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Gamma Ray - "Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome" DVD Info

Gamma Ray's long awaited DVD "Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome" will be finally out this September. The exact date will be announced soon. The tracklist for it has been revealed though:


Montreal, Canada '06:
01. Welcome
02. Gardens Of The Sinner
03. No World Order
04. Man On A Mission
05. Fight
06. Blood Religion
07. HMUniverse
08. Dream Healer
09. Heart Of The Unicorn
10. Fairytale (Acoustic)
11. The Silence
12. Beyond The Black Hole
13. Valley Of The Kings
14. Somewhere Out In Space
15. Land Of The Free
16. Rebellion In Dreamland
17. I Want Out
18. Send Me A Sign


01. History
02. Road Movie USA '06
03. Kai & Henjo Unplugged In Japan

04. HMUniverse Melbourne
05. Space Eater
06. One with the World
07. Rebellion in Dreamland
08. Gammaray
09. Eagle
10. S.M.A.S

Wacken 03/06:
11. One With The World
12. Last Before The Storm
13. Rebellion
14. HMUniverse
15. Somewhere Out In Space

UPDATED on 14 September (thanks to Iron Priest):

The release dates for Gamma Ray's double DVD and double live CD "Hell Yeah - The Awesome Foursome" have been scheduled as follows:

Germany: October 24th
Europe: October 27th
USA: November 4th.


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Posted: 30.07.2008 by Iron Priest | Comments (7)