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07.01Wormrot - Arrested In Malaysia

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(BitterNOte: this was part of the April Fool's schtick this year. Back to English... or whatever the hell language it is K7 is mashing keys in an attempt to emulate.)

Hermanos y hermanas! (that's "brothers and sisters" for the fucking güeros out there). I've been in this website for more than 5 years now and I'm sick of this! Sick of how the higher powers... Those english swines want us to deny our beloved heritage and speak only in english. I say NO MAS to that!

From now on everyone should embrace their own language. We non-English speakers WILL lead a coup against the English oppressors and fight for our right to speak our native tongues! Join the Rebellion!!! So I command everyone out there to write however you want IN ALL THREADS! Because metal goes beyond such a simple barrier.


Source: metalstorm.net
Posted: 01.04.2013 by Mr. Doctor | Comments (140)

Wormrot - Arrested In Malaysia

Singaporean grinders Wormrot were arrested in Malaysia in the early hours of New Year's Day by religious authorities after a New Year's Eve show in Kuala Lumpur. The religious authorities came into their hotel room.


Source: wormrot.tumblr.com
Band profile: Wormrot
Posted: 07.01.2012 by Mr. Doctor | Comments (22)