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30.12DragonForce - In TV Commercial
12.01Vanden Plas - Release First Music Video
15.12Deadlock - More Album Details Revealed
27.07Blind Guardian - Three Full Length Tracks Online

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DragonForce - In TV Commercial

In what would go well on our "Funny Stuff" feature, apparently power metallers DragonForce have been doing more than touring and releasing a new album this year. Guitarists Herman Li and Samuel "Sam" Totman are featured in a TV commercial advertising the Capital One mobile app. It seems that it is possible to use your phone and also shred on your guitar without a problem.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: DragonForce
Posted: 30.12.2012 by WorpeX | Comments (14)

Vanden Plas - Release First Music Video

Vanden Plas have released their first ever music video. Somehow I doubt "Holes in the Sky", which comes off of their newest album The Seraphic Clockwork, will find its way to MTV.


Source: vandenplas.de
Band profile: Vanden Plas
Posted: 12.01.2011 by WorpeX | Comments (14)

Deadlock - More Album Details Revealed

The new Deadlock album Bizarro World will be released on February 28th 2011 (US release date is March 16th, and February 23rd in Japan) via Lifeforce Records. The limited edition (digipak) of the album and the digital version will contain two remixes as bonus tracks.

Bizarro World cover art] tracklist:

01. Virus Jones
02. State Of Decay
03. Falling Skywards
04. Earthlings
05. You Left Me Dead
06. Brutal Romance
07. Alienation
08. Renegade
09. Htrae
10. Bizarro World
11. Paranoia Extravaganza

41942 for the news!]


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Deadlock
Posted: 15.12.2010 by WorpeX | Comments (3)

Blind Guardian - Three Full Length Tracks Online

The long wait is almost over, Blind Guardian's new opus At the Edge of Time will be released in Europe on July 30th. The band states: "You have all been so nice and patient, therefore we have decided to share 3 full length tracks from the album with you. So, brush up a little on the writings of Michael Moorcock and George R.R. Martin and enjoy the following tracks "Tanelorn (Into the Void)", "War of the Thrones", and "A Voice in the Dark". Head over to this location to check them out!

More album details were reported over here.


Source: blind-guardian.com
Band profile: Blind Guardian
Posted: 27.07.2010 by WorpeX | Comments (19)