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26.08Darkwell - Announce New Album And Release Video, New Song
02.06Machine Head - Stream New Single
26.04Delain - Announce 10th Anniversary Show And Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray
14.04MaYaN - Announce Lineup Changes
06.04Stream Of Passion - Disbanding, To Record Farewell DVD
03.02Ensiferum - Streaming Another New Song
02.02Moonspell - Streaming New Album Title Track
15.10Ensiferum - Announce European 2015 Tour
15.08Equilibrium - Announce European Headline Tour Dates
15.07To-Mera - To Record New EP

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Darkwell - Announce New Album And Release Video, New Song

Darkwell have returned after many years of silence with the announcement of a new album, featuring returning singer Alexandra Pittracher, who sung on the band's debut album Suspiria and Conflict Of Interest. The new album titled Moloch is scheduled for release on the 23rd of September 2016 via Massacre Records. Darkwell have also released a new video, premiering the new song "Yoshiwara". It is streaming online and can be viewed below.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Darkwell
Posted: 26.08.2016 by SlaytanicBacon | Comments (6)

Machine Head - Stream New Single

Machine Head have recorded a new standalone song for an upcoming single titled "Is There Anybody Out There?". The song is currently available for streaming here and is being released digitally this Friday, 3rd of June 2016.


Source: nuclearblast.de
Band profile: Machine Head
Posted: 02.06.2016 by SlaytanicBacon | Comments (24)

Delain - Announce 10th Anniversary Show And Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray

Delain are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year by playing a live extensive show aptly named A Decade of Delain; Paradiso Birthday Bash which is taking place at the Paradiso venue in Amsterdam on December 10th, 2016. They have also started a crowd funding campaign to fund a live recording of the event for posterity. Special guests and a spectacular stage set have been promised by the band.


Source: delain.nl
Band profile: Delain
Posted: 26.04.2016 by SlaytanicBacon | Comments (1)

MaYaN - Announce Lineup Changes

MaYaN have recently announced on their Facebook page two new members. Joining their ranks are Roel Käller taking over bass duties from Rob Van Der Loo, who will continue to play with Epica and a new project. MaYaN also welcome the addition of vocalist George Oosthoek who is known for his work with Orphanage and guest appearances with Delain.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: MaYaN
Posted: 14.04.2016 by SlaytanicBacon | Comments (6)

Stream Of Passion - Disbanding, To Record Farewell DVD

Sadly for their fans, Stream Of Passion have announced today that they are calling it quits at the end of the year to pursue other musical projects. Since their inception in 2005, the Dutch symphonic metallers released four albums, A War Of Our Own (2014) being their latest. Now they are saying goodbye but will do farewell shows before and record a DVD. So, make the best of it!


Source: streamofpassion.com
Band profile: Stream Of Passion
Posted: 06.04.2016 by SlaytanicBacon | Comments (7)

Ensiferum - Streaming Another New Song

Ensiferum are streaming another song from their upcoming new album One Man Army. The song in question is entitled "Heathen Horde" and features a guest appearance from Týr's Heri Joensen and can be heard at this location. This is the second track the Finns revealed from the new opus. Enjoy! What are your impressions of the song?


Source: metalblade.com
Band profile: Ensiferum
Posted: 03.02.2015 by DreamingDesire | Comments (12)

Moonspell - Streaming New Album Title Track

Moonspell are currently streaming the title track "Extinct" from their new album. This means they have revealed another piece of the Extinct puzzle. Prepare your ears and enjoy the new tune here. After you do, share your thoughts about the track. Do you like it more than the previous single "The Last Of Us"?


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Moonspell
Posted: 02.02.2015 by DreamingDesire | Comments (18)

Ensiferum - Announce European 2015 Tour

Ensiferum have just announced a European tour that will be taking place in March and April 2015. As you know, the band is finishing up the recordings of their new album, which is expected to be released in early 2015, so around the time of this tour. That probably means you will be able to hear some new songs on this tour.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Ensiferum
Event: Ensiferum: One Man Army European Tour 2015
Posted: 15.10.2014 by DreamingDesire | Comments (7)

Equilibrium - Announce European Headline Tour Dates

Equilibrium have just announced a headlining tour across Europe to showcase their new album Erdentempel. The trek will happen this October with the support from Trollfest and Nothgard in Germany, France, Switzerland and the U.K. The band promises more dates next year.


Source: equilibrium-metal.net
Band profile: Equilibrium
Posted: 15.08.2014 by DreamingDesire | Comments (4)

To-Mera - To Record New EP

UK metallers To-Mera have issued the short following update on their MySpace blog:

"This week we shall begin work on recording our brand spanking new EP. We shall be laying down 4 new songs; that's around 30 minutes of state-of-the-art progressive metal for your aural delectation. As usual, expect something a little different. We aim to have it mixed and mastered by the end of September. Stay tuned for studio updates."

Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: To-Mera
Posted: 15.07.2009 by DreamingDesire | Comments (6)