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10.12Bloodbath - T-Shirt Controversy

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Bloodbath - T-Shirt Controversy

Bloodbath have posted the following message on their website already a few days ago:

"We have just learned that our latest shirt design Front, Back] has run into some controversy. Actually, It's been a bit of a rocky road from the start with this one. Back at the sketch board, some of our art direction ideas were met by hesitation and according to the designer would feel "uncomfortable to do". However, the design went through and obviously with such a fantastic piece of artwork and beautiful symbolism the t-shirt has hit home with Bloodbath's audience all over the world, but apparently a demon vomiting on Jesus on a cross, surrounded by snakes, vultures and skulls was over the line for some confused " death metal" fans. Perhaps they should ask themselves if it was really death metal they were searching for in the first place.

Here are examples of some Dr Phil approved quotes we recieved:

"Recently saw your t-shirt "Mock The Cross." It seems rather childish and immature not to mention very dangerous, to ridicule Christ. Why such disdainment for the incarnate God who died to save all mankind, even your sorry asses! If you have a problem with organized religion that's one thing. It has little to do with Christ and His life and teachings. Of course if you curse Him in apparent ignorance, then you wouldn't know the difference. Hell won't be a cool place to be. The power of the cross is foolishness to those perishing."

"I Don't care about all the satan woreshippers that are gonna flame me. But, BloodBath YOU JUST LOST A FAN. On that degrading shirt. I believe what I believe. I rather not have bands mock it. This band is done. Never again. See you on judgment day."

To top it off, we also just recieved the following message from Raw Talent, the printer of the merchandise: "I have just been informed by the owner of the company that unfortunately we will not be able to print the "mock the cross" design again for you guys. It is against the owner's moral and ethical standard for himself and also for the company. He wanted me to let you know and to send his apologies."

With that said, let's get the weak aside and the Bloodbath choir ready to mock the fucking cross again as we moved on to a new printer for our latest over the top "Iesous" shirt design. Original artwork by Alex Norman features a detailed drawing of a dead Jesus with a crown of thorns and blind eyes, bleeding crosses in the background on both sides, and his hair engulfing skulls and the Bloodbath logo. The back features a cross dripping in blood with the lyrics: "Eeso Yeshua Iesous Die By Our Rage". The design was also printed using a technique which results in the ink becoming one with the fabric, creating a soft vintage look and feel. Not a shirt to miss, grab one now!"


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Posted: 10.12.2008 by Feanor88 | Comments (79)