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05.05Grey Heaven Fall - Shares New Video
07.01Wormrot - Arrested In Malaysia

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Grey Heaven Fall - Shares New Video

Recently, the Russian black metallers from Grey Heaven Fall released a video titled "Tranquility In A Black Room". This video is for the song "Tranquillity Of The Possessed" from their sophomore album from last year, Black Wisdom. Tell us what you think of this disorienting video and song!


Source: aesthetics-of-devastation.com
Band profile: Grey Heaven Fall
Posted: 05.05.2016 by Mr. Doctor | Comments (0)


(BitterNOte: this was part of the April Fool's schtick this year. Back to English... or whatever the hell language it is K7 is mashing keys in an attempt to emulate.)

Hermanos y hermanas! (that's "brothers and sisters" for the fucking güeros out there). I've been in this website for more than 5 years now and I'm sick of this! Sick of how the higher powers... Those english swines want us to deny our beloved heritage and speak only in english. I say NO MAS to that!

From now on everyone should embrace their own language. We non-English speakers WILL lead a coup against the English oppressors and fight for our right to speak our native tongues! Join the Rebellion!!! So I command everyone out there to write however you want IN ALL THREADS! Because metal goes beyond such a simple barrier.


Source: metalstorm.net
Posted: 01.04.2013 by Mr. Doctor | Comments (140)

Wormrot - Arrested In Malaysia

Singaporean grinders Wormrot were arrested in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities after a New Year's Eve show in Kuala Lumpur. The religious authorities came into their hotel room.


Source: wormrot.tumblr.com
Band profile: Wormrot
Posted: 07.01.2012 by Mr. Doctor | Comments (22)