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After Forever - Bus Crashed (No Harm Done)

As posted on the official website on February 1st:

This morning After Forever had an accident with the tourbus. Fortunally nobody is injured. After a few extremely succesfull shows After Forever will continue their european tour. We hope to see you during one of the upcoming gigs.

Here are a few pictures of the bus: 1/2


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Epica - To Record Live DVD & ProgPower

As posted on the official website:

The 4th May 2006 will mark a new highlight for Epica's career when the band will be recording their very first live DVD at the famous Paradiso Amsterdam. To make this evening even more special, Epica will also be presenting their unique photo & soundbook The Road To Paradiso. This book will contain a lot of pictures and stories but will also feature an Audio-CD with interviews, unreleased live material and other rarities.

The band wants the book to be made for the fans, but also by the fans. For more info on this topic and how to participate in this unique project please visit:

Epica will play at the Progpower USA in Atlanta. It's the first time that a Dutch band will perform on this big festival. We are looking forward to our first US show!

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Rhapsody - Virtual Release Party Of New Live Album

As posted on the official website (and coined by user bodomvzla):

Virtual Release Party Of Rhapsody's - "Live In Canada 2005 - The Dark Secret"

Another surprise for the Rhapsody fans! It will be possible to listen to the entire album online without paying for it! This streaming is online only for 24 hours, so make sure you'll be online!

This unique event will take place at:
Saturday, January 21, 2006
You can listen to the album between 0:00 CET till 23:59 CET

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Megadeth - deviantART "Megadeth Design Contest"

As posted on the official website:

Design a new Vic Rattlehead and win big in the 'MEGADETH DESIGN CONTEST' at!
Megadeth has commissioned deviantART to hold a contest to give Vic a facelift. Dave Mustaine will choose the winners and three ESP guitars will be given away as prizes.

Contest is open now and runs till Feb 14. Details HERE.


Source: and
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Saratoga - New Drummer

Translation of the news posted on the official website on 19.12.2005:

Dani told us some time ago that he decided to leave the band and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, here's the complete statement he sent us. Saratoga wish him and his new band good luck and we thank him for all those years of work and friendship. And neither he nor us want to argue about that since it's his own decision and that it happened in a friendly way.

Dani's statement:

Hi all. I'm writing to tell you I have taken the decision to quit Saratoga. Even though Skizoo was first thought as a side-project, it grew to the point that it's impossible to handle both groups. Now, Skizoo is a band in which all the members have to be 100% involved, so that it's impossible for me to set the priority on Saratoga. The reasons of my choice are personal and I hope you will understand them. Of course, this is a friendly separation and I wish the best to the band. I want to thank all the fans of Saratoga who have supported me through all those years, I will always be indebted to you. Finally, I have to say that my involvement in Stravaganzza will not only remain the same but that this will allow to get even more involved in the band.

Cheers to all of you.


We also want to say that everything will go on and that SARATOGA already have a new drummer, Andy C. who will be part of Saratoa's sixth line-up. Andy is an incredible musician, as you could see before in Dark Moor, among other bands. We have prepared all the songs we're going to play live and we promise we'll give out everything to you in our concerts, that you can see in the Tour section.

Salud y mucho Heavy Metal

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Pyramaze - Opening ProgPower USA 2006

Amazing news! YES it's true - PYRAMAZE has been announced as opener of ProgPower USA Festival, to take place in Atlanta, GA in the fall (correct date to come soon). Promoter Glenn Harveston contacted us late last night with the news that he wanted to announce Pyramaze already now alongside the opener for the second day (Wastefall). This is gonna be one awesome experience, which Pyramaze are looking very much forward to.

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Mägo De Oz - Platinum Album Given By Officials

Last Monday, December 20th, 2002, the Platinum Album ceremony has taken place at Hard Rock Cafe in Plaza de Colón (Madrid). It was given to the Heavy Folk Metal band Mägo De Oz for the massive and outrageous sales of their last album, Gaia II: La Voz Dormida.

Press, radio and television aside, some important people went to the act like Minister of Culture Mrs Carmen Calvo, who clearly spoke an open eulogy of Rock as a cultural expression and culture itself and showed Mägo De Oz as the most important Spanish Rock band in Spanish language in the last years. Furthermore, she did not only treat them as champions of our music but also as champions of freedom of speech and human values, which they show in their lyrics, congratulating them in the name of the Spanish Government. In addition, she claimed equality of opportunity and attention towards Rock, comparing this style with Classical, Pop and other music styles and calling it crystal clearly "The great Classical of the 20th century". We hope the spokesmen of the press and music labels who attended the act will take the hint about the Minister's words.

Finally, Mrs Calvo acknowledged herself as a metalhead and follower of Mägo De Oz's career and confessed herself worried about the awful consequences of actual piracy. Next, the band gave her a violin they all signed as a present, and Mr Claudio Prieto, well-known Classical composer and Mohamed's father, spoke some emotive words. Mr Carlos Tibu Vázquez, band manager, opened the act with a short introduction and closed it presenting some exclusive images of the new scenery the band will use in their next tour.

The band with the Minister of Culture, Mrs Carmen Calvo:
The band giving the violin to the Minister:
The whole band, posing for the media:

Translation from
Thanks to Taktsekte


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Dream Theater - Recording Live Show On April Fools

Well mark your calendars boys and girls, as Dream Theater history will once again be made on....


Celebrating the very last show of their 20th Anniversary Tour 2005/2006, this very special Grand Finale will be recorded and filmed for an upcoming 20th Anniversary DVD & CD release.

Tickets will go on sale for the general public via Ticketmaster on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005.

Source: Dream Theater newsletter
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MZ - Singer Added, Album Updates, Tour Dates

French neo classical power metallers MZ are no more an instrumental band.

Singer Jean-Jacques Fanciullotti joined them a few months ago. His voice is said to be in the vain of At Vance's singers Oliver Hartman & Mats Leven.

Together, they recorded their 5th album, "Nostalgic Heroes", that should be released in 2006.

Also, they will play in Villeurbanne (France) on Dec 17 with Arkenonn and Ashes&Dust, and in Saint-Etienne on Dec 18 with WeirdLand.

Here's a video of the bass solo track that will be included in "Nostalgic Heroes": Polytheist
You can also download many MP3 samples from their previous albums here. Be sure to check the full song Hungarian Divertimento!


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Pyramaze - New Website, Release Dates & Download

The new website of the Danish-American act Pyramaze is now launched.
Also, you will find the song "Souls In Pain" from their upcoming album "Legend Of The Bone Carver" in the MP3 section of the website.

Here's a statement about the release dates for the new album:

"We're pleased to announce that our record labels all over the world have decided on a common release schedule for "Legend Of The Bone Carver".

In Japan "King Records" will release the album on 22nd of February 2006. "Melodic Heaven" will release it in the rest of Asia on the same day. In France "Replica Records" will put it out in stores on February 27th, as will "Massacre Records" in the rest of Europe. Since the standard release dates in USA are Tuesdays, "Nightmare Records" will put it out the day after, February 28th 2006.

As you can see from the list above, we've changed labels in certain places. In Japan we're no longer signed to Toshiba/EMI, but have instead inked a deal with King Records. We'd especially like to thank our Japanese publisher, Mr. Koh Sakai at Burrn! Music, for his valuable help in signing with King Records.

In Europe, Replica Records have this time decided only to concentrate on France, thus leaving the rest of Europe for larger distribution / licensing through Massacre Records.

All of this should make it much easier to get hold of Pyramaze albums, no matter where you live. We're really happy about this, and we're looking forward to getting "Legend Of The Bone Carver" out in stores, and hear the feedback from fans and media."

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Freedom Call - Announces New Guitarist And Tour

As posted in the official site:

Hey Callers,

At last, we can proudly present the new line up of Freedom Call!
After months of rehearsals and lots of auditions with many talented guitarplayers and bassplayers, we found with Lars (Guitar) and Armin (Bass) the right guys for the band.
We will start to practise early in december, so that we'll be good prepared for the upcoming tour with Rage in March 06. We also began with songwriting for the next album...
A big thanx to all musicians for their interest and being ready to practise our songs!

Greez & take care
Freedom Call

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Trepalium - New Album In February

The release date for the upcoming album of the French brutal death metal band Trepalium is set to February 2006 on the French label Holy Records.
The new album will be entitled "Alchemik Clockwork Of Disorder" and will include 11 tracks.
The recording sessions should begin by October 10th and the album shuld be mixed by Benoit Roux at Drudenhaus studio (Anorexia Nervosa) in December.

Source: Trepalium newsletter Website: trepalium...
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Freedom Call - Bassist Leaves The Band

As seen on the official website:

Freedom Call future (written by Daniel - 09/30/2005)
Hi everybody out there,

as you all might know by now- Ilker has left Freedom Call too. You can read his statement under the rubric "News" . We respect his descision and wish him all the best for the future.
Freedom Call will definitely go on. The interest in FC is very high and we got some interesting offers.
The first auditions will be on October 25/26th.

We will inform you about latest news!
Cheerz Daniel

Official statement from Ilker (written by Ilker Ersin - 09/15/2005)
Hi Freedom Callers.

I'm sorry that I have to tell you now that I am no longer Freedom Call's bass player.

I very much enjoyed the past years with the band, and especially the time with you, but it is time for me to follow a different path now - as some of you noticed, I'm currently getting my own band going.

As Cede already said, the last years were pure Rock'n'Roll, and not just an adventure holiday!

My exit has nothing to do with Cede leaving the band, it is a purely personal decision.

Believe me, it was hard for me to inform Daniel, Chris and Nils about my decision just now, but I have to listen to my heart and act accordingly.

As Freedom Call don't have any concerts planned right now, and Daniel is on the road with Gamma Ray, there should be plenty of time for the band to find adequate replacements for me and Cede (as long as they don't have longer hair than we do :-) ).

From counless talks with the others, I know that they respect - and above all understand - my decisision, and we part in friendship.

I wish Freedom Call all the best for the future, CHEEEEEERRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Source: (Thanks lyzardos!)
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Heathen - New Song Online

Bay area thrashers Heathen have posted another new song entitled Emptiness Nothingness for fans to download in their forum:'s=369

The other two songs that they previously posted, Dying Season and Arrows Of Agony, have been remixed and are available to download as well.

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Raismesfest - Symphorce & Machine Men Confirmed

After Dragonforce cancelled their performance, the Raismesfest is proud to announce that Symphorce and Machine Men will take their place on Saturday 10th of September.

Unfortunately, the Japanese band Loudness might cancel their tour in France and so their appearance at Raismesfest. If this was to happen, a new band of the same caliber would replace them.

Raismesfest will take place in Raismes, North of France, near Belgium, on September 10th and 11th, for a very cheap price! (30 for 2 days and camping!).

For more information:

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