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Avalanch - 3 New Songs & A Video Downloadable

The Spanish band Avalanch posted 3 complete songs in MP3 and a streaming video from their new album "El Hijo Pródigo" on their website.

The album, as well as some of their previous releases, is available on their website in digipack with a bonus track.

Check their website:

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RaismesFest - Dragonforce Cancelled

Dragonforce, scheduled to play on Saturday 10th of September at Raismes Festival, has cancelled their performance.

A new band will be announced as soon as possible to replace them.

RaismesFest will take place in Raismes, North of France, near Belgium, on September 10th and 11th.

For more information:

Source: RaismesFest Newsletter
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Edguy - New CD & DVD "Superheroes"

As posted on the official website:

On September 5th a new EP and a DVD-Special will be released simultaneously, and even though they have the same title ("Superheroes" and "Superheroes - Heroic DVD edition!) they're gonna differ from each other totally.

The CD "Superheroes" will contain 5 brand new songs plus a bonus track. Tobias Sammet says, "One of the tracks is a bombastic uptempo epic that's reminiscent of a mixture of heavy Queen, Richard Wagner & Avantasia. So it was a MUST to ask Michael Kiske to do some guest vocals. To me music is about goose bumps, and I had a lot when listening to Michi! To make it fair we have decided that the CD shall be out in stores for the price of a CD single only! So make sure you persuade your friends that they buy it and don't copy it, maybe quality and value for money could be a promising kind of 'copy-protection'!

The DVD will contain the brand new video-clip "Superheroes", a couple of songs filmed live in Brazil, plenty of "behind the scenes" footage, a slide show, an extensive studio report with interviews and besides the chance to follow Edguy backstage - according to the band "a lot of bullshit and stupid jokes. Our fans will love the fun part of it and I'm sure to them it's a classic. And I am sure Edguy haters will hate us even more and will think we are a bunch of wanna-be-funny-gay-idiots." The DVD will have a running time of approximately 80 minutes and is gonna be available for the price of a DVD single as well! More information coming soon!

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Swallow The Sun - New Sample And Release Details

A sample of the song 'Descending Winters' from the new album 'Ghosts Of Loss' is downloadable at their website.

'Ghosts of Loss' will be released 24.8.2005 in Finland, and in September in other countries. At least the first pressing of the album will be a special CD+DVD -version, and the DVD will include a video of the song Descending Winters, two songs (Swallow and Deadly Nightshade) from the gig at Lahti 23.4.2005 and two songs (Through Her Silvery Body and Psychopath's Lair) from Lutakko 17.12.2004.

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Stratovarius - New Video Online

The band posted their new video "Maniac Dance" online, as well as pictures from the video shoot.
The video was directed by Antti J. Jokinen in April.

The album "Stratovarius" is still to be released on September 5th, 2005.

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Headline - New Album & Video

French prog metallers have posted the following news on their official website:

27/01/05 News: Headline has started the preproduction of their upcoming album planned for 2005. The songs seem to be in the continuity of "Duality" the last release, putting accent on the "esoteric" size of their music. Headline is already confirmed for the Belgium Prog Event festival 2005.

11/07/05 News: Issued from the next release, "Redemption", will be the next Headline video clip, still attented by Mythic's Warriors team who already performed on "Exorcise me" (Best video clip award in 2003).

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Tiamat - Metaltown Fest/Rumors/DVD

As posted on Tiamat's official website:

7th of July 2005


We're extremely happy to inform our Swedish fans that we have just been confirmed to perform at this years Metaltown festival in Gothenburg on the 30th of July!!! Other bands on that festival are Beseech, Nine, Apocalyptica, our bloodbrothers Dark Tranquillity, and the great Rammstein!

Recently we have received many emails asking about a rumour saying that Tiamat is about to split up. The answer to you bunch is: What planet are you from?

The DVD "Church of Tiamat" has been delayed and is now set for a release in the end of October. We're just finishing up packaging and deciding what to put in the bonus section. Siggi Bemm did a great job mixing the audio, both in stereo and 5.1!!!

And a final word, London we're with you!!! God bless you!


Source: Thanks (once again) ...
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Aborted - New Guitarist

The following statement was recently made on the band's official website:

"We're proud to announce we have found a fitting replacement for Bart, who recently left the band for personal reasons. The new surgeon on duty is no the less than Stephane Soutreyard, who is also known for his stellar work in his other band Yyrkoon. Stef has his first shows with us this weekend on none less than the Furyfest and the Graspop festivals. We can't wait to get on the road this weekend and do these among the other festivals we have planned, see you on stage to blast like hell!

Here are a few words from Stef about joining the band:

"I've been a fan of the band for several years now, especially since their Goremageddon album. It's a real honor for me to join the Aborted line-up. I will do my best to drive an awesome surgery!! Enjoy! See you soon guys!"

Source: Olympic Recordings Newsletter
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Draconian - Line Up Changes

Posted 03.06.2005 - Important notice...

Due to other commitments and lack of time, rhythm guitarist Magnus Bergström a.k.a. Bergis, have taken a leave of absence for an indefinite period of time. Bergis has been the rhythm guitarist of Draconian since October 1995. His fellow brothers and sister of The Draconian Horde wishes him the best of luck with his settlements. For replacement, a long time friend of the band, Daniel Arvidsson a.k.a. Arvid, have stepped in to take his place as a fulltime member of Draconian. We welcome Arvid to our dark odyssey of doom.

More line-up changes to follow: Draconian are now looking for a new bass player. Unfortunatly Jesper Stolpe will soon leave the band for family commitments, but he will do his best to help us out as long he is able to. If You live nearby and are interested to fill his spot, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@draconianse.
That's all for now, folks. Keep on doomin'!

Source: Thanks to user Galder!
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Pyramaze - New Album & Artwork Completed

"Our upcoming release 'Legend of the Bone Carver' is now finished. Late Saturday evening we made the final mix, and everything has turned out fantastic! Within a few weeks we will announce our label deals, and hopefully we can reveal a release date within a month or so. That's all for now - cheers!

The artwork for our upcoming release is ready to be revealed. Check it out at (enter the personal Pyramaze site under 'management' -and hit the discography button). Enjoy!

Michael Kammeyer"

Source: Quick link to artwork: in...
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Raismesfest - Lineup Complete!

<img src=""/]

Oxees won the competition and will open the festival on Saturday.
The English band Firemouth will aslo be playing on Sunday.

More info:

Official website:

Source: Raismesfest Newsletter
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Naglfar - New Album, Video & Summer Festivals

Unleashing their monstrous new album, Pariah, on July 12th, the Swedish black metal masters have just wrapped up shooting the video for "The Perpetual Horrors." Overtaking stages this summer the mighty Naglfar are slated to perform at Finland's Tuska Fest and Germany's celebrated Wacken-Open-Air!

Source: Century Media Newsletter
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Sentenced - Charts & Video

Entering the Finnish National Charts at the #1 position, The Funeral Album may prove to be the bands' most successful album, as well as their last. Additionally the album entered the German and Austrian charts at #49 and #56 respectively. The band will be performing several European 'Funeral Shows' prior to the band's dissolution, check their website or the Century Media website for dates.

The video for "Ever-Frost" will begin airing in North America in the upcoming weeks.

Source: Century Media Newsletter
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Heathen - New Song To Download

In their forum, Bay area thrashers Heathen have posted a link to their new song, Arrows of Agony. It's still a rough mix of what should be in their upcoming album.

Heathen had previously posted Dying Season, first song (rough mix) out of their new material.

Both songs are available here:'s=136

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Raismesfest - Lineup Almost Complete!

Raismes, north of France, will welcome the 8th edition of Raismesfest, heavy & melodic metal festival on the 10th and 11th of September.

Here's the official flyer:
<p align=center]<img src=""]</p]

Saturday 10:

- (local band to be chosen after the contest that will take place in Raismes on June 4th*)
- Edenbridge
- Dragonforce
- Nightmare
- Manigance
- Loudness
- Sonata Arctica

Sunday 11:

- Conscience
- Wild West
- The Old Dead Tree
- Anyone's Daughter
- Deadsoul Tribe
- Anathema

One day ticket: € 15 (€ 20 without reservation)
Two days ticket: € 25 (€ 30 without reservation)
Camping: € 5

*Local contest, June 4th:
<p align=center]<img src=""]</p]

Air guitar contest
Metal party all night long!

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