot tougher because he's my brother and I have a very close bond with him. We've done everything together our whole lives, so it's difficult to deal with emotionally but I understand he has bigger responsibilities at home to care for. I wish he would've handled it in a different way, but I am not angry at him for leaving if he is unhappy with our situation. I really hope he finds success and happiness in his future pursuits.

In the meantime, we've recruited ex-Darkest Hour shredder Kris Norris to fill in for the tour. We are currently doing a few warm-up shows as a four-piece to meet the Lamb Of God tour in Phoenix, Arizona on April 2. Kris will be there for the start of the LOG tour though. I've been friends with Kris for years, and have an
immense amount of respect for his playing. I look forward to playing with him, and I'm sure he will knock it out the park! Vocalist Byron Davis and I will pick up the slack with the vocals as much as we can. Thanks for everyone's continued support, and we'll see you on the road!"


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Detonation - Recording New Album Next Month

Detonation have shared that they will be hitting the studio next month to start recording their fourth full length album. The following message was posted by the band on their myspace page:

"We had a blast in the UK during the past week! Despite 2 shows being cancelled we did have a couple a very nice shows and one hell of a good time. Major thanks go out to the guys from Bloodshot Dawn, especially to Josh, who have been so kind to accommodate us, help us book the shows and support us on every one of them! Thanks as well to all other bands that supported us as well as everyone that showed up on the show, we hoped you guys enjoyed the new songs!

New songs are also what we'll be focussing on the upcoming period. We have a fair amount of new material finished and will most likely hit the studios next month to records a couple of new songs. These recordings will mainly be to see how the new songs and line-up work out in de studios, but if they turn out well we might put something here on MySpace as well."


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Cryptopsy - Guitarist Leaves The Band

The following statement was posted by Cryptopsy guitarist Alex Auburn:

"I am announcing my departure of the band Cryptopsy. There are many reasons why I must leave the band, and this has been going on for a while now, so I am quitting. The band and I believe it is better for me to go, so I am moving forward.

I want to thank the guys in Cryptopsy for an adventurous and crazy 10 years. It's been a great ride. I will especially miss the fans a great deal and I want to thank all of you for your awesome support throughout those years. Right now I need to take a break for a few months to reflect on my life and my future in music. As far as music goes, I might start my own band next summer but I don't know yet. In the meantime I am open to good offers and to join other forces."

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In Mourning - Working On New Album

In Mourning have booked the studio for the recording of their next album:

"The 22nd of August we will begin the recording of the follow-up to our debutalbum, "Shrouded Divine". Once again we will enter The Black Lounge Studios with Jonas Kjellgren. So until the recording sessions beging we will focus hard on finishing up the material for our new album. More info will follow during the writing process so keep checking back for updates."

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