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28.04Equilibrium - Album Tracklist Revealed
21.04Skyfire - New Album Title Announced
20.04Equilibrium - Samples Of Upcoming Album
17.04Finntroll - North American Tour Announced
07.01In Flames - Announce The Title Of The New Album
03.01Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed
22.12Wintersun - Upcoming Album Frustrations
20.12Metaltown 2008 - First Bands Announced

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Equilibrium - Album Tracklist Revealed

German metallers Equilibrium have revealed the tracklist for the upcoming album "Sagas":

01. Prolog Auf Erden
02. Wurzelbert
03. Blut Im Auge
04. Unbesiegt
05. Verrat
06. Snüffel
07. Heimwärts
08. Heiderauche
09. Die Weide Und Der Fluß
10. Des Sängers Fluch
11. Ruf In Den Wind
12. Dämmerung
13. Mana

"Sagas" cover art] will be released on 20th June via Nuclear Blast. Furthermore, "Sagas" will be released with a Bonus DVD with approx. 70 minutes of running time, featuring Equilibrium on and off stage.


Band profile: Equilibrium
Posted: 28.04.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (10)

Skyfire - New Album Title Announced

Swedish metal band Skyfire have posted following at their official myspace page:

"Swedish progressive death metallers Skyfire have set "Esoteric" as the title of their fourth album, due this fall via Pivotal Rockordings. The cover art, which can only be described as "epic," was created by Pär Olofsson, who has previously worked with Brain Drill, Psycroptic, Spawn Of Posession, and Persuader.

The recording process for Esoteric is nearing completion at Powernest Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Studio blogs can be viewed at

The follow-up to 2004's "Spectral", Esoteric is scheduled to be mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) at Black Lounge Studios..."


Band profile: Skyfire
Posted: 21.04.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (8)

Equilibrium - Samples Of Upcoming Album

Germany's Equilibrium have posted a sample medly of their upcoming album "Sagas" at this location. The album's realase date will be 20th June.
More album details to follow.


Band profile: Equilibrium
Posted: 20.04.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (16)

Finntroll - North American Tour Announced

Finnish folk metal band have posted following at their website:

"We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean again this fall. This time we head out with support from American Death/Thrashers Warbringer! The dates can be found in the Live-section. Tickets on sale exclusively until May 3rd through, later through all normal ticketing services.

Be there!"

The dates are:

22.08.2008 - USA, Springfield, VA
23.08.2008 - USA, Philadelphia, PA
24.08.2008 - USA, New York, NY
25.08.2008 - USA, Cambridge, MA
26.08.2008 - CAN, Montreal, QC
27.08.2008 - CAN, Quebec City, QC
28.08.2008 - CAN, Toronto, ON
29.08.2008 - USA, Cleveland, OH
30.08.2008 - USA, Mokena, IL
31.08.2008 - USA, Minneapolis, MN


Band profile: Finntroll
Event: Finntroll: N. American Tour
Posted: 17.04.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (14)

In Flames - Announce The Title Of The New Album

Today the Gothenburg band posted following message:

"We can now officially announce the title of the new In Flames album. The album is called "A Sense Of Purpose".
The mastering is done. The album is complete and ready to be released in April.

"We are extremely happy with the end result and so proud of what we have achieved with the new album and can't wait for you all to hear it." - In Flames

Band profile: In Flames
Posted: 07.01.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (39)

Sabaton - New Album Tracklisting Revealed

Sabaton has posted the tracklist for "The Art Of War":

01. Sun Tzu says
02. Ghost Division
03. The Art Of War
04. 40:1
05. Unbreakable
06. The nature Of Warfare
07. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
08. Talvisota
09. Panzerkampf
10. Union (Slopes Of St.Benedict)
11. The Price Of A Mile
12. Firestorm
13. A Secret

The band will enter the studio this Friday to start the recording.

Band profile: Sabaton
Posted: 03.01.2008 by WinterChild | Comments (12)

Wintersun - Upcoming Album Frustrations

Kai Hahto, drummer of Wintersun, has posted the following album update on their message board:

"Hey Everybody,

I'm making a little statement where we are at the moment. We're having a lot of problems with our computer at the moment. This resuslts in much frustration and also kills the inspiritation, because we cannot work as we want to and for example one wrong note can cause a whole days work. So the situation is now this. We are finished with everything else except the vocals and synths. We are talking about more orchestral stuff with layers on top of each other, and some songs have some cool choirs!

People, please understand that the scale for this album is much bigger than the first one. I love the first one too, but you can't compare these two at all.


Band profile: Wintersun
Posted: 22.12.2007 by WinterChild | Comments (51)

Metaltown 2008 - First Bands Announced

A few days ago, the first names were released for the Metaltown metal festival in Gothenburg. The 2008 edition of the festival will have 2 days instead of one. Metaltown will take place at Frihamnen in Gothenburg 27-28 June.

The line up so far: Nightwish, Monster Magnet, Bullet For My Valentine, Amon Amarth, Killswitch Engage, Nifelheim and Witchcraft. The complete line up will consist about 30 bands.


Event: Metaltown 2008
Posted: 20.12.2007 by WinterChild | Comments (18)

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