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Nile - Canceled Shows In South Africa

The following news was posted on Nile official website:

"World Management would like to announce that unfortunately the three shows planned for South Africa will not happen due to local promoter problems. The band was looking forward to playing for their fans in South Africa but unfortunately cannot go under the present circumstances. We hope to be able to come to South Africa in the future."

Canceled shows:

22.10.2008 RSA, Cape Town
24.10.2008 RSA, Durban City
25.10.2008 RSA, Johannesburg

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Event: Nile: South African Tour [CANCELED]
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Subway To Sally - Working On New Album

Subway To Sally´s Michael Simon has posted the following short news update:

"Busy times these days! I am on the train from Potsdam to Bamberg right now. The past week we worked hard on new songs for our next album due April 3rd. The tracks mostly done already and will be recorded in November. On Friday we went to try our new stage outfits, on Saturday we went to the meeting of our fanclub in Gelsenkirchen and got right back to Berlin after that. There we will rehearse and kick off our tour in October! ...we're really looking forward to this!"

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Skyforger - Enter The Studio, Changes In Line-up

The following news was posted at the Skyforger official website:

"We are pleased to announce that after a longer hiatus, Skyforger is finally back in studio to record follow-up to the last full length "Thunderforge", which came out back in 2003. This is the first time band has decided to abandon "Phoenix" studio where all previous albums were shaped and now will try out different surroundings. A recording takes place in calm environments of personal studio "Lauska" of band's own member Kaspars Barbals who's supervising all the processes. As usually Skyforger will be producing the album themselves; there are planned ten brand-new compositions in total, but no album name or song titles are known by this stage. Two weeks ago drummer Mazais nailed down all drum parts and in next week bass player Zirgs will complete his bass lines."

Band members say: "This is five years since the last album and definitely there blows some fresh wind in terms of creation of the new song structures & coming up with new ideas. In few words the new album could be described as a good mix of heavy metal and thrash metal, spicing it all up with a certain dose of Latvian folk music. But not to worry, fans will still recognize the usual quality and sound of the songs they have come to know and expect from Skyforger."

Regarding the lineup changes the band posted the following:

"At this point we also would like to refer to the changes that have occurred in Skyforger. A few weeks ago band parted ways with guitarist Rihards and this time seems that is forever. Sadly enough during these two years after his return, we could not come to similar views on some important matters for the band. But nothing has changed, the rest of band members are busy at studio and in meanwhile looks for suitable replacement."

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Suffocation - Sign To Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast Records has posted the following message online:

"It is an honor to announce that Nuclear Blast and Suffocation are finally joining forces! Nuclear Blast is proud to welcome one of the most popular and important bands in death metal history, and without a doubt the heaviest fuck ing metal band ever come out of New York! This is a dream come true for the staff as well, as we are all huge longtime Suffocation fans. There's no doubt that the band is one of the most influential bands ever, as we hear their sound even in most of today's 'scene' bands! We cannot express how happy we are as we've known the guys for some time now. We would like to thank them and their management for helping making this happen. The future looks bright! Stay tuned because 2009 will bring you 'Blood Oath.' You've been warned!"

Suffocation themselves has posted the following statement aswell:

"After 20 years of discovering the right and wrong relationships in our career, we are proud to announce that Nuclear Blast will be our new record label for 2009 and home to Suffocation. Joining the Nuclear Blast family is an honor and it's wonderful having so many great label mates. After all these years of playing in the death metal world, Nuclear Blast has remained at the top of the metal food chain bringing great and powerful bands to all who love the hard and heavy. We've had great success with the relationships acquired since our return and we feel Nuclear Blast will only add to that success. We, as a band, are looking forward to being offered bigger and better opportunities, while helping the extreme metal scene grow and gain the recognition it deserves. Look for our Nuclear Blast debut, 'Blood Oath,' in early 2009!"

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Grave Digger - Russian Tour Dates, New Video Online

The following news was posted at Grave Digger official website:

"Dear Fans, we will tour Russia next month again ... three shows in a row for the Russian fans. We are very excited about that cause the Russian fans are very special and enthusiastic."

Here are the dates :

2008-10-19 Russia - Moscow - Plan B
2008-10-20 Russia - Kaliningrad - DK Rybakov
2008-10-21 Russia - St. Petersburg - Orlandina

"The "Hangman" mix is finished and we are very happy with the result. I think is one of the hardest record we ever did. Today the "video single track - Pray" will be online at the page from Napalm Records. Here´s the link. But don't get irritated, this is the extended single version . The album is a "bit" harder then the single. The tracklist will be released in the next days."


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Event: Grave Digger: Russian Tour
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