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02.10My Dying Bride - Shaun Steels Leaves The Band
25.09Inborn Suffering - Debut Album Delay & Live Information
01.05Myopia - Distributed Through ForeshadowProductions
25.08The 69 Eyes - Jyrki Goodwill Ambassador Of UNICEF

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My Dying Bride - Shaun Steels Leaves The Band

According to the band, sadly Shaun Steels has decided to part from MDB. His continuing illness shows no sign of abating and he feels the uncertaintly could be having a negative affect on his relationship with the band members. His statement below:

"I would just like to salute MDB for the good times and wish them all well in the future, I feel I am not ready to fulfill the duties in a manner befitting MDB at this time and have decided to stand down. I am sad to be leaving but at this time I feel it is for the greater good of the band. Tak! The Winter."

MDB would just like to say thanks to Shaun and to say we are sorry to see him part, but fully understand his position. Good luck Shaun.

Source: mydyingbride.org
Band profile: My Dying Bride
Posted: 02.10.2006 by DerRozzengarten | Comments (9)

Inborn Suffering - Debut Album Delay & Live Information

As we have changed of French distributor, the debut album "Wordless Hope" from the French Doom Metal band was postponed. Now, it will be out in October instead of September. Besides that, Inborn Suffering is booked to play in the most important European Doom Festival, "Dutch Doom Day 5", on October 28/29 in Holland together with other bands like Reverend Bizarre, Saturnus, etc. Get more details about the festival at http://www.baroeg.nl/ddd.


Source: soundriotrecords.com
Posted: 25.09.2006 by DerRozzengarten | Comments (0)

Myopia - Distributed Through ForeshadowProductions

Polish extreme mettalers Myopia signed a worldwide distribution deal with young Polish metal label Foreshadow Productions for their newest full-length album entitled "Enter Insect Masterplan". This unique three-piece play outstanding technical and twisted death metal. Although, drawing inspiration from the best representatives of twisted and highly original death art as Voivod or Meshuggah, Myopia creates a sonic assault of pioneering proportions. Killer drum blasts, heavy & raw guitar work as well as energetic deathish vocals make this album stand out from the crowd. After the introductory 'Planet Groth', relatively short and musically thick songs will make your head start moving from the very first opening sounds of 'The Colony'! The album, being entirely dedicated to the late Voivod mastermind Denis D'amour, defends itself without further encouragement. This is technical, twisted and forward thinking death metal at its best!

Posted: 01.05.2006 by Dreadful_Shadow | Comments (0)

The 69 Eyes - Jyrki Goodwill Ambassador Of UNICEF

UNICEF Finland appoints new Goodwill Ambassador: JYRKI 69, SINGER OF THE 69 EYES

"Invited by the Board of Directors of UNICEF Finland Jyrki69, singer of the rock band The 69 Eyes, today signed an agreement of cooperation with the organization. Jyrki69 has done excellent UNICEF work as Spokesperson for the school campaign "Stolen childhood". "Stolen Childhood" is a campaign designed for schools, and the beneficiaries are children in West-African Benin, who run the risk of becoming trafficked.

During the ceremony, Executive Director Pentti Kotoaro of UNICEF Finland said that "the unselfish work of the Goodwill Ambassadors is a priceless resource to UNICEF. With their help the message of children's rights reaches audiences, to which we would not have access otherwise."


Source: 69eyes.com
Band profile: The 69 Eyes
Posted: 25.08.2005 by Dreadful_Shadow | Comments (0)