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Dread Sovereign - Streaming New Song

Irish doom metallers Dread Sovereign are streaming a brand new song from their upcoming album, entitled For Doom The Bell Tolls. You can find the track on SoundCloud or just stream it below. You can also get your hands on the record this March 3rd via Ván Records. Enjoy "This World Is Doomed".


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The 69 Eyes - Reveal New Album Details

After announcing they were working on a new album, Finns The 69 Eyes have now revealed that they are currently putting the finishing touches in the studio on their 10th album. The album will be called X (the 10th) and it will come out in September/October 2012 through RCA/Sony Music in Finland and Nuclear Blast in Europe and North America. The single "Red" will precede the release of the full-length CD in August.


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Amorphis - Tentative Release Date And Tracklist Revealed

Mark Gromen from BW&BK wrote the following special road report, revealing more details regarding Amorphis' upcoming new album, scheduled for a May 27th release through Nuclear Blast.

"In Sonic Pump Studios, on the outskirts of Helsinki, Amorphis premiered their latest twelve track opus for an assemblage of foreign journalists, as well as homegrown fans. Even the album artwork is still in transition, as an egg hovers in the clouds above a groove of snow covered pine trees, the familiar arched Hammer Of Thor symbol is crudely depicted on the shell. Neither label reps, nor management had heard the album prior to the listening session! Bold move.

The still unmastered disc, rumored to go under the title of Beginning Of Time (the last song on the album) will be finalized within the coming week.

Tracklisting (running order still subject to change): "Mermaid", "My Enemy", "You I Need", "Battle For Light", "Three Words", "On A Stranded Shore", "Escape", "Reformation", "Soothsayer", "Song Of The Sage", "Crack In A Stone" and "Beginning Of Time".

The songs feature plenty of death vocals from Tomi Joutsen, as well a couple of new wrinkles."


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Poisonblack - New Album Details Announced

Original news, posted on 27.01.2010

Poisonblack have announced the tracklist for their new album Of Rust And Bones. The limited-edition CD digipak featuring the bonus track "Half Past Dead" will be released in Finland and Germany only.

01. My Sun Shines Black
02. Leech
03. My World
04. Buried Alive
05. Invisible
06. Casket Case
07. Down The Drain
08. Alone
09. The Last Song
10. Half Past Dead (Bonus Track)

The album will be released on the following dates:

Finland: March 17
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy: March 19
Spain: March 23
Sweden, Hungary: March 24
Rest Of Europe: March 22

Poisonblack will hit the road in beginning of April. The band will tour Finland and play some shows in Europe this coming spring and summer.

UPDATE (thanks to Sentenced Odiin)

Finnish metallers Poisonblack have just revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming 4th album, entitled Of Rust And Bones. The cover and booklet artwork was created by Teemu Hostikka and it can be viewed at this location.


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The Man-Eating Tree - New Project Of Ex-Sentenced Drummer

The Man-Eating Tree, the new atmospheric metal band featuring ex-Sentenced drummer Vesa Ranta alongside current/former members of Poisonblack, Reflexion and Embraze, have entered Mastervox Studio in Oulu, Finland to begin recording its debut album with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (Him, Sentenced, Amorphis).

According to the group's official bio, The Man-Eating Tree was formed when "Vesa Ranta, having taken a break from music after Sentenced, began to overcome his post-Sentenced battle fatigue and lack of musical motivation. The idea of a new band - or bands - was eventually brainstormed over a period of time between Vesa and his friends, including gentlemen Miika Tenkula, Aaron Rantonen, Janne Markus (guitar, Poisonblack) and Mikko Uusimaa. Plans were made reality in 2009; the outfit was completed by the addition of Tuomas Tuominen (Fall Of The Leafe) as a vocalist and Heidi Määttä (Embraze) as a keyboard player. First demo recordings were made in the spring and summer of 2009.

Vocalist Tuomas Tuominen states: "Most of the instrument tracks will be recorded here in wintry Oulu. I will lay down the vocals in the later half of the month there in the South."

Songtitles set to appear on the CD include:

* Lathing A Good Man
* Contractor
* King Of July In The Kingdom Of Winter
* The Eastern Part Of Sleep
* Free Of Shadows
* The Forecast
* Out Of The Wind
* The Forge Of Hope
* Of Birth And Passing


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Dark Tranquillity - New Album Details Revealed

Original news, posted on 28.11.2009

Dark Tranquillity will release We Are The Void, due in Europe on March 1, 2010 via Century Media Records.

The drums for the CD were recorded at bassist Daniel Antonsson's studio, while the remaining instruments were tracked at Martin Brändström's (electronics) newly renovated Rogue music facility. The mixing duties are once again being handled by Tue Madsen (Halford, Behemoth, Kataklysm, The Haunted) at his Antfarm studio in Århus, Denmark. Working songtitles set to appear on the CD include "I Am The Void", "Zero Distance", "The Burden Of Love Alive", "Archangelsk" and "Memories In Reverse".

Regarding the musical direction of the band's new material, Dark Tranquillity previously said, "It's a bit too early to delve into details, but the material feels diverse and fresh and covers all the facets of the Dark Tranquillity sound. Those who are familiar with our songwriting process know that we always keep re-arranging and experimenting with the material until the recording starts, and while we currently have the basic foundations for around 10 songs, many things are still open. The final result is likely to surprise ourselves as well as you people."

UPDATED (thanks to 36814)

Dark Tranquillity have launched their brand-new song "Dream Oblivion" at their newly redesigned MySpace page. The track gives you a first impression of the new album We Are The Void which will hit stores on the following dates:

Sweden: February 24, 2010
Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Benelux / Italy / Australia: February 26, 2010
Uk / France / Greece / Denmark / Norway / Rest Of Europe: March 1, 2010
Spain / Portugal: March 2, 2010
Finland / Hungary: March 3, 2010
North America: March 9, 2010

The band's follow-up to 2007's Fiction was recorded at Dark Tranquillity's very own Rogue Music studio and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Denmark. To follow the creation of this superb melodic death metal opus Anders Björler (The Haunted, At The Gates) filmed a detailed studio report series, which can also be found on the band's MySpace page.


Dark Tranquillity have announced the final tracklist for their upcoming 9th studio album.

We Are The Void cover art] tracklist:

01. At The Point Of Ignition
02. Dream Oblivion
03. The Fatalist
04. Life Without
05. Zero Distance
06. Her Silent Language
07. Shadow In Our Blood


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Finntroll - New Album Details Revealed, Song Online

Original news, posted on 26.11.2009

Century Media Records press release

The last leaves have fallen in the old world of Europe, stripping down the trees to wooden skeletons, and a dark wind is blowing from the coldest north to freeze your souls. Finntroll will blow their new album Nifelvind across the withered earth on 22nd February 2010. Everybody who thought that the album title is Mot Skuggornas Värld should learn his lesson to never trust a Troll. Nifelvind was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, Finland and mastered by Mika Jussila (add any big Finnish Metal band for namedropping) at Finnvox Studios. The album cover artwork was done again by the band's own guitarist Skrymer.

Finntroll comments on the album as follows: "After tough and hectic weeks in the studio, due to lack of time and summer festivals, we are now really, really pleased with the results. Nifelvind is the most advanced and mature Finntroll-album to date, with musical themes ranging from powerful death metal riffs to dark soundtracks, from pounding black metal to groovy 80's pop-music. All this is accompanied by our trademark sound, lots of never-before-heard instruments in the metal-scene, folklore and legends that make it overall the most versatile album we have created so far."

The tracklist reads as follows:

01. Blodmarsch (intro)
02. Solsagan
03. Den Frusna Munnen
04. Ett Norrskensdåd
05. I Trädens Sång
06. Tiden Utan Tid
07. Galgasång
08. Mot Skuggornas Värld
09. Under Bergets Rot
10. Fornfamnad
11. Dråp

Whereas the band's unique style has spawned an entire new genre that successfully blends black metal darkness with folkloristic melodies, in 2010 Finntroll shall proudly reclaim the folk metal throne and leave myriads of copycats crushed to pieces...

UPDATE (thanks to 21268)

In February 2010, Finntroll band will release its highly anticipated new slab of folk-rooted back metal hymns entitled Nifelvind. The album was recorded at Sonic Pump Studios (Apocalyptica, Amorphis, Ensiferum, etc.) in Helsinki, Finland and mastered by Mika Jussila (Children Of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Him, etc.) at Finnvox Studios. The album cover artwork was done again by the band's own guitarist Skrymer and visually captures the true FINNTROLL spirit perfectly.

Now, the band presents you the first track from this opus, "Under Bergets Rot", at its redesigned MySpace page.

Nifelvind will be released on the following dates:


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Poisonblack - New Album In March

Poisonblack have set Of Rust And Bones as the title of their fourth studio album, to be released in Europe on 22 March 2010 through Century Media Records. The follow-up to A Dead Heavy Day was recorded with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, who has previously worked with HIM, Sentenced, Amorphis and Ensiferum. Songtitles set to appear on Of Rust And Bones include "My Sun Shines Black", "Down The Drain", "The Last Song", "Buried Alive" and "Penaaliseppo".


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Kalmah - New Album Updates

Original news posted on 03.10.2009

Kalmah have finished the recordings of their 6th album which will be released in the early 2010. The actual release date has not been set yet. The recording process started in May, continued in June and finally ended in August. All recordings and mixing were done at Tico-Tico studios. Mastering was done at Cutting Room. The album is still untitled. The work title was 12 Gauge which is a title for one song for the album. All in all the band recorded 9 new songs and one cover.

The band added: "Recordings as usual for Kalmah went pretty smoothly. We had everything pretty much ready before the studio and it was easy to just concentrate on the sound and perfection of the performance. The sound, well, of course the sound is great. We managed to dig out more depression and agression overall. From now own we are concentrating on the cover art, booklet and stuff. We have some upcoming shows at Russia in the beginning of November and we are planning for Finnish shows at the beginning of 2010."

In other news, Kalmah had to cancel two live shows this week. The gig in Istanbul is cancelled as well as gig at Nuclear Nightclub. Both gigs will be re-scheduled to 2010. Nightclub will host the band's album release party in the beginning of 2010. The reason for cancelling is Pekka's accident with a brush saw. See the picture here.

UPDATE (thanks to Methil Odin)

Official press release

Finnish melodic swamp metallers Kalmah have completed the recordings of 6th studio album. Album was recorded at Tico-Tico studios in Finland as usual and mastered at Cutting Room, Sweden.

"Everything went fluently as always even thought this time the recordings were done in three different time periods within a half a year. Swamp spirit among the band is high and every body is very satisfied with the result as should. Actually I think it was even better to leave the breath taking gaps here and there so that the new material didn't numb ears and head. What comes to new material under the guidance of our dear Swamplord it is very Kalmah like but we haven't forgot to introduce new tuning here and there" says the main song writer and lead guitarist Antti Kokko.

Cover art and promotional material is on its way. The official release date is yet unknown but will take place in January - February 2010. At the same time band will celebrate 10th anniversary as an recording band.

Previous album For The Revolution gained good reason of success here in Finland and especially in North America. The band did their first tour ever outside Finland at Canada 2008. The tour was success and band is planning to do a follow-up tour 2010.


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Sentenced - Whole Discography Released In A Limited Edition Coffin

The glorious career of Oulu-based metallers Sentenced will be released in a coffin-shaped box which will contain 16 cd's and 2 dvd's. It will contain all their studio albums and demos but also lots of material which is only available through this box. All in all the Coffin contains 144 audio tracks and 42 video tracks so there is over 15 hours of Sentenced heaven...or hell!

Coffin will be released on limited and numbered 4000-piece edition worldwide and it will be released on November 13th 2009.

Here is the CD/DVD list:

CD 1. When Death Joins Us (demo)
CD 2. Rotting Ways to Misery (demo)
CD 3. Shadows of the Past
CD 4. Journey to Pohjola (demo)
CD 5. North from Here
CD 6. The Trooper
CD 7. Amok
CD 8. Love & Death
CD 9. Down
CD 10. Frozen
CD 11. Crimson
CD 12. The Cold White Light
CD 13. The Funeral Album
CD 14. Buried Alive I
CD 15. Buried Alive II
CD 16. Dead Leaves (Collection of B-sides and other rarities)
CD 17. Buried Alive I (DVD)
CD 18. Buried Alive II (DVD)


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