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22.04Ensiferum - Headlining European Tour Confirmed
08.04Eluveitie - Upcoming Album Release Delayed
07.04Glittertind - Two New Songs Online
04.04Arkona - First DVD Details Announced
02.03Wintersun - All Shows Canceled
23.02Svartsot - Line Up Complete Again
18.02Arch Enemy - European Summer Tyranny Shows
18.12Svartsot - Four Members Leave The Band
14.12Arkona - Started To Record The Fifth Album
02.09Månegarm - Enter Studio This Month
31.07Vreid - New Album Update

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Ensiferum - Headlining European Tour Confirmed

Ensiferum can now reveal their European tour in support of the new upcoming album. More shows will be added shortly, accompanied with tour name and detailed information. Support acts: Metsatöll (EST) & Tracedawn (FIN)

The still untitled album is in the process of being recorded as we speak. Release date for the coming album is 9th of September 2009 in most countries.

Oct. 01 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Oct. 02 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Romein
Oct. 03 - Hamm, Germany - Devils Revenge Festival
Oct. 04 - Köln, Germany - Essigfabrik
Oct. 06 - London, UK - Scala
Oct. 07 - Nottingham, UK - Rescue Rooms
Oct. 08 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
Oct. 09 - Dudley, UK - JB's
Oct. 10 - Vosselar, Belgium - Biebob


Band profile: Ensiferum
Event: Ensiferum: European Tour
Posted: 22.04.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (20)

Eluveitie - Upcoming Album Release Delayed

The following update comes from the Eluveitie MySpace page :

"We have to announce that in the CD press factory some things went wrong, the press master had some defects. So, the complete press master had to be fabricated again. Unfortunately that entailed that the announced release date (April 11th) cannot be kept! We are sorry for these awkward circumstance.

The release of "Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion" is now officially set to April 17th (one week later)."

The following release parties are scheduled:

April 09th, Kiff Cub - Aarau (Switzerland)
April 10th, Salzhaus - Winterthur (Switzerland)

Band profile: Eluveitie
Posted: 08.04.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (5)

Glittertind - Two New Songs Online

Norwegian metal band Glittertind have uploaded two new songs, from the band's upcoming new album "Landkjenning" on their Myspace page.

The band added the following song info:

Nordafjells (Mountains in the North): While journeying through the mountains in the north, a Norse fortune teller is engulfed by a vicious snowstorm and experiences a vision: A mountain grouse lends the traveler its wings and ears, enabling him to sense the entirety of the land and forthcoming events. He sees the coming of Olav Tryggvason and the end of his time, as foreign religion and culture will encroach upon his land.

Longships and Mead: In an age seemingly dominated by self-assertion and greed, we often long with a nostalgic view for the times when men of the sea shared a common spirit of brotherhood and glory. Whatever happened to such sentiments in our times?


Band profile: Glittertind
Posted: 07.04.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (0)

Arkona - First DVD Details Announced

Arkona have published the cover artwork and several release dates of the upcoming "Noch Velesova" DVD, released through Napalm Records.

27 May: Finland, Spain
29 May: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, Sweden
01 Jun: Rest of Europe
16 Jun: USA, Canada

The cover artwork was drawn by the Belgian artist Kris Verwimp who is famous for his design works made for Enslaved, Immortal, Marduk, Månegarm, Moonsorrow, Old Man's Child, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Thyrfing and more.


Band profile: Arkona
Posted: 04.04.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (1)

Wintersun - All Shows Canceled

Finland's extreme power metal outfit Wintersun have canceled all scheduled shows in 2009 due to further problems with the completion of their album "Time". The band's frontman Jari Mäenpää posted the following message on the band's official website:

"There has come again unexpected problems with technology, which will make finishing the "Time" album even more harder than it has been. Which will delay it even more. There's also some personal problems concerning my apartment.

Because of all the problems, I have fallen under a serious amounts of stress, which is sometimes causing me "writer's blocks". This album making is now turned into such a "risky business", that I have no , but to cancel Summerbreeze and Bloodstock.


Band profile: Wintersun
Posted: 02.03.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (123)

Svartsot - Line Up Complete Again

Danish Folk Metal band Svartsot have announced the following on their MySpace:

"After having been in contact with a few vocalists and trying one or two of them out, we have finally found one just two weeks before the first show with the new line up! The new man is Thor Bager of Disintergrated (DK) who only had a week to prepare himself for the first rehearsal. We have just held a rehearsal weekend with him and he has settled quite well into the band already. We can also announce that drummer Danni Lyse Jelsgaard has now joined the band on a permanent basis.

Work on the new material has already started, and we will concentrate on this over the next few months. We hope to enter the studio as soon as the material is ready and all the formal procedures have been sorted."


Band profile: Svartsot
Posted: 23.02.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (5)

Arch Enemy - European Summer Tyranny Shows

Arch Enemy have not only announced a Latin American tour for April - May, but will also be returning to European stages in May 2009 (with label mates Mercenary as support on some dates) to deliver an unforgettable lesson in pure fucking metal.

Confirmed 2009 Summer Tyranny Dates so far:

21-May-2009 - Metal Dayz Festival (Switzerland)
22-May-2009 - Legacy Fest (Germany)
23-May-2009 - Summer Nights Festival (Austria)
24-May-2009 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Boogalo (Support Act: Mercenary)
26-May-2009 - Budapest, Hungary @ Diesel (Support Act: Mercenary)
28-May-2009 - Rome, Italy @ Blackout (Support Act: Mercenary)
29-May-2009 - Roncade, Italy @ New Age Club (Support Act: Mercenary)
30-May-2009 - Pinarella di Cervia, Italy @ Rock Planet (Support Act: Mercenary)


Band profile: Arch Enemy
Posted: 18.02.2009 by Sjuk | Comments (10)

Svartsot - Four Members Leave The Band

Danish Folk Metal band Svartsot have announced the following news, in a statement from Michael Lundquist Andersen (guitar), Martin Kielland-Brandt (bass), Niels Thøgersen (drums) and vocalist Claus B. Gnudtzmann:

"We are sorry to announce that because of different opinions on how to run a band and how the music should sound, we have decided to leave Svartsot. We will surely miss all of you people out there who have supported us at live gigs, and by listening to our songs. It has been a great adventure with you all, boys and girls, and who knows. Maybe we will see you all out there at the venues again in the future, in other bands. We will all continue playing music together outside of Svartsot.


Band profile: Svartsot
Posted: 18.12.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (16)

Arkona - Started To Record The Fifth Album

Russian Pagan/Folk Metal band Arkona have issued the following message on their MySpace:

"Arkona started to record the fifth album, named "Goi, Rode, Goi!" which will include 12 tracks with common duration more than 70 minutes. Musically, the album continues the conception of previous two albums of the band, but something new will appear in arrangements - the band invited a string orchestra and a real chore. The list of invited musicians is already known: all live parties of ethnic instruments are performed, as before, by Vladimir Cherepovskiy - the specialist in old instruments and music. Accordion is played by Alexander "Olen'" Oleinikov of Kalevala band. The band plans to widen the list of instruments never being used before. Shaman drums are already ordered from a famous master Dmitriy Ravich + line of jaw harps and some other ethnic percussion.


Band profile: Arkona
Posted: 14.12.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (4)

Månegarm - Enter Studio This Month

Månegarm have issued the following update:

"On Monday 1st september we will enter Studio underground in Västerås (Sweden) for three weeks to record our 6th fullength album. The album will be named "Nattväsen", Nightcreatures. Some new song titles are: "I den svartaste jord", "Bergagasten" and "Vetramegin".

We will keep you updated of what is going on with reports from the studio here on MySpace. We will also launch a 3 part videoreport between the end of the recordings and the release date. This videoreport will start from the development in the rehersal place and until the album is completed. So if you not already have, make sure to subscribe to our official Youtube site.


Band profile: Månegarm
Posted: 02.09.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (6)

Vreid - New Album Update

The Black Metal band from Norway have issued the following update on their Myspace page:

"The spring/summer has been spent working on the 4th Vreid album. In early May we recorded the drums at good old Subsonic Society. We have a strong working bond with Lars Klokkerhaug, and I dare say that we have created the best drum sound for Vreid so far. We spent quite some time testing before we found the drum sound we were searching for. The recordings themselves went fast. Steingrim impressed us all with this drum work this time. Absolute killer and bombastic. Some of the songs are the fastest we have ever done, and some of the other stuff is heavy as hell.

In the beginning of June we went back to the base camp: Studio 1184.


Band profile: Vreid
Posted: 31.07.2008 by Sjuk | Comments (3)

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